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Sep 16, 2016 1:03 EST

PRENAV – Precision-Guided Drones for Infrastructure Inspection

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 16, 2016



Precision-Guided Drones for Infrastructure Inspection



PRENAV’s commercial drone system is capable of precise, automated navigation in close proximity to cell towers and other vertical structures in order to capture detailed imagery and a 3D reconstruction of each asset. This level of control is not possible with GPS, and to date, has only been seen indoors in research labs with expensive motion capture systems that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

PRENAV has developed a patent-pending navigation system that consists of a guidance robot on the ground and an aerial robot working in coordination to fly close to structures. Before flight begins, the guidance robot scans the environment to build a map, then tracks and shares position updates with the drone, keeping it on course even when dealing with wind. The system is operated via an intuitive touchscreen interface and requires no manual piloting skills, making it accessible to climbers, technicians, and anyone who is working to inspect infrastructure today.

Our Solution: Precision-guided drones that build highly accurate 3D reconstructions of industrial assets.



Market Segment: Our first product is targeted at the audit and inspections market for vertical structures, beginning with cell phone towers.



CEO is formerly of Electronic Arts (EA), Microsoft and Stanford + CTO was the first developer at Bot & Dolly (acquired by Google)


$500K+ run rate in 2015


Customers save an average of $500 per inspection when using the PRENAV system


Team has 70+ years experience in robotics, computer vision, and aerospace



“I’ve worked with Nate before and believe in the team he’s assembled. PRENAV is going to do big things in computer vision for drones.”
Robert AfsharFounding Partner, RAA Ventures
Robert Afshar
“We see drone audits of cell towers as a potential new revenue stream for our firm. We appreciate that PRENAV is designing an automated system that our existing technicians can use without requiring hundreds of hours of pilot training.”
Greg HazlehurstChief Evangelist, PM&A
Greg Hazlehurst


Nathan Schuett

Nathan Schuett

Founder & CEO at PreNav

Robotics at SCR. Product, marketing for Lolapps, EA, Microsoft. Rowed crew and studied computer music at Stanford.
Asa Hammond

Asa Hammond

Co-Founder & CTO

Robotics at SCR. Robotics for movie Gravity. 1st engineer at Bot and Dolly (acq. by Google). CG Supervisor for Hellboy, Sin City, Superman Returns, Spiderman.
Nick Rossi

Nick Rossi

VP, Engineering

VP, Engineering at The Platform (video company acq. by Comcast). 20+ years in system architecture.
Nic Fischer

Nic Fischer

Lead, Controls

Formerly controls lead at Bluefin Robotics, Aerocine. Ph.D. in controls from Univ. of Florida.


Team Member Name

Drone VC


The World’s First Drone Fund
Team Member Name

Pejman Mar Ventures


Pejman Mar Ventures is an early-stage venture fund founded by Pejman Nozad and Mar Hershenson.
Team Member Name

Michael Antonov

Chief Software Architect, Oculus VR

Michael was co-founder and CTO of Scaleform, the #1 user interface (UI) technology provider in the video game market, which was acquired by Autodesk (NASDAQ:…
Team Member Name

Toivo Annus

Partner, Ambient Sound Investments

Individual angel investor, investing in B2C ecommerce, long-tail financial services for unbankables and unmanned aerial technologies. Investments mostly in E…



Contact Information:

Nathan Schuett - Founder & CEO at PreNav

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