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Sep 19, 2016 1:02 PM ET


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Flikit | Business Card Replacement & Social Media Contact Information Sharing Quick Instant App


In the technologically modern world that we live in, it is ironic how so many of us still use paper business cards to network and exchange information.

What if this information changes, or you wish to share more with that person? Until recently there was no solution to resolve this issue.

The world is advancing further into the Digital Age and we still haven’t moved on from non eco-friendly and inefficient business cards.

We use social media as a networking tool so frequently so why is there not an easy way to share this information?

Flikit is the solution to all these problems and more;

Be selective of what to share and with whom (personal or professional)

– Register and exchange any contact information and social profile you have (Currently Facebook and FB pages, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, LinkedIn and Google +)

– Never search for a person or business on social media again, nor be searched for

– Update the information at anytime for it to be automatically pushed to all of your contacts

– Save all your connection directly to your device

– Connect with one another without an internet connection

– Exchange cross platform iOS – Android

– Share your information with anyone, even if they do not have the app

– Connect via sms, email or by scanning your unique code

and most of all, not a single tree was hacked down in the process!

Flikit allows users to register their unique profile free of charge and upload all of the information they wish; mobile, work and home phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses and social media profiles, all of which can be shared instantly via SMS, email or by scanning the Flikit code within the App.

The App allows anyone to store all of their information within it. It removes the current need to search on different social platforms and manually input information that is on a business card, saving both time and money.

We also boast the fact that it does not require an Internet connection to connect adding exponential value to the concept of Flikit as time spent attempting to network with others at events is cut down massively – no longer do you need to spend time trawling each individual social media platform with the requirement of an Internet connection!

The tagline fronting the App ‘#NoMoreBusinessCards!’ stands true throughout the entire conception and delivery of Flikit. – and thus Flikit was born.

“We’ve made a really simple observation that there is no easy way to share different pieces of information in one place with other people.” – FlikitHQ

With a traditional business card, if a single piece of information changes you have to reprint the entire business card which leads to huge wastage. What we wanted to do with Flikit is create an App that allows users to store all of their information and update it in a heartbeat, removing the dependency on the planet’s resource-draining business card.’

The simplicity of Flikit is what makes it stand out from the crowd and will surely make it a huge winner within the networking world in times to come – the lack of complexity makes you wonder how something like this hadn’t been created sooner!

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