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Sep 20, 2016 12:37 EST

iHaulit Incorporated – Ever heard of uber? They do pretty OK. We’re like uber for stuff!

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 20, 2016

iHaulit Incorporated

iHaulit Incorporated

Ever heard of uber? They do pretty OK. We’re like uber for stuff!


It was Saturday, September 5th, 2015 when I was standing in a LOWE’S home improvement store. I wanted to buy a picnic table for a Labor Day holiday cookout I was hosting the following day on Sunday. I drive a sedan and could not fit the table in my car. After asking customer service if they could get it delivered right away and being told that the soonest I could get the table was before the following weekend. For me that obviously wasn’t going to work, I wasn’t going to change the date of the Holiday. While I was waiting for options, It HIT me! I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to just click on an APP and have someone with a truck show up and deliver this to my home. I got gooosebumps. That was it, the next greatest thing! My mind was racing while I reflected on the yard sales I visited over the summer and the countless times throughout my life that I threw Items away, or wasn’t able to buy them because of their size and my inability to HAUL them.

Over the next few days I ran the Idea past several people and their response was just like mine, wide eyed and I could see the light bulbs go off in their heads. I didn’t waste anytime and started moving toward developing this corporation right away. We incorporated in Massachusetts as iHaulit Incorporated. www.ihaulitnow.com was built and we found a great company to develop and manage our APP. The APP became available in Apple iOS and Google Android and fully functional by the end of November 2015. We make it simple to book with us either online, through the APP or by phone. We also have a WEBDESK platform that has been developed to place at checkout counters or customer service desks. This one tool can help many businesses gain sales through efficiency, cost effective deliveries and potentially eliminate the need for a motor pool. Since everything is social media these days, We found this to be the most effective way to market this service to the public nationally. We also do BtoB sales to market our services to retailers throughout the U.S. . We currently have drivers in every state in the continental U.S. . Without reinventing the wheel, the current ride share models that exist have proven to be successful. The two top ride share companies are valued in the billions in just a few short years. It only seems practical to follow their lead.


The goal of the company is to own the market on a global level. We are filling a need with a product that is timely. We are also creating jobs and employment for people with trucks, SUV’s and Trailers that could not otherwise get involved with the current rideshare programs. Our focus is to employ veterans, I am a veteran and it matters. We also enable this to be a great way for college students to earn money while in school. These drivers purchase their vehicles to earn money. As there are countless times in a day that people need or want items that are too large for their personal vehicles, from estate sales, yard sales, thrift stores and department stores. This is also great for college students to drive for and to use the service, moving from dorm to dorm, apartment or home. This provides a safe and viable solution as all drivers are fully background checked and are licensed and insured. We help the seller when often times the sale is lost due to the inability to transport the item from point A to point B. The company earns $15 per haul and at 100 hauls per day nationally, the company quickly sees numbers that only begin to show how staggering this is poised to become. At 1000 hauls per day GLOBALLY, now it gets REAL! One of the key things that is of the utmost importance is BRAND recognition and speed to market. This “need it yesterday” and internet commerce world we live in is very fast moving and any hesitation could be detrimental to the goals.




idea…The light bulb part.


APP available and ready for use on both Apple iOS and Google Android


30 drivers active in the boston area.


Added 170 more drivers nationwide to become the first On Demand delivery of it’s kind nationally.


WebDesk service available for businesses who will now have the ability to order a pickup and delivery from their service desks.



This was a blessing! Was in a jam to have my bed delivered to my new home, downloaded the APP and it was easy fast and convenient. Will definitely use again, they were awesome!
Colleen Byrneuser
Colleen Byrne
It’s like UBER for my stuff. I love to shop at yard sales but some of the big stuff I buy can’t fit in my car. iHaulit gets it picked up and dropped off in no time. Quick easy and affordable hassle free. 24/7 Love it!
James Lydonuser
James Lydon
Made this so easy. I can now look at large items that I buy with knowing iHAULIT will take care of the rest.
James Arnolduser
James Arnold


Russell Perrone

Russell Perrone

President at iHaulit Incorporated

U.S. Army Veteran 82nd Airborne Ft.Bragg, N.C. , 30 years business management and development
Jared Garrity

Jared Garrity

Director of Operations

15yrs Business management


Contact Information:

Russell Perrone - President at iHaulit Incorporated

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