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Sep 18, 2016 4:31 PM ET

Archived: Cold Hot – A Journey Through the Music of Southeastern USA

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 18, 2016

Cold Hot – A Journey Through the Music of Southeastern USA

Sergio Poroger seeks to return to the US in November to present the photographic book Cold Hot boasting striking images from South US

About this project

Making the Book

This trip is the final phase of my photography project, which resulted in the book Cold Hot. Cold Hot is a photo book which shows how the musicality of the southeastern region of the US influences the scenes and habits of the residents of the region. The musicality and culture of the southeastern United States are impressive and thrill. The Southeast is a region that oozes history, mysticism with beautiful scenery. To capture the images, Cold Hot covered more than 2000 miles of musical routes in December of 2014. In just over 17 days, I felt touched by the stories of the local people who are very fond of talking and singing and to refer to chords from different musical genres such as jazz, blues, soul, gospel and rock. The book has 120 pages and brings 66 pictures of ten different US cities — Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, Memphis, Jackson, Clarksdale, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette and Houston —- carefully researched for over 18 months and photographed extensively.

Stax Records Memphis
Stax Records Memphis

The US Book Tour

The book was published in Brazil, is a hard cover book with color images and text in both English and Portuguese side by side. This year’s return to the Southeastern USA is an effort to bring the book back to the land that inspired it. Its reception in Brazil has been phenomenal, with coverage in newspapers from various regions of the country as well as national television. This tour will be from October 26 through November 4 and will include the cities of New Orleans (October 26-27), Lafayette (October 28-29), Memphis (October 31, November 1), Clarksdale (November 2), Nashville (November 3) and Chattanooga (November 4). The cost of the trip is mostly in the international flight for myself, as well as travel to the cities on the tour, and the shipment of books from Brazil to the US for distribution. 

The Spotted Cat New Orleans
The Spotted Cat New Orleans

 Reviews for Cold Hot in Brazil

Folha Ilustrada
Folha Ilustrada


Estadão - Caderno 2
Estadão – Caderno 2


Guia da Folha
Guia da Folha

 Cold Hot on TV Globo Brazil

 project video thumbnail


 project video thumbnail


Risks and challenges

This is an ambitious project which involves international travel and much logistical coordination, not only with persons traveling but also with moving and shipping numerous copies of the book. The other complication is managing two events per city and the contact persons, times, and details of each. We have meticulously planned and organized each step of this trip so that it is seamless and we are in complete agreement with each partner in this journey.

Contact Information:

Sergio Poroger

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