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Sep 15, 2016 9:03 EST

AXIS – Re-inventing window coverings for the tech-savvy generation

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 15, 2016



Re-inventing window coverings for the tech-savvy generation.



Key Contact
E: [email protected]
W: www.axis.life

AXIS develops window covering solutions that are practical and convenient in function and design. We target new and under-served markets in an industry that has lacked innovation over the years. AXIS has created a suite of products that are easy to install and use, for a generation that is tech-savvy but not necessarily handy.


AXIS Gear is a smart device that motorizes your window shades by attaching on the cord loop or chain of your window covering, and can be controlled using a smartphone or on the device itself. We’ve successfully raised over $120,000 via Indiegogo and are in Beta programs with business automation system companies (the smart home for commercial buildings), including Schneider Electric and Daintree Networks. You can visit our Indiegogo campaign for full details on form and function: http://igg.me/at/axis-gear


Key Features

1) Externally Mounted – Gear is externally mounted compared to traditional motors that required installation inside the headrail of the window covering. This sets Gear apart from existing solutions on the market.

2) Easy Installation – Gear can be installed easily by mounting on the wall and controlling the beaded chain or cord loop, which means you won’t need to uninstall and reinstall your window coverings to retrofit it with the motor.

3) Works with All Shades – Gear is compatible with shades of all sizes and weights. Existing solutions complicate the process by offering various models to work with specific sizes and weights.

4) Internet of Things Ready – Gears houses either a ZigBee or Z-Wave chip to allow for communication with other Smart Devices in your home, such as the Nest Thermostat.

5) Energy Savings – Using propriety algorithms, Gear is able to reduce cooling loads and harvest daylight to minimize the need for artificial lighting in your home, leading to significant energy savings.


AXIS Duo is the first ever portable roller shade that extends like a telescope to fit multiple window sizes, and can be installed and uninstalled in seconds without screws, nails or tools. Duo has secured international letter of intents from distributors in Australia and Europe which have amounted to 23,000 units in commitments to date.


Key Features

1) Installs in Seconds – Simply extend Duo to the size of your window and use your thumb to turn a dial – this will continually apply consistent against the window frame for a simple, safe and secure installation.

2) No Wall Damage A protective endpad mesh on Duo protects your window frame from any wall damage as pressure is applied.

3) No Measuring Error – Because Duo extends like a telescope to adjust to all sizes, which removes measuring errors. Incorrect measurements is the #1 fear for consumers of window coverings.

4) Perfect for Renters – Duo is perfect for renters. Simply purchase it once, and bring it with you when you move.

5) Saves Shelf Space–Today, retailers carry multiple SKUs of shades, all in different sizes. Duo can eliminate an entire aisle of shades and replace it with a single shelf or display!




Times have changed and AXIS is capitalizing on industry and lifestyle trendsthat make the timing for our business perfect!

AXIS – The Generation Gap

Generation Shift: Tech Savvy vs. Handy. Our parents grew up in a different generation – a generation of power tools and “buy-and-build”, not mobile apps and wearable technology. Our generation is tech savvy but not necessarily very handy. If you give me a power drill, I won’t have the slightest idea what to do with it; but if you give it to my dad, he’ll be able to build you a doghouse.

Generation Shift: Convenience. The purpose of technology is to help society move forward, faster. Endless amounts of technology start-ups are popping up focused on providing a greater degree of convenience for consumers (i.e. online shopping, ordering a taxi, food delivery). The tech-savvy generation, and more specifically, Millennials, value their time and adopt products that provide a greater degree of convenience. The generation gap is obvious as we value time and convenience above all else. When it comes to DIY home products, this is no exception.



Ease of Adoption. A home automation survey conducted by Savant concluded that 69% of consumers are mostly concerned with ease of use when purchasing a new technology. Additionally, 78% of Americans are aware of smart home products yet only 12% reported owning one (NPD Group). It quickly becomes clear that there is a huge opportunity to market the ease of adoption of smart home products.

Too Expensive. Cost appears to be a huge driver to consumer demand on the motorization of window coverings. Blinds.com performed an experiment, dropping the price from $250 to $150 per motor. The quantity sold increased 10x from 75 units per month to 750 units per month with revenue increasing by 6x.





