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Sep 16, 2016 11:11 AM ET

Archived: MOVEZ-motorize blinds and shades – A $49 z-wave controlled motor for existing indoor blinds and shades

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 16, 2016

MOVEZ-motorize blinds and shades

A $49 z-wave controlled motor for existing indoor blinds and shades

Thanks to crowdfunding we were able to make MOVE a reality. Over 10.000 units and counting have been sold. Production and shipping is running at high speed so we are now ready to take the next step. MOVE uses Bluetooth and during this past year we have received loads of requests for making a Z-wave version of MOVE. We have listened and are now proud to present “MOVEZ”. Our main goal will be to make MOVEZ as great as possible for every HomeAutomation systems available, that with Z-wave protocol.


MOVEZ installed on blinds and shades

“Super easy after market solution for almost all blinds and shades with bead chain, cord loop or cord adjustment mechanism”


“…Move will have found a simple answer to a complex problem, and being able to offer this functionality for a much more budget-friendly price than the competition could give Teptron a significant edge at launch”


Z-Wave motor for existing indoor blinds and shades

It is built to fit as many different manually controlled indoor blinds and shades as possible. That is why MOVEZ can be retrofitted to nearly all different manually controlled indoor blinds and shades. No matter if its continuous cord loops, bead chain loop, bead chain with connectors or just reeling in a cord MOVEZ will be able to operate it.


“MOVEZ mounted on a Roller shade”


”fits almost all indoor blinds and shades with cord, cord loop and bead chain operation”​​


“MOVEZ mounted on a Venetian blind”


MOVEZ works on almost all types of materials, diameters and different numbers of beads per inch that bead chains can have. It also works with almost all types of bead chain connectors.

”bead chain connectors is not an issue”





”Wouldn´t it be nice if…”​

Your blinds and shades lived there own life, acting automatic?

When you turned on your TV, to watch a really good movie, your blinds closed by themselves?

Your blinds closed at night and opened in the morning according to your own timetable?

”…there are endless of scenarios, which do you prefer?”



Reduce Sun-fading

By using different triggers, such as for example sun sensors, you can trigger MOVEZ to act on sun conditions. This will increase the life length of your floors, sofas, wall paintings, walls, flowers, rugs etc

”Preserve your interior…”



Save energy

Your existing blinds and shades are insulators. They can reduce heating in the summer by 20% and make you lose 5-15% less heat through windows in the winter if used optimal.

”Lower your energy costs…”



Controlling MOVEZ

Different possibilities to control MOVEZ depends on which Home Automation system you have at home. MOVEZ can also be controlled by pushing the physical buttons on the unit.

…add a motor for your indoor blinds and shades to your Home Automation system”




Integration will be possible with many Home Automation systems that uses Z-Wave protocol. For instance:

Telldus, Almond+, AMX, BitWise, Branto, Castle OS, Comfort, Control4, Cortexa, Cozify, e-Domotica, Elan g, Elitehome, Fibaro, Hive, HomeSeer, Homey, Indigo, Iris, Logitech Harmony, nCube, Neeo, Nexia, OOMI, OpenHAB, Peq, Popp Home, Proove, SmartThings, StackBox, Staples Connect, SwannOne, Vera, Vivint, Webee, Wink, Zipabox.


Our partner in development of z-wave software

Telldus have developed a complete system with Z-Wave devices and that is one of many reasons why we feel confident that a Z-Wave version of MOVE developed together with them will be great. More information about Telldus can be found a bit further down this page or at their webpage www.telldus.se



Sound of MOVEZ




Power options

We wanted MOVEZ to be as easy as possible to install out of the box so we made MOVEZ run on NiMH rechargeable batteries (4 x AAA) as default and by using the included solar panel in combination with rechargeable batteries MOVEZ will become self-sufficient.

MOVEZ can also be installed with permanent power by using a USB port power supply with a micro USB cable (not included).



Preparing MOVEZ

The first thing to do when installing MOVEZ is to prepare it depending on what type of blind or shade you are going to install it on.

We have made accessories (three different spools, all included in the package) in order for MOVEZ to be installed on different types of cord, cord loop or bead chain operating mechanism.

