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Sep 19, 2016 3:38 PM ET

Archived: Social Protection, Inc: Keeps families safe online by scanning activity on social networks like Facebook and when completed will fast track college applications by providing an Online Behavior Score to colleges admissions offices worldwide.

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Social Protection, Inc

Northport, NY 11768, US
Web Service Software

Social Protection, Inc Logo

Social Protection’s software keeps families safe online by scanning activity on social networks like Facebook and when completed will fast track college applications by providing an Online Behavior Score to colleges admissions offices worldwide.

Social Protection’s online, software protection platform was built by a successful father and son business team with extensive start-up business experience. Their real life experience with bullying prompted them to build Social Protection to protect teenagers in the real world and online and upon completion will help students and college admissions offices worldwide fast-track the college admissions process by providing colleges with a student’s online behavior score and report for student candidates.

Our continued software development of Online Behavior Scoring and College Reporting (in development) will make us the first company in the world to offer “Online Behavior Scoring” to parents and college admissions offices worldwide, helping fast-track the college admissions process.

Social Protection offers numerous packaged software applications to help keep children and teenagers safe online and keep their reputations pristine for the future:

• Online Behavior Scoring – Reports to parents how their family is behaving online. *
• College Behavior Reporting – Helps college admissions offices fast track applications. *
• Conversation Monitoring – Scans words behind the scenes to keep children safe online.
• Photo Monitoring – Review photos in-house to alert teens and teach responsible photo posting.
• Photo Delete – Allows children and parents to remove inappropriate posted photos together.
• Curfew Alert – Alerts parents if their children go on social networks after lights out.
• Predator Alert – Alerts parents to chat that may represent a danger to their family.
• Hot Word Alerts – Sends text alert to parent’s if we find words like cocaine or gun.
• Encrypted password protected, encrypted parent dashboard – Available only to parents.

* Currently in development; will continue with Phase 2 software.

We’re looking for investors who want to help protect children and teenagers online and who recognize a great investment opportunity.

Please join us.

Products / Services

Online Protection For Kids And Teens – “1st To Market” College Admissions Online Behavior Reporting

Social Protection software protects children online, sets online curfews, alerts parents to dangerous issues needing their attention like bullying or depression, teaches children responsible online behavior, allows families to remove inappropriate posted photos, and when completed will be the first company to help fast-track a student’s college applications by directly reporting their online behavior to colleges worldwide.

By providing a colleges with a Social Protection Student Code parents can help admissions officers get a faster and more accurate perspective of a candidate’s online and offline behavior, saving time for the university and providing parents a way to help “highlight” their child’s good online behavior.

Statistics show that 30% of college admissions officers review a candidates behavior on social networks as part of the decision making process. We believe over time this percentage will grow and will help streamline this process for colleges and students.

Conversation Monitoring

Social Protection protects children online by scanning all conversations, posts, and messages on social networks like Facebook for words that may represent trouble. Our advanced algorithms and huge word library filters all words and slang on social networks looking for words possibly reflecting danger to a child or teenager and alert parents only when they need to review an online incident.

Social Protection isn’t spyware and we don’t overload parents with every word and image a child posts online. We only send alerts when we find words that need a parent’s attention.

Our “non overload” email policy keeps parents alert to our warning system and allows children to trust that we aren’t spying on them by not reporting every word they post back to their parents.

Social Protection partners with families keeping them safe online, teaching responsible online behavior and rewarding teenagers with high online behavior scores when they post responsibly on social networks.

Photo Monitoring And Photo Delete

Social Protection’s photo moderating and photo deletion services helps keep teenager’s visual reputations safe by reviewing their posted photos on social networks like Facebook or Instagram to see if there are posted photos that shouldn’t be online in the first place. When we find an inappropriate image we allow the teenager 12 hours to delete it. If they don’t delete the photo within the time period we then alert their parents that there are photos on their dashboard that need their attention.

Social Protection teaches children and teenagers about responsible online photo posting and helps eliminate “poster’s remorse” by giving children the ability to delete their photos that should never have been online in the first place. What seems funny at age 15 might be viewed negatively in the future by their peers, their community, colleges, employers and even future relationships. Social Protection protects a child’s visual online reputation.

