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Sep 18, 2016 11:36 AM ET

Archived: Modern Knitting Kits and Handmade Knitwear: Elegant sustainable brand with modern knitting kits + hand knitted accessories & apparel from the finest natural materials.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 18, 2016

Modern Knitting Kits and Handmade Knitwear

Elegant sustainable brand with modern knitting kits + hand knitted accessories & apparel from the finest natural materials.

About this project

Our mission in motion

We source around the world for the finest natural materials, create elegant modern designs, and then combine them into a simple all-in-one kit.

We believe in the power of people, that anyone can knit, and anything can be knitted.

We do our best to make every decision mindfully of our environment and the people that we come in contact with. We aspire to enhance people’s lives in everything we do along the way. 

Our process:

We start with the raw materials and let nature inspire us.

We focus on creating designs that are timeless, refined, and functional. They are made for everyday wear for the modern wo/man. 

We chose knitwear because it is always made to measure hence it creates little to no waste compared to clothes cut from fabric. 


Our materials:




Our yarn mill works with local alpaca farmers and selects the best breeds from the breeders, improving the quality of the fiber and increasing the number of Alpacas in the region naturally is another way of showing our commitment to sustainability. 

Our research and development center’s commitment to balancing technology advancement and genetically improvement of the fiber is second to none.  By combining tradition with innovation our noble yarns are the best in class. 

Made in America Knitting Needles:

The knitting needles are made from sustainably harvested birch wood in California by a small family owned business.  Birch wood is light weight and smooth. It has the added benefit of being quiet and warm to the touch which creates the ultimate knitting experience.

The excellence of Alpaca yarns: 

  • Alpaca does not contain lanolin, so it is hypo-allergenic  
  • It is naturally water and flame resistant 
  • It resists odor 
  • It has superb breathability 
  • It is resistant to pilling and will not shrink if proper care is given 
  • It comes in a variety of beautiful colors naturally which eliminates a layer of color dyeing process 
  • It is luxurious and soft like cashmere, but more resilient and wrinkle resistant 
  • It is shinier, smoother, stronger and warmer than wool

Color ways:

Alpaca’s fleeces come in many beautiful natural colors. We wanted to highlight the exceptional beauty of them so we decided to produce 6 stunning essential colors that are as minimally processed as possible to make them even more environmentally friendly. 

The designs: Versatility is key

The Bailey Hat and scarf set.  One set, wear them two ways.



The Addison Hat and Infinity Scarf Set.  One size can fit ALL. 🙂



The Whitney Cardigan. Wear it closed, wear it open. The decision is yours.



Risks and challenges

Time of Delivery: When it comes to manufacturing, there’s always a risk that suppliers do not fulfill orders on time. We source our yarns from one of the best mills that has over 80 years of experience that is very professional and organized. Our knitting needle supplier is based right here in the USA which further eliminates language barrier and time difference. We know our suppliers well and will do everything we can to ship on delivery date.

Duty/VAT charges: If you live outside of the US, you will be responsible for any applicable duty/VAT charges.

Customs: Some countries might have longer delays than others. Please take into that consideration if you believe you live in one of those countries.

You will be updated through out the progress, and if there are any delays along the way, you will be notified as possible.

Contact Information:

The Rare Creature

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