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Sep 19, 2016 8:54 AM ET

Archived: Adrienne – “SHE is Visionary” is open to women who are interested in women’s issues, volunteerism, mentoring, and networking. SHE combines philanthropy with socializing and networking with the ladies from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

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United States
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Adrienne’s story

Born in Central New Jersey and living in a low-income area, my parents had to find other sources of revenue to provide for our family other than your typical 9-5 job. I traveled with them weekly to NYC to purchase clothing merchandise to bring back to our small town in New Jersey to resell to locals for a profit. Watching them hustle at an early age showed me there was more to life than working for others; I can work for myself. I quickly learned the essential elements of business such as profit vs. loss, profit margins, customer service, and supply and demand by the age of 9. We later relocated to Columbus, Ohio where I was raised and watched my step dad work in local restaurants as a head chef to starting a family catering business grossing over half a million with clients such as local schools, daycares and catering private events just to name a few. I learned at an early age what it took to run a successful business; I started my event décor and design company in 2008 working side by side my family’s catering business providing décor for their client’s events. I also partnered a clothing boutique with my mother in 2009, which was a personal dream of hers. I always had an entrepreneurial spirit, constantly thinking of new ideas and innovations. I quickly learned corporate America wasn’t for me. Today I own an event décor company “Adrienne Ruff Event Co. Ltd.” where I provide event décor and design services for clients, as well as the founder of “SHE is Visionary”. I have found my purpose and passion to service individuals creatively and personally. 

This loan is special because:

It helps an entrepreneur bring inspiration and empowerment to the women in her community.

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More about this loan

Business Description

SHE is Visionary is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit social support group comprised of professional and entrepreneurial women based in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding area. “SHE is Visionary” was founded in January 2016, by Adrienne Ruff.

“SHE is Visionary” is open to women who are interested in women’s issues, volunteerism, mentoring, and networking. SHE combines philanthropy with socializing and networking with the ladies from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Adrienne was inspired to form SHE is Visionary after hosting a successful vision board brunch workshop January 2016. The event sold out in 2 weeks with approximately 80 women in attendance, which consisted of speakers such as Judge Laurel Beatty of Franklin County Common Pleas Court and Columbus City Councilwoman Jaiza Paige and more.

Then Adrienne realized many women share similar, drive, passion and persistence as herself. “There are a lot of women like myself out there, there are a lot of women I can relate to learning from, we share similar interests, passion, who have a hustle and drive to want to achieve their dreams and accomplish their goals. There are so many mothers and wives who get caught up in the everyday routine of catering to our families, going to work 9-5 and we lose ourselves, we lose our passion, we sometimes forget what our personal dreams are. I wanted to create an organization where we can all come together to connect, to share, to build, to inspire, to motivate one another.”

In the future SHE is Visionary plans to host workshops and provide resources for entrepreneurial and career women in areas of “unleashing your internal power, reviving your dream trajectory in business and careers, best practices for branding & innovation, becoming financially fit”, and much more. We also plan to hold an annual conference and networking events. Bringing women together to utilize and share our individual talents.

What is the purpose of this loan?

This loan will assist with the initial costs and down payments for our upcoming conference and full day workshops. This loan will impact the non profit tremendously by introducing the cause to the community and the resources the women can take advantage of now and in the future.

venue rental & food/ beverage $7000 speaker fees for 4 internationally known business & motivational speakers $ 7000

About SHE is Visionary

Industry: Services
Years in operation: 6 months – 1 year
Website: sheisvisionary.org

A loan of $5,000 helps gain working capital for my business to assist with funding our 1st annual fundraising conference and essential elements of business workshops for entrepreneurial and career minded women.

Contact Information:


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