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Sep 20, 2016 1:13 PM ET

Archived: ANDbio is a used scientific equipment specialists. We have 3 warehouses with over $5 million in equipment assets.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 20, 2016

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Te, CA 92590, US

2 years ago, ANDbio landed a MAJOR account with a MASSIVE, multinational Life Sciences corporation. We started asset management at a small, regional level. Now we are traveling all over the country and even Europe and Asia.

ANDbio is a used scientific equipment specialists. We have 3 warehouses with over $5 million in equipment assets.

We manage site closures,
Recover, transport, inventory and store those assets
At ANDbio.com, employees of the corporation can view all of their company’s surplus assets and order them to be send to their lab.
Allowing companies to REPURPOSE AND REUSE their assets instead of disposal or donating. For equipment that is obsolete or broken, we RECYCLE every part possible and report total land fill avoidance by weigh.

And we do all of this at NO COST to our clients. We collect our fees in the form of commissions when equipment sells to a 3rd party or in small “repurposing fees” when the asset is transferred to another lab in the company.

We have many other small clients that provide equipment on consignment, we typically DO NOT purchase equipment. We hold it on consignment. And we need more space. We want to combine our 3 warehouses into ONE large warehouse with extra room to grow.

We are seeking $1.5 M to purchase a property with a large warehouse and yard for the purpose of storing equipment, repairing equipment and providing administrative office space.

Last year, our Net sales were $1.2 million. This year we are on track to hit $2 million. We operate at about 40% Net Income Margins (before taxes) for the past 2 years. However, it would be EVEN HIGHER if we used accrual accounting and capitalized the purchase of trucks, forklifts, pallet racking and custom software.

We have two other smaller branches business with HUGE potential. We are growing those sectors.
– Moving high tech equipment
– Repairing refrigerators, freezers, and other lab equipment

Products / Services

Used Lab and Analytic Equipment

We have over $5 million in sell-able assets. We do NOT purchase inventory, we sell on consignment. Our consignment rates are typically 50%. But certain high value items it is 30%.

Asset Management

We manage site closures for multi-million dollar facilities, recover, transport, inventory, provide a custom web site for asset review, package and ship assets, install and IQ/OQ. All for NO COST to the client. We make money on commissions from the sale of assets and repurposing fees. We have saved our largest client over $3 million this year.

Landfill Avoidance and Lab Clearing

We are committed to our clients ambitious “Green” initiatives and goals. During site closures, we recover assets and recycle obsolete equipment and materials, reporting land fill avoidance by weight. We all clear all lab space and prep for certified decontamination.

Lab equipment Repair

We offer a full range of equipment repair services. We can accommodate many simple repairs in house, and with our partner vendors, we can fix just about anything.

Equipment Souring

A new branch of out business is growing VERY rapidly. We source and purchase equipment for our largest client, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars since the program began two months ago. We charge a 20% source fee.



President Strategic Planning
Justin Andrews

I have a BS in Finance from UNR, with 15 years experience in financial analysis and accounting for publicly traded companies. I am also a professional brewer, accredited by the IBD, with a degree in Brewing from UC Davis. I have plans to start a beer analysis company focused on providing highly technical and scientific information on individual beers for the craft brewing industry. The over all service will provide breweries with the information to improve beer quality, shelf life, consistency, safety, and cut costs.


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6 years, 2 months 2 Biotechnology – Devices & Equipment


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