Renter Population. There are over 99 million renters in the US alone and home ownership is at a 19 year low. Of this 99 million, 10 million live in key US cities and 2.7 million are the growing Millennial generation. There exists a large opportunity to target this untapped market of renters with a convenient window covering solution. The typical Millennial doesn’t earn enough to buy a home – the large affordability gap (actual income vs minimum salary required to buy a home) is increasing in the largest metropolitans where Millennials live, including NYC, SF, LA, SJ, SD, MIA, Boston, Denver and Seattle.

New Constructions. Value of construction and private spending on home improvement is recovering since the 2008 crash and is expected to grow by double digits in 2016 (IBIS World). This will help drive more demand for new homes and apartments that will require window coverings.



AXIS Gear – Beta Program with Platform Partners: Schneider Electric, Daintree Networks, and Alarm.com.


AXIS Gear – Raised $120,000 USD on Indiegogo over a period of 6 weeks.


AXIS Gear – Final pre-production prototype complete.


AXIS Duo – Received Letter of Intent for 23,000 Units from Australian distributor, Gale Pacific.


AXIS Gear – Beta Program with Industry Partners: Budget Blinds, Pueblo Bonito, Markilux.


AXIS Gear – Two patents filed.


AXIS Duo – One patent filed.


AXIS – Accepted into the OCAD Imagination Catalyst incubator program for hardware start-ups.


AXIS Duo – Taiwanese Contract Manufacturer relationship finalized.

AUGUST, 2015

AXIS Gear – Canadian Contract Manufacturer relationship finalized.

JUNE, 2015

AXIS – Raised $450,000 CAD (approx $320,000 USD) seed round.




Coolest Blinds Ever [AXIS Duo]! Looking forward to getting my AXIS!
Gimmy ChuCEO, Nanoleaf
Gimmy Chu
Excited to see your vision of the connected home (aka, the future), become a reality!
Jeffrey HowardCEO, Project Spaces
Jeffrey Howard
So excited for this product. As a real estate agent, I know clients would love this innovative idea in their new home. Can’t wait to receive my AXIS Gear!
Nicole TranReal Estate Agent
Nicole Tran
Great idea [AXIS Gear], hope it will turn into a great product.
Brice Le BlevennecIndiegogo Supporter
Brice Le Blevennec


Tee Pham

Tee Pham


Trung Pham is a serial entrepreneur with AXIS being his second start-up. In 2009, he co-founded HOOKUPVIP, is an event and promotions management web platform that allows nightclub and concert promoters to create events to sell tickets online and manage their team. Trung was focused on business development and grew revenues to over $200k within the first 12 months of operations. HOOKUPVIP merged with a mobile-first player, Alfiee (www.alfiee.com), where Trung continues to serve as an advisor. Trung has a background in finance, completing all 3 Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams within 18 months. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration from York University’s Schulich School of Business in 2009.
Manu Menon
Manu Menon is a former investment banker with Citigroup in New York and a private equity executive with Paine & Partners in Chicago. Manu brings a wealth of financial and direct management experience with portfolio companies in the technology and manufacturing space. His experience encompasses managing due diligence, legal, budgeting, and strategic initiatives, directly with the management team of portfolio companies. Manu has a Bachelor of Business Administration from York University’s Schulich School of Business.
Marc Bishara
Marc Bishara has both corporate and start-up experience, first with ATS Automation as a vision engineer, where he designed optical systems and computer hardware for image processing applications. His first dive into the start-up world was with Kiwi Wearables (www.kiwi.ai), where he was responsible for designing the firmware and application for their Bluetooth wearable product “Glance” – an application that tracks the orientation and displacement of Glance in 3D space. His skillsets intersect software, hardware and embedded systems. Marc has a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics from McMaster University in 2014.
Alan Cheng
Alan Cheng has direct experience in designing and manufacturing home products with Olympus Group International in Shenzhen, China as an Industrial Designer. He has the experience working directly with Chinese factories and is able to confidently navigate their negotiating, manufacturing, and quality control practices. Prior to joining AXIS, Alan worked for Corel as a UX/UI designer for their CorelDRAW application. His UX/UI experience expands to delivering wireframes, mock-ups, user workflows while working through an AGILE process. Alan has spent two years studying Mechatronics at McMaster University before getting his Bachelor of Industrial Design from Carleton University in 2013.


Team Member Name

Clifton Pereira

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Team Member Name

Nabeel Ahmed

Lead Firmware Engineer

Team Member Name

Matthew Vultaggio

Digital Marketing Ninja

Contact Information:

Tee Pham - Founder,CEO

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