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Sep 19, 2016 1:46 PM ET

Archived: QUICKQUEUE: Order-ahead for food & drinks purchases in cafes and quick-service restaurants

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 19, 2016


Order-ahead for food & drinks purchases in cafes and quick-service restaurants

QuickQueue enables users to order-ahead for food & drinks in quick-service restaurants – with orders paid-for, ready to collect upon arrival and loyalty points automatically saved on their phone. QuickQueue has two distribution channels: 1) B2C Marketplace – for independents and small chains 2) B2B White-label – for large chains who want to retain their branding With QuickQueue, users save time and money, while retailers increase profits by intensifying customer loyalty and gaining unparalleled customer analytics. QuickQueue was selected among Google’s Top 10 Startups of 2016.



    Consumers order-ahead for food & drinks – with their order paid-for, ready upon arrival, and loyalty points automatically saved onto their phone.

    For retailers, our merchant app enables staff to process mobile orders in one tap through a smart device; fully integrated with the point of sale system (receipts, stock management, payments, order logging).


    We’re solving the problem of how people buy things in crowded places, starting with disrupting grab-and-go food & drinks. Currently, you queue, pay physically at the till, have your loyalty card stamped, and wait again while your order is prepared. It’s slow, inconvenient, and frustrating; and it’s a problem experienced everyday by busy urbanites all over the world.

    Now consumers click and collect, with their food & drinks paid-for, ready upon arrival and loyalty points automatically saved on their phone. For retailers, QuickQueue increases store profits driven by intensified customer loyalty, increased average transaction values, boosts to operational efficiency and customer acquisition.


    QuickQueue charges merchants a per-transaction fee (5-10%). Key revenue drivers are therefore:
    1) Number of merchants
    2) Per-transaction fee paid by merchants
    3) Number of customers transacting in those merchants

    For customers, the necessity to eat and drink multiple times/day enables us to tap into habitual re-ordering; on average our customers order 6.5x/month, highlighting the repeatability of our revenue.

    Once we’ve earned our per-transaction fee, we have a 90% gross profit margin because the only direct costs we have are servers and a tablet in each store; there’s no expensive logistics platform needed to deliver our customers’ orders.


    Subsequent rounds of funding: intend on raising a Series A round within 12-18 months, and subsequent rounds of funding at 12-18 months intervals thereafter.

    Trade sale: to a payments provider seeking to add order-ahead to their wallet capabilities (e.g. Paysafe PLC acquired click and collect app Fans Entertainment in 2015) or a food delivery platform seeking to increase the relevance of their app in the mornings and lunches of the working week when delivery is less in demand (e.g. Just Eat PLC acquired click and collect app Orogo in 2014).

    IPO should we establish ourselves as the domestic or global category leader.



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