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Sep 14, 2016 2:17 PM ET

Archived: PinBox 3000: Customizable cardboard tabletop pinball game system and Gamechanger playboard expansions

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 14, 2016

PinBox 3000

Customizable cardboard tabletop pinball game system and Gamechanger playboard expansions. Tilt the Future!

About this project

The excitement of pinball arrives to your tabletop, with a do-it-yourself maker spirit where users can design and craft their own game, or play one of our own designed games in our Gamechanger series. Made in the USA with recyclable materials.




In 2015, the Cardboard Teck Instantute launched our PinBox 3000 Cardboard Art-Cade Game System on Kickstarter. We learned a lot from that beta test run of 2000 units. We took all the feedback on the design, assembly, gameplay and aesthetics of the PinBox 3000 and rolled them into our new design. Though it may not look like much has changed, this iteration will allow us to get to a larger scale for manufacturing and to meet the needs of our growing educational outreach. The assembly time is faster too, with all the parts clearly labeled and printed upon. We are also launching our first series of artist-designed games with your support. It is time for a Gamechanger. 

The PinBox 3000 includes “Classic build” suggestions for maximizing the 11 inch by 17 inch play field. After punching out 39 essential parts, the leftover cardboard scraps will have printed elements which will allow you to cut and paste features for your playboards. Our instructions booklet and how-to videos on our website will assist you as you craft your personalized epic pinball experience.

Each PinBox 3000 contains:

  • 12 sheets containing 39 die-cut parts (two interchangeable play boards in each game)
  • 30 box rivets
  • 12 rubber bands
  • 3 marbles
  • one hook tool, one mini pencil, one golf tee
  • instruction and inspiration booklet

The Gamechanger Series of PinBox 3000 games feature magnificent artwork while emphasizing dynamic game play and narrative.  


Cardboard Teck Instantute is on a mission to bring tactile maker engagement to the world.  We feel that the “tap-swipe” generation is loosing contact with the material world, and we need new platforms to inspire an exploration of materials. Teachers can access PinBox 3000 curriculum for any age level and project guides on our website, and we will offer support for STEAM educational environments beginning in 2017. Tilt the Future!

We have been working on this project since January of 2015, with the help and collaboration of our Vermont community. We’ve been given so much support from the maker community, particularly Make Magazine and Maker Faire.  We’ve won ribbons of merit from National Maker Faire, Bay Area Maker Faire, and World Maker Faire, for the addictive learning potential of the PinBox 3000. We’ve hosted five school workshops and multiple play tests in our summer camps and after school programs.  

When Cardboard Teck Instantute formed in 2006, we wanted to be a resource for folks to get interested in cardboard construction, as well as an outlet for outside-the-box, interactive devices. We are so pleased to have the PinBox 3000 as our platform for expressing the potential of cardboard, inspiring makers and game designers. 


In order to accomplish our task, we’re working with a large scale cardboard box and display manufacturing company in Philadelphia. With this facility we are able to execute faster turn arounds and larger orders. Your support is crucial to getting started. The funds contributed will go toward the manufacturing of dies, printing plates, instructions books, rubber bands, marbles, rivets and instruction video. Streamlining the artist contribution format will involve a litho laminate process that will also be proven through this process. Thanks for your support! 




If we reach $120,000 each PinBox 3000 will include a sheet of high-quality stickers designed by CTI and our Gamechanger crew to enhance your PinBox 3000 customization experience! 

New stretch goals announced at $150,000!  What can you imagine… more Gamechanger Artists, hi-tech, interactive video elements, coloring book-style black and white series….

There is only one way to find out just how tilted the future can be….

Risks and challenges

We have been working incredibly hard over the last year to ensure that we will have smooth production, bringing the artwork in on time, ensuring a cohesive instruction manual, testing material quality, and meeting with consultants, designers, customers, and educators. We know there will be things that will come up. Our challenges last year helped us stay agile in problem solving and risk management.

However, if our volume reaches peak, we may experience delays in delivery times.

Contact Information:

Cardboard Teck Instantute

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