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Sep 15, 2016 6:41 PM ET

Archived: Lemonjuice Capital recovers and builds value by rolling-up, restructuring and repositioning assets that are impaired by badly conceived development regimes, such as timesharing

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 15, 2016

Lemonjuice Capital Partners

Gaithersburg, MD 20878, US
Real Estate

Lemonjuice Capital recovers and builds value by rolling-up, restructuring and repositioning assets that are impaired by badly conceived development regimes, such as timesharing. By reforming such regimes, we can often triple property values.

We will invest in such properties and work together with boards and owners to restructure the property for the benefit of the owners.

So-called “legacy timeshares” normally sell well below their underlying real estate value. In fact, although timeshare owners technically co-own valuable real estate, many of them pay to get rid of their “property.” The time has come to change that. The answer to “why now” is the technology that is enabling the Sharing Economy.

Here is where The Gridlock Economy Meets The Sharing Economy.

Some of the “Vacation Ownership” developers are applying the best of their timeshare marketing skills to sell investors on the idea that timeshares are “at the forefront of the sharing economy.” However, our view is… “well, not exactly.” The Sharing Economy is specifically not about timeshares, but about the technology enabling previously impossible transactions and pooling of resources. Sharing in the name is not about the “Sharing Economy.” In fact, legacy timeshares, which are the primary targets of our business, are best attributed to what economists call the “Gridlock Economy.” In the Gridlock Economy (otherwise known as “Tragedy of the Anti-commons”), too many fragmented owners of a single asset wreck markets, break down cooperation and destroy value. This breakdown of markets and cooperation is the fundamental reason why today the aggregate values of legacy timeshare resorts are as little as ten cents on the dollar of the underlying net asset value. We are out to recover some of that difference.

Lemonjuice is managed by Alexander Krakovsky (Alex). Prior to establishing Lemonjuice Capital, Alex spent ten years helping to build a power company, ContourGlobal, that he co-founded. Prior to ContourGlobal, he managed a venture capital fund with focus in Easter Europe. He has an MS from the University of Maryland.


Products / Services

Property repositioning, restructuring, vacation rentals / ownership, property management

See profile for product description.



President Business Development
Alexander Krakovsky

The Principal of Lemonjuice Capital is Alexander Krakovsky. He has 26 years of experience in fund management, development, executive management, and entrepreneurship. Mr. Krakovsky started his career with Coopers & Lybrandt (now PriceWaterhouseCoopers) after finishing graduate school at the U. of Maryland, but soon moved on to run an investment fund, focusing on the former Soviet Union. He acquired, redeveloped and successfully exited over a million square feet of retail space and a number of enterprises in the industrial, agricultural and power sectors. After the Enron collapse, Mr. Krakovsky went to work with the AES Corporation to help the company emerge from financial distress. In 2005 he joined a team of co-founders of a new power company, ContourGlobal. In ten years, ContourGlobal grew from five partners into a large corporation with 3,000 employees, operating in eighteen countries.
Mr. Krakovsky recently left ContourGlobal to focus exclusively on Lemonjuice Capital.

Contact Information:

President Business Development - Alexander Krakovsky

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