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Sep 20, 2016 5:41 PM ET

Archived: grâce à toi dress: addictive fit, dynamic looks, LA made! For the fashionista who puts comfort first, this classic dress is a “canvas” for a unique look every month–LA Made.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 20, 2016

grâce à toi dress: addictive fit, dynamic looks, LA made!

For the fashionista who puts comfort first, this classic dress is a “canvas” for a unique look every month–LA Made.


About this project

comfort + style + LA made = grâce à toi dress

Why the grâce à toi dress project, why now?

The grâce à toi dress combines a flattering fit with subtle prints/striking colors and isproudly made in LA. This kickstarter campaign is the culmination of four years of design research, production research, and according to our fans, ever-increasing demand. We are ready to bring the grâce à toi dress to commercial availability–hopefully you’re ready for us too!

How does grâce à toi dress (the company) work?

It’s simple! We will build on the research gleaned from this campaign to offer our addictively comfortable and timeless dress design in a unique and exciting look every monthbeginning in December 2016. We choose the next month’s look based on the season, thenon-denominational holiday, and of course, whimsy!

After the Kickstarter Project, monthly inventory is limited to 100 dresses, how can I make sure that I get one?

Don’t worry. The grâce à toi email list is here for you! Through the email list (and we promise not to bombard you), you gain access to preview and preorder your dress. So, at worst, the dresses may sell out from the email list each month. We also number each dress and wenever repeat a production run of a previously used print or solid. 

How to order a grâce à toi dress (it’s really easy!):

Step 1: Very Important: consider measuring yourself to avoid surprises. Check out the sizing chart (it’s graded pretty closely to regular sizing standards) to find your size!

Quick and Easy How-To Guide:

Step 2: Choose the pledge level “grâce à toi dress owner” for the dress you want and click! Free Shipping (always).




Through this kickstarter project, grâce à toi dress gains invaluable feedback about how best to bring the most comfortable/stylish/and locally created dresses to you!

The more we raise, the more looks to choose from for your grâce à toi dress!


What is “The Dreamer” dress and why is it only available at the Pledge Level of $250 or higher?

“The Dreamer” is so named because of the repeated pattern of the embroidered figure of a woman standing resolutely as she looks forward into a future so bright that she must shade her eyes with her left hand and holds her umbrella, folded and dry, to her right side. Theextremely limited availability of this 100% cotton dress earns it the pledge level of $250 or more. 

Why the name “grâce à toi dress”?

Projected Timeline

grâce à toi (thanks to you) for checking us out! Your help enables us to commercially produce a classically simple style perfect for any situation (business meeting, first date, open house, graduation, black-tie dinner). The confidence, joy, bliss, and power that come from complete comfort, incredible prints/solids, and the knowledge that this dress is LA/American mademakes the grâce à toi dress a must-have, get yours today!

 With gratitude,

         grâce à toi dress 

Risks and challenges

One challenge is sizing. Since this dress’ shape is so accommodating to all figures, it visually reads smaller than it actually is. Customers have overestimated the sizes, which is why the best way to overcome this challenge is for customers to pay close attention to the size specs given for the sizes P, XS, S, M, L, XL. We are happy to answer any questions about sizing and how to use the tape measure through customercare@dressdressdress.com. We also allow for refunds (less 10% due to the irretrievable fees paid to Kickstarter and the Financial Processing service providers) as long as the dress does not show or smell of extensive wear. You have 30 days, from the date of receipt, to mail your item for a refund (supporter pays return shipping). We will do our best to work with our supporters on exchanges.

The production schedule will also be a really exciting challenge that we will overcome through segmenting the production and paying close attention to quality control at every phase of the process. The timeline laid out is very realistic for our team, but if we run into obstacles, we will maintain open and clear communication with our supporters.

The final issue we have had to face is the issue of dealing with fabric that discontinued during the campaign. This did happen with the blue striped denim, which was initially navy-blue striped denim but after a few years the denim faded to blue. To deal with that, we have sourced a new and more color-safe striped navy blue denim that is featured in our videos of different sized dresses and the other images in the campaign. We are working with a local LA mill and have the expressed promise that this fabric will not discontinue before November 2016!

The opportunity to get to make these dresses at a larger scale than ever before is exciting. We are so grateful for your help and encouragement! Please email any questions to kickstartdress.com during the Kickstarter Campaign. After October 30th, please emailcustomercare@dressdressdress.com.
grâce à toi (many thanks to you)!
grâce à toi dress

Contact Information:

Christine Quigless

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