Curfew Alert – 1st To Market On This Product

Statistics show that the later a teenager stays online at night the more likely it is that they will encounter a dangerous individual such as a sexual predator or identity thief. Many teenagers surveyed admit giving out personal information to someone they met on a social network for the first time.

Social Protection software allows parents to set individual curfews for each of their children for different nights of the week. Parents and will get an immediate Social Protection Curfew Alert if any of their family members has any activity on social networks after curfew starts. Parents receive a full report on their encrypted Parent Dashboard on who their child was speaking with and what was said.

Social Protection’s Curfew Alert feature keeps teenagers safe at night by making sure that they are sleeping when they’re supposed to be.

Social Protection’s Hot Word Alerts

Not all words are created equally and not all words are critical to a child’s health. Social Protection’s custom designed software sends normal daily alerts to parents when there are situations that they need to know about that may not be time critical.

But, when we find a word such as; cocaine or gun or any word that may reflect an immediate danger to a child we send a parent an immediate “hot word alert” to their cellphone notifying them of a potentially life threatening situation that they need to know about.

We also look for phrases or words that may represent a sexual predator’s advances on a teenager, such as: “Are your parents home? or Where do you go to school?’. When we get phrases like that we also send an immediate Hot Word Alert to the parent.











Predator Alert

Social Protection’s Predator Alert scans content, language, conversations and posted photographs on social networks looking for age inappropriate relationships and language that a sexual predator or another criminal would use to approach teenagers for sexual advances or identity theft information.

Statistics show that a majority of teenagers have given out personal information including their address and telephone numbers to people that they didn’t know and might have just met on a social network like Facebook. Sexual predators, identity thieves and other criminal types troll social networks looking for inexperienced and naïve teenagers to make their advance on.

Social Protection scans all communications in a teenager’s social network account looking for words or phrases that may indicate a possible sexual predator’s advances and immediately alerts parents to these communications.

Alert Ware vs Spyware

In these days of digital overload parents need to be able to separate the unimportant information being sent to them by digital advertisers from the critical information they need to know about. What’s also important is the idea that teenagers needs to trust Social Protection and know that their parents are trying to keep them safe and are not spying on them.

For this reason we call Social Protection “Alertware” because while we could offer parents every word and photo that a teenager posts online it is in both the parent’s best interest to only see possibly dangerous references and for the teenager to trust Social Protection and their parents to only communicate about possibly dangerous situations that may happen to them.

The Investment In Social Protection

Social Protection has been seeded with personal funds of about $300,000. We’ve completed the hard part and are now looking for investors who share our passion for protecting children online and who recognize a good investment opportunity.

The $1,200,000 we are looking to raise may start with smaller amounts invested from multiple investors. All funds invested in Social Protection will go towards customer acquisition, sales revenue, and continued build out of our software platform to include online behavior scoring, college reporting and mobile applications.

We welcome your investment and involvement.

Investors can contact Robert Beegel by email at Robert@socialprotection.com or by cellphone at 516-242-1212.



Chief Executive Officer
Robert Beegel

Robert Beegel Robert Beegel
Chief Executive Officer
Founder – Managing Partner

Experience includes:
Working with start ups
Business Troubleshooter
Former Goldman Sachs Consultant
Founder Responsible.org
Executive VP – Infographic World
Business Consultant
Benefits Consultant
Available as radio guest
FOSI Conference participant

Responsibilities will include:
Full time commitment to Social Protection.
Brand Building – sales growth and building of proprietary sales force,
Spokesperson for company encompassing travel as needed.
Day to day business operation with full time dedication to project.
Managing technology development
Development of partnerships and affiliate network on a global basis

Robert Beegel is one of the first parents in the United States to successfully litigate against a school district and a bully’s parents for injuries sustained to a child as a result of bullying and to get awarded monetary damage settlements from both offending parties on behalf of a bullied child/victim.

President Operating Officer
Justin Beegel MBA

Justin Beegel MBAJustin Beegel
Founder – President
Participating Partner

Experience includes:
Founder CEO Infographic World
Experienced with start ups
Turned a $1,000 investment start-up company into an industry leader working with companies like Coca Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Google, ESPN and many major brands.
Former Social Media Manager for Car & Drive and Elle Magazine.
Top 30 Start-Ups To Watch (Infographic World) – Entrepreneur Magazine.
Author of “Infographics For Dummies” a Wiley Publication book.
MBA SUNY New York Binghamton School Of Management.
Expert in business development.

