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Sep 16, 2016 6:58 AM ET

Archived: Silvia – Lolita Artisanal Bakery: We specialize in alfajores, which are South American cookies

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United States
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Silvia’s story

I was born and raised in Argentina, and I am the youngest of four siblings. While raising a full family, my parents Lolita & Ricardo decide to start their own business. They opened a bakery and artesanal Alfajores factory – a space that kept all of us kids in a constant mode of learning and discovery. It was these childhood experiences in that shop that started my entrepreneurial formation. Growing up around entrepreneurs, I developed an understanding of basic business practices, and found a natural inclination for the retail and customer service aspect of it. I just loved taking care of clients and talking about our handcrafted products and how we got there. Little did I know that “helping my parents” was actually helping to shape skills I would be using to build my future. I started baking out of my home in Bellmont, CA, introducing my family’s alfajores & pastries to my close friends, their families and friends, all with great response. Through referrals, I sold my pastries at many weddings, baby and bridal showers and many other events around the Bay Area. My dream is to operate my own bakery. Currently I am starting with wholesale but my ultimate dream is to open my own store front in the Bay Area. And soon! 

This loan is special because:

It supports a family-focused entrepreneur expanding her Argentinian bakery in her community.

Kiva staff

More about this loan

Business Description

I started Lolita Artisanal Bakery out of my home in 2014, I named my business after my mother, Lolita, as a tribute to her amazing strength, faith and dedication to her business and family. She was my role model and who introduce me to the beautiful art of baking. We specialize in alfajores, which are South American cookies. Argentina has the larger variety because each city has an specific type and flavor that represents the area. The most traditional and well known look like a macaroon or a sandwich cookie. They are filled with dulce de leche, covered with chocolate or glazed. I also make a wide variety of amazing pastries that are all handmade from scratch every day. At the end of 2014 I discovered Kitchen Town, a commercial kitchen space open to the public, and officially became a member in early 2015. Kitchen Town’s program has provide amazing direction to my business and an incredible facility to work from.

I am most proud of my business because of the excellent quality of my products and because of my commitment to family roots. Ultimately, I intend for this business to have a great impact on the community by providing jobs and a welcoming environment for youth in the area. After helping local organizations that provide support to teens in crisis, I want to be able to help the youth develop skills that can enhance and ease their path into their future or their carrier.

What is the purpose of this loan?

With the funding from Kiva I will be purchasing a variety of items to help drive more sales, better my margins, and increase productivity. The specifics purchases are: 1) Online & Offline Marketing Materials: I will build a professional looking webpage with online sales. Develop a brochure, uniform with logo, and banners for events. 2) Additional Packaging: I will be able to order more boxes and bags with pre labeled with logos, nutritional facts and ingredients. 3) Hiring: I will hire a couple of helpers for blocks of 6 hours twice a week to improve productivity. 4) Ingredients: Buying all my ingredients in higher quantities will better my costs. 5) Equipment Rental:The remaining funds will allow me to utilize bigger and better machines more often. Examples include: Sheeter Machine $50 p/use Cookie Cutter $ 50 p/use Rotating oven $ 50 p/use Enrobing Machine $ 125 +

About Lolita Artisanal Bakery

Industry: Retail
Years in operation: 1 year – 3 years

A loan of $10,000 helps me to rent bigger, better equipment, boost my advertising, hire helpers, and gain working capital for my business.

Contact Information:


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