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Sep 20, 2016 8:47 AM ET

Archived: MOBILESPIKE: Automated tire-spiking system for law enforcers – We help police officers end high speed pursuits from the safety of their vehicle

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 20, 2016


Automated tire-spiking system for law enforcers.

We help police officers end high speed pursuits from the safety of their vehicle. With a push of a button, a spiked strip shoots out and pops the fleeing car’s tires instantly. Before, officers had to manually place spike strips along the road, putting them directly in danger. This tech hasn’t been innovated since 1972, and now, nearly 12,000 people have died due to high speed chases. We’re the first solution that lets officers deescalate a potentially fatal car chase with the push of a button.


Michael P. Moormeier


We founded MobileSpike to save lives. Nearly everyday, someone dies from a high speed pursuit and nearly 50% of the time, it’s an innocent bystander. For the past four years, we’ve done extensive testing with the police community, and already, law enforcement agencies in 22 states are waiting to put our devices on their vehicles. Our end goal is to put MobileSpike on the fender of every single police car in the nation and prevent further deaths.


I saw it, and I love it! MobileSpike lets one officer shut down a chase without putting his safety at risk at the side of the road with a hand-thrown spike strip. [This is] an opportunity for you and me to own a piece of this company, one that makes money, stops criminals, and keeps police safe.
Lars Larson

Until now, we’ve been between a rock and a hard place. This will help alleviate that so we can do out duty without putting the public in extra danger.

Officer Jentry Crain

Wasilla AK Police Dept.
The officer can deploy the spikes from inside the car. We’re always looking at technology to make our jobs safer and easier. This is certainly one of those applications.

Sergeant Jeff Sauers

Columbus OH Police Dept.

Nearly Every Day, Someone Dies in a High Speed Pursuit

High speed police chases have killed thousands of innocent bystanders.
Victims include small children, teenage drivers and the elderly.

USA Today

We founded MobileSpike to address a real problem: over 11,000 people have lost their lives to high speed pursuits and almost half of them have been innocent civilians. MobileSpike gives officers the first real answer to controlling and quickly deescalating a potentially fatal car chase.

We’re the Answer to High Speed Chases

We’ve built the first automated tire-spiking system that allows law enforcers to stop high speed pursuits from the safety of their vehicle. Our system has been field-tested all over the United States, from the swamps of Florida to the rainy streets of Seattle. 100% of officers who’ve tested the MobileSpike system agree its safer and faster than any other alternative.


And for those worried about tire blowout, our double-patented system uses hollow quills to puncture tires, which allows for slow, controlled deflation over 50-60 seconds. In all our years of testing, MobileSpike has never once caused a blowout.

The First New Solution Since 1972

The manual spike strips—where officers must get out of their car to throw the net of spikes across the road—was patented in 1972. It’s antiquated, dangerous and unpredictable. We’re the only solution that keeps officers in their vehicle and in control of the situation.


I can be driving, pull up alongside the suspect vehicle, press a button, it shoots out,
the vehicle runs over it and we stop the pursuit within a few minutes.

Sergeant Donovan Lucas

We Have Customers Already Waiting

We conducted a four year field test across the U.S., from Florida to Alaska. 100% of the field trial agencies became customers and 90% of them have reordered in 2010. We’re now preparing to scale our manufacturing and deliver units to waiting customers.


Our Next Steps

We built the first MobileSpike system back in 2008, and our long-term product reliability and effectiveness tests prove MobileSpike thrives in all road and weather conditions. MobileSpike is a proven technology, and we have happy customers from coast to coast. Adjusting to the needs of our customers, our next steps are to finish developing Gen 2 and fulfill orders.

October 2007

Pursuit Management, Inc. Launches

PMI was formed to develop and test a modern vehicle disablement system, the first of its kind since the early ’70s.

November 2008

First MobileSpike system finalized

System finalized with 100% effectiveness in company testing.

May 2009

Field Trials Begin

MobileSpike was placed “in-service” with seven U.S. police agencies from Alaska to Florida

May 2010

Field Trials End

Trials conclude with 100% effectiveness and all agencies purchasing units.

January 2012

Long-Term Tests Begin

Began long-term product reliability and effectiveness test.

November 2015

Gen 2 Model

We’ve begun developing our “Gen 2” system, which will lower the retail price by about 50%.

Summer 2016

Fundraising & Development

Having secured additional funds from investors, we’ve made significant progress on Gen 2, with testing already underway.

How Your Investment Will Help Us


Start Manufacturing Gen 2

Full-scale development of our Gen 2 system that will lower the cost-of-goods and increase our margins.


Build Inventory

Increase production to have units available for shipping upon order.


Sales & Operations

Work with law enforcement agencies to update their pursuit management tactics with MobileSpike & train officers.

The reason I’m a shareholder in MobileSpike is, first, because of the profit margins. I’m a numbers guy. The next thing I look at is the business model, MobileSpike has their field tests and have proved they have proof-of-concept and a place in the market. The other thing I look at is how good is the product? Does it have a competitive edge? Next, I look for integrity, more integrity and more integrity. MobileSpike has all of the above.


Larry Fortman

Let’s Build Safer Law Enforcement

Who among us hasn’t seen a high-speed chase play out across our television and device screens? We’ve all seen it, over and over again. Five television shows have been based on police chases, and nothing but police chases. To us, this spells opportunity.

For the company that solves the dangerous problem of high speed pursuits, a fortune awaits. And MobileSpike is that solution.

So as an investor, ask yourself what you could stand to gain by owning stock in the company that finally solved the problem of dangerous chases.

Over the years, MobileSpike Inc. has perfected the fastest and safest chase stopping system in the world. With years of work and milestones behind us, with all the chases we have stopped, with all the tragedy we have averted, we now offer you an opportunity to profit from the final stages of this fantastic company.

As co-founder and CEO, my chief goal moving forward is this: to build share value for investors and founders, and to sell the company with the highest possible return on investment for our shareholders.

Thank You.



Michael P. Moormeier

Michael was inspired to invent a safer solution for police pursuits after watching a program on high speed chases. A long-time problem solver, he conferred with law enforcers to perfect the system.

Todd O’Halloran

Director of R&D
Todd brings 36 years of product research and development to the MobileSpike team. His aptitude for innovative thinking ranges from marine propulsion systems to anti-theft equipment



Contact Information:

Michael P. Moormeier

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