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Sep 16, 2016 4:55 PM ET

Archived: VanishSpa – The First Portable Camouflage Pool

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 16, 2016


The First Portable Camouflage Pool



Camouflage: synonymous with the outdoors.

Hunters, fishers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds have proudly decked their gear, their trucks, and themselves in it. And those who live and breath everything outdoors want products that reflect their lifestyle.

Vanish Spa comes in three natural patterns designed by leading camouflage brandRealtree Outdoors — the same folks who created the design for Chevy and countless other major globally recognized name brands.

With Vanish Spa, we’re tapping into a growing market of outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and fishermen, who are eager to buy a high-quality product that looks unique to their lifestyle.


You bought a house with some land. You made sure the deck was just the right size for entertaining. You made sure the view of sunset was unobstructed. Everything is finally perfect to show off to friends and family. You’re thinking now is the right time to buy that hot tub you’ve been wanting and invite everyone over to enjoy your perfect backyard.

Until you actually stop and look at the hot tubs currently available — bright blue beacons or dirty-looking brown plastic behemoths. And once they’re installed, they’re a year-round eyesore that you’ll be trying to avoid every time you take family photos.

Our Founder, Josh Capps, had a similar experience.

In 2012, he bought an inflatable swimming pool for his son, and was struck by the ugliness of the fixture. Knowing that he wasn’t the only one who felt this way, he set out to create a more attractive and one-of-a-kind backyard pool and spa.


It’s true. You can buy a Chevy Silverado with a Realtree Outdoors camouflage design. And now you can buy the spa to match it!

Outdoor recreation enthusiasts purchase their fishing gear, clothing, tents, and sleeping bags from outlets like Cabela’s, Gander Mountain, and Bass Pro. They do this because those stores offer premium brands that can’t be found at Walmart or KMart.

Vanish Spa introduces the portable spa to this lifestyle-branded market.

The love of camo doesn’t end with the outdoors enthusiasts. It’s a huge trend in fashion for Fall 2016, featuring on runways from New York to Paris.

The cup holder accessory and headrests are two of the most purchased add-ons for our Vanish Spa’s. 75% of our customers that purchase a Vanish Spa, also add these hot features to their cart for purchase.

Most recently, we went viral with one of our Facebook promotions with over 13K shares, over 42K Likes, and over 1,300 comments. See the feedback about our product for yourself:

“2nd yr with ours! Still love it! Best purchase ever! Easy breezy to maintain! Totally love it!” – Satisfied customer

The feedback speaks for itself!


All you need to set up the Vanish Spa is access to AC power and a garden hose.

You won’t have to use the dirty hot tub that came with the cabin you rented if you bring your own. You can even use Vanish Spa indoors!


Hot tubs are great on a chilly fall evening with friends, but what about the sweltering summer days when the kids are home from school?

Vanish Spa has a line of family-sized swimming pools in their trademark camouflage, called the Honey Hole.

And for kids, we have a line of smaller pools in the works, as well as a portable pool for pets.


The distinctive Realtree designs set Vanish Spa apart from those ubiquitous blue backyard pools, but Vanish Spa isn’t only about image. Beneath this camouflage shell is a high-quality, easy-to-use product.

The spa assembles in 10 minutes and fills in 15. It’s lightweight and portable, but Vanish Spa is like no inflatable pool you’ve seen before. It’s made from the same material used to make boat towables, only stronger and puncture resistant. It’s easy to drain and features a double-insulated Heat Pump System that efficiently heats the water to a cozy 104 degrees.

A thermal padded flooring system and 88 jets.

Sleek controls
A user-friendly digital control panel that controls water temperature, jet function, and tracks filter usage.

Set and forget
A filter alarm system notifies you when the filter needs to be changed.


No puddles
A drain plug system with hose, so the spa can be used indoors.

The heater will automatically shut off if water temperature exceeds 45 degrees C. All electrical components are safely insulated and equipped with a breaker that will trip if current exceeds set limits. The control panel screen can be locked to prevent children from operating it. The cover is also childproof.

Vanish Spa has introduced its own line of revitalizing, therapeutic crystals that enhance overall wellness.



What’s Down The Pipeline?

The redesigned VIGOROUS Vanish Spa is designed with an I-Beam that makes an even sturdier, sleeker spa. If camo is not your style, this improved design will also feature solid earth tone colors. The VANISH HOSE  is a lightweight expandable hose that features the same Realtree camouflage design of the Vanish Spa.

Kids and pets won’t be left behind either. The new Double Barrel Slipping Slide is a portable, camouflage water slide, Left out the Honey Hole Mini (the camouflage kids pool) and the SWIM’N’HOLE is a large family-sized portable swimming pool. The PET POND will keep furry friends cool by providing an easily transportable and inflatable pet pool.

With celebrity ambassadors like John Godwin of Duck Dynasty, country music star Luke Bryan, and NASCAR driver Austin Dillon, we are introducing our product to those who will appreciate it most.


Going Global

Our partnership with JiLong Plastics has opened the door to international sales. JiLong will now sell Vanish Spa pools to their large international customer base. Vanish Spa now has customers in 44 countries.


Josh Capps
Josh Capps, founder and CEO of THINK’N CAPPS LLC and LEISURE NEST HOLDINGS LLC, has been an active entrepreneur since he graduated from Shelton State Community College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in 2003. His first business venture, Capps Properties LLC, purchased, renovated, and resold distressed properties until the real estate crash in 2008. Capps quickly adapted to the new market, and started Capps & Company LLC in January 2009. The new company completed large-scale roofing projects, such as the 500,000 square foot Veterans Affairs Hospital in Tuscaloosa. The idea for a camouflage pool and spa came in 2012, when Capps was struck by the eyesore of the blue swimming pool in his own backyard during his son’s first swim. His love of the outdoors inspired him to design a camouflage pool, and create the VANISH SPA and CAMOPOOL brands.

Slade Armstrong, Co-Founder/VP
Slade Armstrong has been a lifelong sportsman and is a proven success in the Marketing field While earning his BA in Communication at the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Armstrong started working as a sales rep for the popular Guy Harvey fishing-inspired clothing brand. After college, he began working for SignTronix, one of the largest outdoor lighted sign companies in the US. There he was awarded Rookie of the Month three consecutive times. Armstrong and Josh Capps met, their mutual passion for entrepreneurship and the outdoors helped them form an instant bond. Slade’s enthusiasm for the product combined with his Sales and Marketing experience made him a perfect fit as VP of CAMOPOOL. Here, he’s deftly managed marketing strategies and sales during the company’s rapid growth.

Mike Nguyen, Co-Founder/CFO
At the age of 15, Mike Nguyen, emigrated from Vietnam to the United States with just $50 and his mother’s gold ring. A testament to the American Dream, he has since opened a chain of barbecue restaurants, and made several profitable real estate investments. Mike has invested capital for an equity stake in THINK ‘N’ CAPPS and LEISURE NEST HOLDINGS.

Melinda Karn, Account Manager
Melinda Karn ensures each transaction at VANISH SPA goes smoothly from start to finish. Her years of experience as an Account Manager at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have made her a valuable asset to the team. In 2009, she joined Capps and Company, and has since managed million-dollar government contracts, over 1,000 residential accounts, and 500 Lowe’s Home Improvement accounts. Melinda’s attention to detail and her diligence are a big reason that the Capps Companies have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Contact Information:

Josh Capps - founder and CEO

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