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Sep 19, 2016 6:57 AM ET

Archived: In-depth noise-cancelling can bring you back to a noise-free world – Linner: Your first ANC headphones—now and for all time!

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 19, 2016

Linner: Your first ANC headphones—now and for all time!

by Linner Electronics


Linner will eliminate most ambient background noise with ANC technology and Lightning connection, making it perfect for your first set.


About this project

In-depth noise-cancelling can bring you back to a noise-free world.

Reduce Environment Noise: Up to 95%

Active Noise Reduction: Up to 26dB

Active Noise Reduction Working Range: 45 Hz – 3K Hz

Passive Noise Reduction: Up to 30dB

Featured by

“Bose is widely known for its noise cancelling technology, but Linner electronics is looking to improve upon noise cancelling headphones by dropping the entry price while maintaining excellent sound quality.” – AndroidGuys

“Whether it’s blocking out the sounds of a busy office or the wailing baby on a plane, active noise cancellation (ANC) is a great feature to have in headphones, but it usually means either adding bulk or a higher price tag. With its first earbuds, newly launched acoustic tech startup Linner looks to solve both of those problems.” -Digital Trends

“The Linner earbuds are the world’s lightest active noise-cancelling headphones. ” -Trendhunter

“The company’s goal is to give regular consumers more affordable access to sophisticated noise-cancellation earbuds that usually have a higher price tag.” -Techaries



“Considering it’s features, sound quality, convenience and relatively low price.. this small lightweight package will be coming with me on my next plane trip” – Jose, from Linner beta testing community

“I have to hand it to Linner for squeezing everything this headset offers into such small packaging.” – Adam, from Linner beta testing community


“First ANC headphones ever for all the time!”

Listening to the sounds of nature or the people around you can be an enlightening experience, but sometimes you just want peace and quiet. If you’re frequently in a crowded area, working at your desk, or commuting, noise-cancelling is a much needed feature. It will help you focus on what’s important: the music. If this is your first time trying noise-cancelling headphones, Linner is the best choice.

Linner is the world’s lightest active-noise-cancelling (ANC) earbud unit that you can take anywhere to achieve quieter, more focused sound. Its revolutionary earbuds are designed to provide you with a comfortably secure fit, exceptional portability, and high performance sound quality.



“Hear what you want and block out the rest!”

The minimal design of our earbud controller makes it super slim and lightweight. Grab Linner and go!

Linner delivers full range audio with clear and bright high-end sparkle, warm mids, and a powerful low-end frequency response with an emphasis on bass.

By eliminating up to 95% of ambient background noise around you, Linner gives you a listening experience free of distractions.

Linner makes it possible to hear what is going on around you without having to remove your earbuds under “Awareness Mode.” Stay aware of your surroundings and be safe!

Unlike regular headphones, Linner blocks out unwanted sounds, so you can keep your volume at reasonable, ear-friendly levels.

Linner’s in-ear design has soft tips and a secure fit that won’t put too much force in your ears. The cone shaped spread is designed to fit evenly across your ears for better comfort.

Requiring no battery, Linner takes power and audio directly from the Lightning connector on your next-generation Apple devices.

“Brings you quieter sound on-the-go!”

Awareness Mode accentuates surrounding sounds and helps you enjoy the wonders of nature.


 “Talk, listen, quiet”


How It Works
How It Works

Available Functions

  • Start/Receive calls 
  • Activate Siri or Google Now 
  • ANC Mode 
  • Awareness Mode 
  • Play/Pause songs/Skip songs

Even if Linner runs out of power, it will still function like regular earbuds.


“A smaller size gives you freedom!”

Noise is annoying, even painful, but we have found it very difficult to find ANC headphones that offer great sound quality, noise-cancellation, and portability. This is the reason we decided to make Linner happen.

Linner’s earbuds are incredibly small and convenient. The unit fits comfortably in any pocket and makes music on-the-go a reality! It only weighs 0.69 ounces (19.6g) compared to similar ANC earbuds.

Size Comparison
Size Comparison


Weight Comparison
Weight Comparison

To create a pair of ANC earbuds for daily use, we not only reduced the weight of the earbuds, but we also made them significantly more comfortable. After 8 months of research among 2,000 randomly selected potential users in the market, we reached what we believe are the best sized earbuds with a secure fit and stability that people will find comfortable for everyday use.

Product Structure
Product Structure



How Noise-Cancelling Technology Works

Partnered with ams AG, we make the magic happen with Linner’s ANC technology, which absorbs ambient sound with microphones, processes the incoming sound waves, and creates inverse waves to offset them.

How ANC Works
How ANC Works

In-depth ANC can bring you back to a noise-free world.

Linner is designed for people who love listening to music on the road, such as R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, EDM, or Rock. It can even give you that feeling of being right there in a live show!

Linner reduces up to 26 decibels of sound across a range of 45 Hz on the low end to 3 kHz on the high end.
Linner reduces up to 26 decibels of sound across a range of 45 Hz on the low end to 3 kHz on the high end.


Linner ANC technology blocks out 95% of ambient sounds, giving users an exceptional audio experience/immersive sound experience.
Linner ANC technology blocks out 95% of ambient sounds, giving users an exceptional audio experience/immersive sound experience.



System: Dynamic 

Weight: 19.6g (0.69 OZ) with cable 

Sweat proof: IPX4

Design: in-ear Dynamic Drivers: 13mm , 32 ohms 

Mail connection: 3.5mm stereo mini-jack plug


Talking microphone: ECM X 1 , ANC/Monitor microphone: MEMS X 2


Radius 13mm,32ohm Frequency range: 10Hz – 22kHz Sensitivity @1kHz: 101 dB SPL/V (Passive), 105 dB SPL/V (ANC Active)


Noise reduction: Up to 26dB 

Working Frequency Range: 45 Hz – 3kHz


19mAh, Playback at least 3 hours; Recharge 2 hours 

Input:USB Type A, 5V±10% 

Output:DC 5V, 50mA


Linner earbuds (regular) are compatible with most mobile devices, such as iPhone and Android, laptops and desktops with 3.5mm audio jacks. Linner Lightning earbuds are compatible with upcoming iPhone 7 and other next-generation devices which have a Lightning port. (Most leading personal computer and mobile device brands have announced that the future devices will come with a Lightning port. )


Linner (3.5mm audio jack) package
Linner (3.5mm audio jack) package

Options 1 – Linner ANC earbuds (regular)

It is for users who have regular devices with 3.5mm headphone jacks.

Linner package includes: Linner earphones, USB charging adapter, 3 pairs of ear buds (S, M, L), 2 pairs of ear hooks (S, L), user manual and storage bag.

Color Options


Linner Lightning package
Linner Lightning package

Options 2 – Linner ANC Lightning earbuds

For users who will have iPhone7 and other smart devices with Lightning port.

Linner Lightning package includes: Linner earphones with Lightning connector, 3 pairs of ear buds (S, M, L), 2 pairs of ear hooks (S, L), user manual and storage bag.

Option 2 is only compatible with devices using Lightning connector. 

Color Options

DEMO Video

 project video thumbnail




How We Get There

By contributing to our project and helping us get Linner onto the market, you will not only get a truly great product, but also support a young company consisting of very passionate and diligent engineers with many profound ideas and visions. Your contribution will be used to help facilitate mass production of the product.



Risks and challenges

With this project, we fully understand the risks associated with manufacturing and supply chain logistics. We are familiar with how to avoid and mitigate any issues that may arise. We’re working with the top tier manufacturer in the area, which has been the OEM for many well-known audio brands worldwide.

Contact Information:

Linner Electronics

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