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Sep 14, 2016 10:54 AM ET

Archived: BOLD – Smart Cylinder Lock for your Home Security: Easy installation, smartphone access sharing and designed for every door.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 14, 2016

BOLD – Smart Cylinder Lock for your Home Security

Improve your Home Security with the Bold Smart Cylinder Lock. Easy installation, smartphone access sharing and designed for every door.

About this project










Is the first Smart Cylinder Lock that improves your Home Security. It’s safer, more convenient, and installs just as easily as a regular cylinder lock.

BOLD in a Nutshell (studio photo)
BOLD in a Nutshell (studio photo)






Invite anyone from your contact list as a guest, set their access schedule, send them the invitation by text message, and you’re done. 
Your guest receives the invitation by text message, installs the FREE BOLD App, accepts the invite, and they’re done.
As the owner you manage users anytime, anywhere, by simply updating their access profile.


App User Interface Design
App User Interface Design






BOLD is keyless, your smartphone is your key, but you can leave it in your pocket as you enter your door. The lock senses your approach, the door verifies who you are, and activates itself. Just turn the knob and simply walk in.

Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry






BOLD’s attractive product design looks good on every door.

360 BOLD on a Turn Table (studio video)

360 BOLD on a Turn Table (studio video)

Colours & Finishes – BOLD’s full metal housing comes in four variants. (Choose your favourite colour after selecting a reward.) 


4 Colours (studio photo)
4 Colours (studio photo)


Different Door Furniture (studio photos)
Different Door Furniture (studio photos)


Inner Knob (studio photos)
Inner Knob (studio photos)

Personal Touch – Customise your door by replacing the outside knob for any other knob of your choice. You can find knobs with the standardised 8x8mm interface at your local hardware store.

Less is More – With BOLD unlocking and opening your door can be done with one knob, if you please. There is no need for a separate knob or handle anymore giving your whole door a more minimalistic look. 


Outer knob options (studio photos)
Outer knob options (studio photos)




The elegant and simple remote gracefully fits in your hand and can be used as a back up. Please note: The remote DOES NOT come standard with every reward. Add €39 for every remote to your pledge. 

BOLD - Remote (studio photo)
BOLD – Remote (studio photo)




Mechanical Security – Take your door’s intrusion protection to a whole new level. BOLD’s unique construction prevents extraction, breaking and drilling of the cylinder. These are by far the most common ways that burglars get in.


Digital Security – BOLD is committed to the highest level of digital security while providing the best-in-class user experience. Together with Ubiqu and their authentication token technology we can deliver both!


User Experience – For keyless entry and sharing access BOLD only needs your phone number and those of your guests.This makes using BOLD super simple whilst respecting your privacy. No email address, home address or other personal information will end up in the cloud. We won’t even ask you to create an account!  

Digital Security – With respect to the electronics and digital security we decided to team up with a specialist company: Ubiqu. They bring simple and secure mobile app based authentication (token) technology. The same level of security as online banking using smart(bank) cards and readers but without the hassle. This is unique in the world! Ubiqu already has it’s technology running in demanding professional application for years. Together a derivative home solution will be created. 






Installation Process

Installation Process

Standard Cylinder Profile – BOLD will first be available in the most widely used cylinder profile: the ‘Euro Profile’

If you’re interested in the (UK) ‘Oval Profile’ please click here, or the ‘Swiss Profile’ please click here and let us know! A US style deadbolt might even be what you are interested in, let us know here!

Cylinder Dimensions – The outer and inner cylinder length can be configured on order. These can be determined by measuring your current cylinder (after selecting your favourite reward we will ask you for these dimensions). 






One standard CR123A battery allows the lock to be active for more than three years. The BOLD app will start reminding you to replace the battery well in advance.  







