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Sep 19, 2016 3:50 PM ET

PIN Genie Smart Lock: Easy D.I.Y. installation smart door lock reshuffles your PIN after each use

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 19, 2016

PIN Genie Smart Lock

About this project



PIN Genie Smart Lock is the first peep-proof and hidden camera-proof PIN door lock. Equipped with a patent-pending touchscreen pad, PIN Genie Smart Lock shortens your ten-digit passcode into just four buttons for simple usability.

With each use, PIN Genie Smart Lock reshuffles the numbers. No one will be able to guess your unique PIN, even if they’re watching. Go ahead, dare your friends! They won’t be able to guess your PIN code.





PIN Genie Smart Lock is easy to install and fits all standard door sizes, so you can add it to virtually any door in your home, office or safe! With our Safe Home Mode feature, you can easily turn off PIN Genie’s pad when you’re home so no one has the opportunity to type in your PIN code. Did we mention we surpassed the home security standard? We’ve passed a variety of security certifications like the UL, BHMA 156.40 / 156.36 (grade B) and more. 


PIN Genie Smart Lock’s patent-pending touchscreen pad shuffles its collection of numbers after each use. With four buttons and a ten-digit passcode, no one will be able to guess your unique code.


You might already be familiar with our PIN Genie Vault and PIN Genie Locker apps for iOS and Android users. In other words, we know Apps. With our PIN Genie Smart Lock app, you’re able to connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth and open your door. However, you can still use the touchscreen pad or your physical key!


Have a large family or a handful of individuals coming in and out during the day? PIN Genie Smart Lock lets you assign up to eight unique passcodes for your friends and family. Now you know who has access to your home at all times.


List your home on Airbnb or VRBO? As the host, you can set temporary passcodes that are only valid during your visitors’ stay. Home owners simply use the PIN Genie Smart Lock App to send the temporary password while visitors use the app to retrieve the unique code upon arrival. Now you don’t have to worry about strangers duplicating or losing your house keys.


PIN Genie Smart Lock comes with a Safe Home Mode feature. Easily turn off the touchscreen when you’re at home. This feature prevents anyone from opening the door on the outside without a physical key. Set the alarm according to your needs. If someone attempts to break in, the alarm will be triggered automatically.







Idea Sketches for PIN Genie

First Prototype 

Second Prototype


Third PIN Genie Prototype


Final PIN Genie Design Sketch






Our team of experts are pros at creating the most user-friendly, yet ultra-secure applications for smartphone users. Check out our existing applications for your iPhone or Android device below:

PIN Genie Vault encrypts and protects all of your private files. With just four buttons, you can easily secure personal files utilizing our advanced file, photo and video vault.

  • AES 256 Encryption Algorithm: PIN Genie Vault encrypts all your files with AES 256 algorithm both in your phone and in iCloud. The algorithm is a highly secure encryption that has been adopted by the U.S. government and other intelligence organizations across the world.
  • End to end encryption: PIN Genie Vault enables users to encrypt and share all documents with customized passcode via email, dropbox, Wechat and other trusted parties
  • In-App Camera: Spent too much time on moving your photos/videos from system album to vault? PIN Genie Vault now enables you to take photo/video directly from the vault and will automatically save in vault. You can even choose to blur the faces of each photo with such magic camera!



PIN Genie Locker secures your Android phone with the most advanced screenshot locker available. With its patent-pending PIN pad design, you can easily secure your PIN with just four buttons. PIN Genie Locker’s Auto-Snap feature captures intruders’ faces using its front camera and email alerts you.







 project video thumbnail

PIN Genie founder, Lee, once read the news about PIN theft and users suffering huge losses back in 2013. He started to follow the technology on PIN security and found out it is a universal problem. With a traditional pinpad, people can easily discover your PIN at a glance. PIN Theft happens on a regular basis, especially in public areas.

To solve this problem, Lee developed the magic PIN Genie, which dramatically solves the issue of PIN theft. This unique technology can be applied on almost anything requiring PIN entry. With the magic PIN pad, even when someone watches you entering your PIN, they won’t be able to know it! PIN Genie aims to protect your privacy in every aspect of your life. So far, PIN Genie is equipped with an experienced software team that has developed two security applications PIN Genie Locker and PIN Genie Vault available for both iOS and Android users. Both applications have been well received among security experts, consumers and press. PIN Genie’s team also cooperates with home security product manufacturers who have a strong in-house hardware team. Both teams have worked hard to successfully develop the PIN Genie Smart Lock.





Our goal is to offer consumers a safe, reliable and strong security solution for their everyday lives. We chose Kickstarter to build a supportive community for PIN Genie. We understand how important it is for you to protect what matters most. By backing our project, we’ll be able to bring PIN Genie into mass production and offer our smart lock on a global scale.

We want to give you, the consumer, an easy-to-use alternative to the traditional lock and key security standard. As a result, we’ve developed a patent-pending, smart and trustworthy lock for your home where you can be the first to utilize PIN Genie as soon as it’s available. 

Risks and challenges

We know that, as with any crowdfunding campaign, there are risks involved when developing a new product and bringing it to market. However, rest assured that our team of experts have designed, prototyped and tested PIN Genie over a long period of time. We have a manufacturer ready to go and look forward to delivering you the best smart lock on the market!

We promise to be transparent throughout this entire process. If unforeseen issues arise, you’ll be the first to know. If you ever have any questions, you’re always welcome to contact us. We appreciate your support!

Contact Information:

PIN Genie, Inc.

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