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Sep 14, 2016 2:38 PM ET

Crowdability: S&T SOLAR POWER HOLDING – Invest in solar energy

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 14, 2016


Invest in solar energy




Energy Efficiency


Newark, Delaware

Our fundamental strategy and positioning is simple: keep a geographically flexible, highly skilled team, which will allow us to benefit from opportunities as they arise and be unconstrained by regional borders. In addition, we target stable regulatory framework markets and remain devoted to our core belief that no single technology will prevail in the solar market during the near term, which requires us to remain technologically unconstrained. We believe in a world where the price of solar electricity is cheaper than fossil fuels, and the future of solar power is limitless.

This project for Solar Energy System Installations is designed to be financially profitable, technically feasible and good for investors, customers, staff, the community at large, and the environment.

Highly efficient solar plants for the global transition to new forms of energy. With its completely new PV power plant blocks, GruenPuls GmbH is setting new benchmarks in the production of clean solar power. The blocks of 1 MW feature one of the most advanced product designs and employ the latest technology components. The ultra-modern block technology makes it possible to implement large solar plants an unlimited number of 1 MW steps.

With these forward-looking power plant blocks, the concept of “profitability” is being redefined. The low electricity production costs guarantee global acceptance of solar parks designed by GruenPuls GmbH.

Existing electricity networks are effectively supported and stabilized:

GruenPuls GmbH offers a TURN-KEY PACKAGE with a performance ratio guarantee of up to 84% for all power plant blocks. We consider the investment in a solar power plant located in near of the “Lake Atatuerk Dam / Southeastern Anatolia / Turkey”, with a declared net capacity of 566 MW for more than 80,000 4-person households.

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