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Sep 16, 2016 8:33 EST

AmbyGear : A Smartwatch that Makes Kids Smarter through Sensor Data, Predictive Analytics and Behavioral Science

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 16, 2016


A Smartwatch that Makes Kids Smarter through Sensor Data, Predictive Analytics and Behavioral Science



  • Currently generating revenue. This round is for scaling revenue
  • 60% Gross Margin on Service, Customer Life Time Value = $700 per child
  • Last opportunity for seed and angel investors


AmbyGear is the first smartwatch that actually makes kids smarter; using sensors, predictive analytics, and behavioral science to teach kids time management, independence, and organizational skills.



AmbyGear is the first smartwatch that actually makes kids smarter. AmbyGear uses the combination of sensors, predictive analytics andbehavioral science to teach kids time management, independence andorganizational skills.

AmbyGear prepares the next generation to be smarter and healthier andprovides parents peace of mind and connectivity to their kids, reducing parental anxiety and stress.


AmbyGear is scalable with new functions being added all the time and updated over the air, thus creating product stickiness and engagement.


AmbyGear’s design is based on scientific research from top universities.


The intelligence and competitive advantage is in our algorithm.


AmbyGear & the Internet of Kids is game changing because:

  1. It makes kids smarter
  2. It provides parents peace of mind
  3. Kids can be connected to parents without a smartphone
  4. It creates better-integrated communities
  5. It has Pokemon-Go and Tamagotchi themes creating product stickiness
  6. It has a smart calendar with gamified reminders that teaches kids responsability and time management
  7. It has a reward management system to provide motivational feedback
  8. It has an intelligent accurate locator/GPS that works indoors
  9. It has global built-in cellular connectivity – no need to buy a SIM card

It is the right time to invest because:

  1. Wearables & smartwatches are not in the Hype Cycle.
  2. Companies in this segment today are here to stay.
  3. The kids market has huge potential since it does not compete against smartphones


AmbyGear is the right company because it is very different than any locator/GPS watch out there.

Our competitors are built on old technology from the candybar cellphone era.


The competition in the kids smartwatch niche is far behind with their understanding of the customer needs and aspirations.


There has been some impressive exits in the wearable market with high return to investors.




Patrick Muggler

Patrick Muggler

CEO & co-founder at Ambit Networks Inc

Experienced founder, business developer and product manager with 15+ years of experience in the Semiconductor/High-Tech industry; Managing Teams, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Engineering. Proven ability to lead teams, drive revenue growth, expand market share and provide highly valued strategic insight and passion for technology and work. • Drive new business opportunities, evangelize solutions, drive passion and develop long-term strategic plans. • Assess the market and opportunity, work with the leadership to remove roadblocks and drive execution. • Develop and manage strategic partnerships and build & lead high performing teams working across multiple functions. • Define solutions translating customer/market requirements to engineering specifications and business cases.
Alexandre Bueno

Alexandre Bueno

Country Director

• Investigative work in Education and Innovation; • Experience in product development and market strategies , assisting in the definition, analysis and compliance goals; • Participation in the creation of advertising and marketing strategies , promoting the sale of goods and services; • Creation and implementation of innovation strategies for companies focusing on financial results and behavioral; • Experience in leadership and development teams; • Experience in business development and fundraising;
Stefano Gualtieri
I started my professional career in 1997 aiming software development. Since 2001 I have been acquiring expertise working on hardware design, firmware and embedded softwaresystem, involving solutions and equipment used in power system market, into automation, control and protective relaying for electrical power systems. I marked presence at national seminar on power system sector with oral presentation and speeches. As an Electrical Engineering Professor, in which I created learning tools and education content to improve the engineering course, I taught software development and digital design on programmable logic devices. I had the opportunity to expand my technical skills and management knowledge, working as R&D coordinator for a multinational corporation of medical devices, improving internal process and management procedures, as well developing hardware and software, technical analysis and investigations. I was responsible for developing and implementing effective management methodologies and best techniques for R&D projects. Currently I am responsible for technical matters of R&D projects, participating in strategic and business planning, managing teams and hands-on development expertise. With ability to propose ideas and solutions in order to face challenges, I’m always expanding and enhancing my technical skills in embedded systems, software and hardware design.


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Cleia Dantas

Digital Marketing

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Richard Nahas


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Balaji Ganesan

Cloud Product Manager & BD

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Raphael Nunes da Motta

Software Engineer

Team Member Name

Pedro Candiani



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Erik Katz

Marketing Advisor

Team Member Name

Mark Karam


Team Member Name

Mehrdad Nayebi


Contact Information:

Patrick Muggler

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