Below is videos showing how to prepare MOVEZ for the different types of adjustment mechanisms on window covering:


”Preparing MOVEZ for installation on window coverings that is operated with bead chain”


”Preparing MOVEZ for installation on window coverings that is operated with cord loops”​


”Preparing MOVEZ for installation on window coverings that is operated with cords”​


Mounting MOVEZ

MOVEZ can be retrofitted to nearly all different manually controlled indoor blinds and shades. No matter if its continuous cord loops, bead chain loop, bead chain with connectors or just reeling in a cord MOVEZ will be able to operate it.

MOVEZ can be mounted with either dual side tape or wall brackets


MOVEZ will for example fit the following products:

Mounting MOVEZ on Venetian blind


Mounting MOVEZ on Roller shade


Mounting MOVEZ on pleated blind


Mounting MOVEZ on Vertical blind cord loop



Connecting MOVEZ

To connect MOVEZ to your existing Home Automation system press and hold the center button for 10 seconds. Green blink indicates that the unit is in pairing mode.

How to prepare and set MOVEZ in pairing mode:


Calibrating MOVEZ

Before calibration MOVEZ will only run for as long as any one of the two buttons “run clockwise” or “run counterclockwise” is pushed down. After calibration it will be possible to click on either the “run clockwise” or the “run counter clockwise” button to make MOVE go to the respective end positions.

MOVE can always be stopped by clicking the “stop” button on the unit. This is true no matter if the initial run command originates from the push/click of buttons “run clockwise” or “run counter clockwise”

How to calibrate an end position:





MOVEZ will be made in:


EU Frequency 868 MHz


US Frequency 908 MHz




Power: Battery 4xAAA or micro USB power supply (neither included)

Radio protocol: Z-Wave

Lift/pull capacity: 6 kg / 13 lb

Reel mechanism: Cogwheel, Cord loop spool, Cord spool

Size MOVEZ: L 163mm/6,41in, W 35mm/1,37in, H 33mm/1,29in


In the package




Telldus Technologies will be our partner in making the z-wave software inside MOVEZ

Telldus Technologies is one of the largest Smart Home companies in the Scandinavia. They have established themselves as the number one distributor of Home Automation devices to the larger retailers and has a reputation of delivering quality products in combination with great service since the beginning of their journey.

The Open Source philosophy is noticed in all parts of the operation and the reason is simple: Open Source creates a transparency that helps to create better quality, higher security and larger flexibility. 

With broad knowledge about both Z-wave software and hardware Telldus Technologies is a perfect partner for us in making MOVEZ. More information about Telldus can be found at their webpage www.telldus.se




Making MOVEZ work as good
as possible “out of the box”

During this past year we have had a lot of requests regarding integration. Creating a Z-Wave version of MOVE- ”MOVEZ” is one step on the way but we have also contacted all companies/systems/hubs according to your request regarding integration. We will do everything we can to make MOVEZ work as good as possible out of the box!

So far we are in contact with the following companies, hub/systems…

TELLDUS, NEXIA, openHAB, Wink, Zipato, Homey/Athom, Securifii, e- Domotica, Vera, Cozify, StackBox/Cloud media, OOMI, NEEO, Webee

”Let´s raise the awareness of MOVEZ together!”








October 2016- Circuit board design, first prototype circuit board built
November 2016- Start making z-wave firmware, second prototype built
December 2016- Start work with all certifications (CE, FCC and others) 
January 2017- Finalizing BOM (bill of materials)  and order components 
February 2017- Finalize software development and start beta testing
March 2017- Full production, start shipping MOVEZ





Refer backers and get free MOVEZ 



How to participate





Made in Sweden

Teptron AB was founded in Varberg  on the Swedish west coast and is today active in both Varberg and Stockholm.

Our goal is to make smart motors for existing internal window coverings that are affordable, simple to use and easy to control.

In the company we have a wide experience of product development and many of the steps in production are done by ourselves. For example the electronics is assembled by us in Stockholm, final assembly and packaging is done by us in Varberg.



“Behind the scenes making the video on the Apple Bay beach in Varberg”


Contact Information:

MOVE by Teptron

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