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Sep 18, 2016 2:04 PM ET

Archived: Iron : A bold, independent, period short film, Iron is a story aligned with history, outlining the rise of women in the workplace during World War I, specifically on the North American railroad

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 18, 2016


by Samara Lerman


A bold, independent, period short film, shot entirely in the Pacific Northwest with a regional cast and crew, Iron is a story aligned with history, outlining the rise of women in the workplace during World War I, specifically on the North American railroad. A story of hope, strength, & independence.


About The Project


PRODUCTION TYPE: Independent Short-form Motion Picture

Northwest USA
STATUS: Post-Production
TARGETED RELEASE: 2017/2018 National/International film festival circuit


THE SYNOPSIS: During World War One, a young woman defies traditional roles when she goes to work on a railroad.




 Iron is a short period drama set in the Pacific NorthWest inspired by the true stories of women railroad workers during the early 1900’s. Lily Cohen escapes the the crowded tenements of New York to take on a demanding railway job. Determined to work on a steam engine, a position not traditionally held by women, Lilly faces the hostility of her fellow railroad workers while finding her own inner strength.


The Iron screenplay was developed after the team was awarded 4Culture‘s highly competitive site-specific grant, and was written to be set along the Snoqualmie River with the picturesque backdrop of the surrounding mountainous region, employing the original steam engines and railway buildings that have been preserved by the Northwest Railway Museum.




While America is very familiar with the iconic image of Rosie the Riveter, the women laborers of the First World War are mostly forgotten by history. The American railroad represented freedom and adventure in a time when most women had very little opportunity for either. These opportunities disappeared when the soldiers returned home. We aim to tell the story of one woman who aspires not only to find her own purpose and future on the railroad, but who is also determined to continue her path, long after the powers that be aim to take her dreams away.


Another motivating factor for this production is to support and feature the talents of the independent artistic/film community in general, and of the Northwest, specifically. Our production utilized only regional actors, crew, and equipment. We have already employed 5 actors and 25 crew members to get the film shot, and the predominance of this campaign will go towards employing more regional talent in the post-production process.


It’s an artistic passion project, which we trust will demonstrate and represent the strong talent that this area possesses. This film is not being shot for any financial gain. It is intended to serve as a showcase, experience, and credit for the many talented people in the area. The aim is for this film to be submitted to a wide range of festivals for the 2017/2018 circuit.



THE FUNDING: Our overall finishing budget for the project stands right now at $7,200, which pays for picture editing, color correction/grading, sound design/foley, music composition, and final mix/mastering. The remaining funds we’re seeking will pay costs for duplication and distribution, crowdfunding fees, postage, and taxes. We have shaved the overhead down to a very reasonable budget, and especially thanks to generous donation of time and resources, we will be able to complete the film for this cost. every dollar that is raised above our goal and that we don’t spend in production will go towards the finishing fund.


Thanks for your time, attention, and generosity in supporting our project. In doing so, you are helping to further the cause and spirit of independent filmmaking!


Current Team

L. Gabriel Gonda
Stefan Hajek
Rosalie Miller
Line Producer
Samara Lerman
Executive Producer
Samuel Graydon
Director of Photography
Ryan Ricks
Contact Information:

Samara Lerman

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