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Sep 19, 2016 7:49 AM ET

Next Minute, Inc. -Instantly connecting consumers with any nearby service professional

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 19, 2016

Next Minute, Inc.

Instantly connecting consumers with any nearby service professional.


The technology’s there – so why’s everyone still waiting around?

Like Uber did for ride-seekers, we’re leveraging proven GPS and mapping technologies to provide a level of instant service and convenience that was once only dreamed of.  What are you waiting for…the next minute is here!


Stop and smell the roses?  Not these days.  In the 21st century, we’re all about getting things done right now.  Instant gratification is everything – and time has become man’s biggest enemy.  

The business has picked up on this in a big way, with entrepreneurs in multiple industries racing to bring the most instant solutions to consumers.  The “Efficiency Economy” is what has spawned from this – a new marketplace of services that make everything more efficient in terms of finding and getting work done.  In the same way that consumers seek immediately-available services, professionals are always on the lookout for additional business opportunities in what’s an increasingly-competitive landscape.  Companies like Uber, GrubHub, and Thumbtack are amongst the early innovators leading us into this Efficiency Economy.

However, this new market still lacks an all-encompassing service that collaborates general professional services.  There’s still no way of finding out who is actually available to fix that AC or leaky faucet immediately without performing exhaustive Google searches or making multiple calls.  As a result, the Efficiency Economy remains stuck in neutral.  In order to satisfy consumer and professional desires for instant gratification, we need a solution for right now, right now!


In merging together the best elements of Uber and Thumbtack, we’re creating instantaneous matches between available professionals and people in need of their immediate services.  Nextminuteapp is far from another appointment setter or daily scheduler; it’s all about moving fast – and keeping you moving instead of aimlessly wasting time.

At nextminuteapp, we’re a connection-enabler above all else.  We’re simply providing a convenient, functionally-unique app for the masses to use – making it easy for you to take the lead from there and get stuff accomplished.  Professionalscan get busy right away by signing up for nextminuteapp and immediately selecting what type of work they’re qualified for.  It’s a great thing to utilize during downtime and an ideal secondary (maybe even primary) sales channel.  Consumers, on the other hand, can access all service provider details through their profiles.  Making contact with providers is easy, and hundreds of service categories can be found on our app.  Got a short fuse?  Call a nextminuteapp electrician.  Locked out of your house?  Our locksmiths will be right there. Toilet is leaking? Our plumbers are ready to go. Regardless of which side of the transaction you’re on, we’re all about right now!


Here’s a more detailed step-by-step view of how users can take full advantage of it:

Check out just a handful more of the many features and benefits we’re proud to offer users:

Drastically cutting down wait times with always-near-you service;

A rating system that gives both parties transparency into the others’ performance;

In-depth vetting of all service-providing professionals.

Customer choice of provider


Since the day we opened our doors, we haven’t been wasting any time here at nextminuteapp.  With a laser focus on optimal app functionality above all else, we’ve put the majority of our energy into development to this point – and have just released the app’s latest version.  One of the areas it’s most focused on is translations; specifically, the addition of Chinese and various European languages into the app.  Looking back at what got us here, here are some of the top accomplishments we’ve enjoyed to date:

Collecting users.  An improved version of nextminuteapp is currently available in the Apple Store or Google Store and can be downloaded off of their website — Next Minute, Inc..  So far, we’ve accumulated 150 users with minimal marketing efforts.

Key partnership secured.  The Norwegian Labor Department on board, providing us with a crucial pipeline into hundreds of vetted service providers within the Scandinavian nation.

Skin in the game.  Our Founder has exhibited his full commitment to this venture by putting forth around $200,000 of his personal funds to fuel operations.

Valuable protection on the way.  A patent was filed very early in our company’s life and is currently pending.  This key IP asset will give us valuable defense against competitive attacks.

The newly-released version of nextminuteapp contains increased user-friendliness from that of its predecessor, in addition to the aforementioned language additions.  Looking further into the future, we’ve got even more in store for the app’s subsequent versions.  Our primary focus is feature additions; specifically, we’re focused on building in corporate account access, instant chat capabilities, flexi-payment options, and a reference network.  We will also continue our ongoing efforts to offer more service providers to consumers, with a focus on professional networks and small independent businesses.


The nextminuteapp concept has its roots in a simple home improvement project.  Not long ago, our Founder, Rolv E. Heggenhougen, decided to build an extension to his house.  After quickly becoming unsatisfied with the progress made, he fired the Contractor and watched the workers operate much more efficiently by themselves.  Rolv soon discovered that skipping by unnecessary middleman and bringing services directly to the consumer had significant value in today’s instant gratification society.  Connecting able-bodied professionals with consumers while eliminating wait times is incredibly valuable for all parties – a concept that would lead to the eventual creation of nextminuteapp.

Our visionary started this company with far more than just a vision for an improved Efficiency Economy.  He’s previously reached significant levels of entrepreneurial success through multiple companies started in Europe and the US – some of which he took public.  The versatile skill set Rolv has gained through these experiences make him the ideal leader for the multi-faceted nature of our platform.  Currently, he serves as Chairman of WRAPmail, Inc. – traded publicly in the US under the symbol WRAP – while also being the founder and holding the patent for its technology.  At nextminuteapp, he’s supported by a CTO and team of 9 developers.

Contact Information:

Rolv E. Heggenhougen - Founder

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