Responsibilities will include:
Visual branding in multiple formats.
Development of company identity.
Marketing and outreach of creative efforts.
Content strategy and development.
Development of graphics and animations.
Establish Social Protection’s visual identity.
Co-manage software development.
Shared Spokesperson responsibilities.

Executive Vice President Marketing Officer
Thor Harris

Thor HarrisThor Harris
Founder – Vice President
Participating Partner

Experience includes:
Experienced with start ups.
B2B & B2C public relations expert.
Founder & CEO Percepture
Managed marketing strategies for Sony, Minolta, Daimler Chrysler and many other international brands.
Author and lecturer on branding strategies.

Responsibilities will include:
Spearheading all global marketing efforts.
Leading all national and global public relations campaigns.
Coordination of marketing team’s direction and efforts.
Manage team of public relations experts.
Continued development and management of SEO team.
Co-anchor managing the company’s branding strategies.
Shared Spokesperson’s responsibilities.

Vice President Media/Communication
Daniel Nelson CPA

Daniel Nelson CPADaniel Nelson, CPA
Online Community Manager

Experience includes:
Business Manager AOL.com
General Manager of AOL Kids And Parental Controls.
Founder KPass.
FOSI Panelist (Family Online Safety Institute).
Certified Public Accountant

Responsibilities will include:
Community development and guidelines.
COPPA Privacy compliance.
Parent and teen privacy mentor.
Accounting “best practices”.
Graduate degree from University Of Michigan.

Director Counsel/Legal Officer
Frederick Lane

Frederick LaneFrederick Lane
Teen Rights Advocate
Expert in online privacy

Experience includes:
Attorney and author.
Lecturer on teen rights and privacy.
Computer forensics expert.
Published 7 books on technology and law including “Cybertraps For The Young”.
Speaker at child safety and educational conferences, organizations and various institutions around the United States and Canada.

Responsibilities with include:
Helping define Social Protection’s privacy policies.
Establishing guidelines for teenage privacy on Social Protection’s software platform.
Platform’s teenager privacy advocate.
Mentoring parents and teenagers on privacy, bullying, and cyber intrusion issues.

Managing/Manager Marketing
Jordan Jones

Jordan JonesJordan Jones
Marketing Manager

Experience includes:
Extensive experience with B2B and B2C marketing.
Fortune 500 clients include: Twinlabs, Harris Allied, #Hashoff, USA Hostels and Reebok watches.

Responsibilities will include:
Coordination of all marketing efforts within team.
Will report to EVP Thor Harris.
Integration of all projects into existing marketing efforts.
Graduate of Rutgers University and holds a BA from the School Of Communication and information.

Managing/Manager Media/Communication
Kristin Gabriel

Kristin GabrielKristin Gabriel
Manager Marketing Communications

Experience includes:
Experienced with B2B Marketing.
Managed communications for Honda Motorcycles, Symantec, Trend Micro and Eveready Batteries.
Specialty in early stage technology companies, investor relations and marketing processes geared towards an IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Responsibilities will include:
Integrated marketing between team’s various marketing channels.
Efforts directed to company branding.
Social Protection’s brand awareness.
Featured as an expert of many major networks.

Managing/Manager Technology/Technologist
Robert Generale

Robert Generale Robert Generale
Manager Search Engine Optimization

Experience includes:
10+ years experience working with Prudential, Century 21, Pep Boys, Hyatt, Readers Digest, Ferrari, Rachel Ray Magazine, Hard Rock Hotel, Intuit, Quicken Loans and Sony Music
Utilizes analysis programs including: Google Analytics, Omniture, Coremetrics, Web Trends, Radian 6 and SEMPO.

Responsibilities will include:
SEO and SEM initiatives
Paid search
Social media
Email marketing
Affiliate marketing
Analytic reporting
Display advertising
Graduate of Johnson and Wales with a BS degree.


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1 year, 8 months8Security Software


Company TypeStock ExchangeStock Symbol
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Robert Beegel

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