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Sep 16, 2016 12:34 PM ET

Archived: CareOnGo – An all-in-one technology solution for retail pharmacies in India

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 16, 2016


An all-in-one technology solution for retail pharmacies in India.



Our cutting-edge technology helps independent pharmacies procure, manage, and sell medicine and health products.


All retail pharmacies have three aspects to their business – Procure, Manage, and Sell. The key to financial success is to manage each component effectively.

When purchasing medicine and products, each independent pharmacy in India has to deal with more than 40 distributors. This results in delays and a non-standardized experience.

Managing and selling isn’t much more effective. Currently, over 90% of pharmacies don’t have an efficient way to manage their inventory or keep track of prospective and existing customers. They also don’t have a digital presence – a huge problem in an increasingly tech-savvy world.

So, why do so many independent pharmacies in India have these problems?

It’s simple. The Indian pharmaceutical supply chain is devoid of technology.

CareOnGo is here to change that.


Our team provides a full-service technology solution for independent pharmacies in India. Pharmacies can manage procurement with InstaStock, optimize inventory management process using Pharmalytics , and manage sales with CareOnGo Partner App. CareSol – a cloud based ERP solution not only provides a Point of Sale (POS) & CRM application but also binds these technologies together into one single platform to provide a seamless comprehensive solution for the retailers.

InstaStock helps pharmacies to procure – in bulk – medicine and health products from 100+ brands. It provides a seamless experience for pharmacies to buy products at higher margins directly from brands with assured 18-hour logistics.


CareSol allows pharmacies to manage inventory, generate bills, and track sales. It also acts like a CRM to manage customers both offline and online. Pharmalytics is the only analytics platform that allows pharmacies to track and analyze sales. It helps retailers predict which medicines to stock in the future, shifting from blind to predictive inventory.

CareOnGo is an app that provides a platform for retailers to connect with consumers. It enables users to place orders at the nearest pharmacy. While thePartner App enables retailers to process orders from consumers and update order status based on availability, while controlling discounts and delivery.


Our team developed cutting-edge technology to streamline how independent pharmacies in India do business. Here’s a look at our technology solutions.

Partner App – An app enabling retailers to receive orders and track order status.


Our team launched the CareOnGoApp in Delhi in August 2015, and we had 10,000 downloads within a month. Since then, we have added more features and launched in additional cities. We’ve also reached some other impressive milestones.

On the Market – Our suite of technology products for retail pharmacies and end consumers is on the market. 1,200+ pharmacies have signed up with our platform for e-procurement and 120,000+ consumers have registered on CareOnGo app.

Co-Branding – 120+ pharmacies have co-branded with CareOnGo to digitally connect to consumers. Co-Branding provides independent pharmacies to get associated with a known brand, thus making the standalone pharmacy come into a network of branded neighbourhood pharmacy

Patented Technology – We own exclusive IP rights to all of our products. They are proprietary technology solutions with the ability to scale up to extensive usage levels.

Partnerships – To get inventory, we have partnerships with Nestle, J&J, Mankind, Sun Pharmaceuticals, Lupin, Cipla, Abbott, Glenmark, and many others.

Market Leader– We have already assumed the market leader position in Delhi, and we are ready to take this position in other cities.

CareOnGo has already had a great deal of success. Imagine what we can do going forward.

Request access to the business plan tab of this profile to see where CareOnGo is going and how you can help us get there.


Aditya handles the “manage” aspect of the business. He is a gold medalist from MDI Gurgaon where he pursued his MBA after graduating from IIT Varanasi. Aditya has spent the majority of his career working with financial institutions, including JP Morgan, American Express, and Barclays Bank, leading their big data and predictive data practices. He has also advised multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospitals like Cadila Health and Lupin Pharmaceuticals on various data insights and analysis projects. Aditya loves building scalable technologies and systems to support business growth and expansion.

Yogesh is in charge of the “procure” aspect of the business. He started as a consultant with Deloitte, and he has worked with various health clients in the US and Europe. He moved to the UK to pursue his MBA from Lancaster University. Later, he joined 10EQS Consulting in Germany where he worked on specializing in new territory discovery and operational setup for various healthcare clients. He then returned to India and joined Quikr as their South India head, leading operations. He later moved to Grabhouse as their Chief Business Officer (CBO) where he led the operations from scratch.

Ritu manages the “sell” aspect of the business. She is a leading marketer. After receiving her B.Tech from NSIT (DCE), she started her career with Deloitte, working to understand consumer behavior and designing branding and marketing campaign for various healthcare companies. After working at Deloitte for 3 years, she went on to pursue her MBA from IIM. She has worked with Grabhouse as the Marketing Head leading digital, BTL, and ATL marketing campaigns for the company. She is an expert in understanding consumer behavior and finding new ways to reach consumers.

Contact Information:

Aditya - Director

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