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Sep 15, 2016 5:16 PM ET

DERP TECH is a MICROGRID and community energy resiliency systems design, stakeholder development, project management and maintenance training company

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 15, 2016

DERP Technologies, LLC

Hagerstown , MD 21740, US
Alternative & Renewable Energy

DERP TECH is a MICROGRID and community energy resiliency systems design, stakeholder development, project management and maintenance training company. With the development of its own power continuity technologies, we bridge gaps between the “legacy grid” and the “smart grid”.

DERP TECH is one of only eight winners of microgrid engineering and project management grants in Round One of the nation’s first Microgrid Grant (State of Connecticut) for the Town of Windham.
DERP TECH’s “SAFE HAVEN MICROGRID(tm) FOR SCHOOLS” model provides scalable replication opportunities for improving community energy resilience. We desire to rapidly design/build multiple Safe Haven-style sheltering facilities for communities, schools and businesses across America.

DERP TECH’s business model captures the spirit of America’s growing interest in energy resiliency and community energy ownership. We offer local and regional energy assurance plans, comprehensive feasibility studies, grant writing and technical decision support.

Regional-scale energy security and resiliency projects benefit from our interconnection systems and device designed for use at the substation-level of local electrical distribution systems to enable injection of more clean, local power to serve local loads. DERP TECH’s PCU, a Power Continuity Unit, manages and controls critical-load profiling, load shedding of non-critical loads and integration of local power and storage sources as needed to keep power on at a network of local critical infrastructure operations and sheltering facilities.
DERP TECH provides educational and training programs for planning commissioners,, elected officials, peers, regulators and utility executives in support of the energy security, economic and environmental value and benefits of microgrids and distributed generation.
Growth strategies include strategic partnerships with industry leaders in power control electronics and community energy resiliency systems.


Products / Services

Power Continuity Unit : An Interconnection Device for Smart Grid Systems

DERP TECH is developing an Interconnection and Power Management device for utility-scale projects: the device is called the Power Continuity Unit (PCU) and it will integrate clean, locally produced electricity into the Grid, increasing reliability and enabling microgrids for the support of critical loads during Black-outs.

Principally designed to have the point of common coupling on the low-voltage side of a distribution substation; the PCU will enable a smart-substation to improve grid reliability.

The PCU is for publicly-owned and privately-owned substations.

Microgrid Management Devices, Training and Certifications

DERP TECH Safe Haven and other Microgrids are comprised of local renewable energy systems and other local energy storage/production devices. They require routine maintenance and, especially when the Grid goes down, require a number of essential safety and power continuity assurance services. DERP TECH’s Microgrid Technicians(tm) are licensed electricians, certified to provide both routine maintenance and have the exceptional skills to troubleshoot and repair a variety of Microgrid devices and solve system reporting and operational problems during grid-failure emergencies.

Opportunity Development: Community Resiliency and Energy Assurance Risk Management

Professional Consulting Services include:
a. Public Benefit Critical Energy Infrastructure Resiliency Evaluations and Mitigation Plans
b. Economic Development Plans with Energy Resiliency Modeling
c. Community Energy Ownership Feasibility Studies
d. Microgrids — Strategic Planning, Design, Development and Management/Maintenance



Managing/Manager Executive Officer
Rebecca Rush

Project Development, Project Management, Community Outreach
Rebecca is DERP TECH’s Community Energy Strategic Planning and Local Energy Assurance Plans Manager. Her work in community-scale and community-owned renewable projects includes the recent Maryland Energy Administration’s Community Wind Gamechanger Grant. and multiple programs to inform planning professionals, elected officials and local stakeholder groups about the nexus of community resiliency and strategic planning, economic development and disaster resilience.

Rebecca is serving her third term on the Legislative Affairs subcommittee of the Maryland Clean Energy Center Advisory Committee. A retired CPA and former corporate executive officer for a public manufacturing and marketing company headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, she was responsible for domestic and international treasury, safety and risk management issues. Graduated with BBA in accounting, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


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Manager Executive Officer - Rebecca Rush

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