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Sep 14, 2016 11:08 AM ET

Archived: Crowdability: QouYou PBC – Athlete Recruiting Platform

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 14, 2016

QouYou PBC


Athlete Recruiting Platform





Sports & Recreation


Baltimore, Maryland

QouYou is a rapidly-growing, free broadcasting platform for athletes and sports talent to be seen, get recruited and entertain. Any athlete, any age, anywhere!

Loosely, think ‘YouTube meets FaceBook’ but purely for athletes. At QouYou.com, simply click on a video or make a search to see an athlete’s profile including additional videos, image gallery and bio. To see the athlete’s more detailed profile (e.g. to follow, track their progress, see additional web links, connect with the athlete etc.) simply register free.

Athletes internationally are already using QouYou to get seen by recruiters, coaches, sports programs and even sponsors in sports like BMX and extreme Kayaking! Some athletes just want to share their skills, passion or training regime.

The global market for youth sports is estimated at $100bn. There are 30m youth athletes in the USA alone. The average family spends $6K per year per elite athlete. There are many statistics and figures to share, however, it’s a fact that people around the world love playing and watching sport. Sport is a universal language and the global market is truly huge!

Athletes in any sport at any age can have a profile at QouYou. Parents of young athletes (13 yrs and under) manage their athlete’s profile, however, every other athlete from 14 years to ‘open age’ can post their own profile with videos, photos and bio.

A wide range of athletes are already using QouYou for different reasons. Here are 4 examples of athletes who you’ll find at QouYou right now:

1. An 11 year old who is showing big promise and talent in a particular sport. Their parent or guardian can post a profile designed to attract the attention of potential recruiters ready for when the time is right to approach or recruit. Getting on the radar of coaches and recruiters locally, nationally and even internationally from an early age can generate huge advantages for athletes.

2. A 17 year old whose dream is to play their sport in College. This athlete can post a profile with videos showing game play, training, skills and an elevator pitch with a bio detailing their statistics or results – a profile designed to send to prospective colleges. All he/she needs to do is email their unique QouYou link (ie QouYou.com/ath/John-Smith) to the coaches and colleges on their wish-list. Coaches can then follow, track the progress or choose to connect directly with the athlete, making the recruitment process so much easier for everyone involved.

3. An athlete who is simply very passionate about their sport, a sport like BMX, Freestyle Soccer, Kayaking, Go Karting, Skateboarding or Surfing. An athlete like this may want to post at QouYou to show their skills, tricks, connect with other athletes in their sport around the world OR maybe even try to get noticed by a sponsor!

4. Older athletes – ‘Open Age’ or ‘Masters’. Typically triathletes, Ironmen or Ironwomen, cyclists or those who compete in extreme events as examples. These athletes can upload their profile too. They can share their results, competition footage, training clips and tips videos with their peers and fans.

Our goal is to be hosting 250K athletes in 2017 – to be the world’s largest online athlete community. We believe we can easily achieve this with a small, high quality team, a world-class App and some good marketing. We’re already working on some strategic partnerships with huge potential.

The QouYou revenue generators include 4 types of paid advertising, including monetizing video inventory (video ads displayed before athlete videos). Simply put, the more athletes that register, the more videos are uploaded resulting in more revenue. As content grows so do visitors generating additional revenues across the platform. Our revenue model is a proven one as it’s very similar to many of the most successful online platforms that already exist.

QouYou is a PBC (registered Public Benefit Company) – a profit for good business. Our goal is to make profit and to help change the lives of aspiring athletes around world – in many cases athletes who otherwise may never be seen, appreciated or recruited (e.g. Austine Agbo, a 14 year-old basketballer from Nigeria who already has a profile at QouYou and is being seen by coaches and recruiters) . QouYou creates a level playing field for all athletes who have access to the internet.

QouYou has committed 10% of all profits to enabling disadvantaged and aspiring athletes around the world to participate in sport via the QouYou Foundation [a Delaware registered not for profit]. The QouYou Foundation’s primary goal is to supply new and pre-owned quality sports apparel, footwear and equipment to disadvantaged athletes donated by the QouYou athletes and community plus other donors.

Ultimately QouYou has the capacity to not only become a leading sports platform and to positively assist athletes around the world, but also to become a major content provider to the sports networks around the world.

Contact Information:

QouYou PBC

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