See how BOLD stands out and compares with the two most common smart lock categories:

Comparison Table
Comparison Table

‘Electrical Cylinder Locks’ – have proven their reliability, durability and long battery life in large and demanding professional applications such as large office buildings, hospitals, school campuses and airports. Also all electronics are nicely integrated in the knob. Unfortunately they work with badges or tags not your smartphone. Nowadays some work with ‘Near Field Communication’ (NFC) technology but this is not (enabled) on all smartphones (e.g. no iPhones) and you have to physically hold your smartphone close to the electronic lock every time you use it, just like a badge. For home applications an ‘electronic cylinder lock’ would require electronics on both the inside and outside knob (see picture in Comparison Table). On the outside of your house it’s costly to protect the electronics from the weather and hardly possible to get it vandalism proof which together is why they are still mostly used indoors in professional spaces.

‘Smart Motorised Add-Ons’ – have entered the market the past few years. You can enter keylessly with your smartphone in your pocket using the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard. And easily share electronic keys from your smartphone. The bulky product, filled with batteries, motors and gears, is mounted on the inside of the door and typically requires quite some configuration to work with the door lock. Unfortunately, by now they have also proven to be rather unreliable. The electric motor drains the battery in months rather than years, or simply fails when the door is stuck for any reason. Most of them should not be used on doors with, or near a window as they can be manually operated from the inside (after breaking a window). Finally for many smart features they rely on a separate (BLE to WiFi) connectivity gateway.  

BOLD Smart Cylinder Lock – takes all the advantages of the ‘Electrical Cylinder Locks’; their reliability, ease-of-install, aesthetically small form factor and long battery life. On top of that we invented a new construction keeping all the electronics safely on the inside. It’s therefore much more robust against cylinder manipulation attempts by potential intruders also after breaking a window. Like ‘Smart Motorised Add-ons’ you can enter keyless and invite others from your smartphone. We worked hard to keep the battery life at more than 3 years. BOLD uses only smartphones for connectivity, no separate gateway. Finally your privacy is much respected as only telephone numbers are used. With BOLD you get the best of both worlds and more…






About one and a half years ago, BOLD started as an idea. We first tested the major ‘leap of faith’ hypotheses that we had about smart locks and we benchmarked the competition. At that point we were certain enough about BOLD and we decided to “go for it”. 

The BOLD Founding Team
The BOLD Founding Team

We worked feverishly, in an iterative manner, on the design and development, each time improving BOLD further. After finalising the 3D CAD product we carefully specified the features, sub-assemblies and manufacturing processes in collaboration with our preferred suppliers and manufacturing partners. We also kept track of tooling and manufacturing estimates to check and ensure the feasibility and ensure that the planning was still sound. 

To turn BOLD into a solid sustainable business, capable of redeeming the required initial investments, and strong enough to continue to grow, we carefully described the core of our technology, the lock construction, in a patent application. However we believe it is best not to reveal the internal details in order to keep the intrusion protection level as high as possible.

Battery Location (3D CAD Model)
Battery Location (3D CAD Model)

For BOLD’s digital security we decided to team up with specialist Ubiqu. Their technology has been running in demanding professional applications for years. Together with this innovation partner we will create a derivative home solution for BOLD. Finally what remains is the redesign of part of the electronics hardware such that it fits inside the knob. Therefore the time line for the BOLD project looks like this: 





The funding will be used to manufacture the BOLD rewards, invest in mass production tooling, electronics hardware miniaturisation and App design.

 project video thumbnail




Risks and challenges

Industrial Manufacturing – tools and processes are the only way to deliver BOLD at an affordable 199 Euros (149 Euro on Kickstarter). The BOLD Team has extensive experience in medium to large scale production and know what it takes. We have arranged suppliers and initial local manufacturing based on, somewhat more than, the campaign size. Nevertheless the success of the Kickstarter campaign might still highly influence our final choice for assembly partner/region. If we have to scale up, this will most probably become evident during the campaign and we’ll immediately start organising for it to avoid delays in delivery.

Digital Security – is not a topic to take lightly. Therefore we’re teaming up with an innovation partner and specialist in this field. Their digital technology solutions have been tested and operating in professional applications for several years. BOLD will not develop a digital end-to-end solution from scratch but use an adaptation of a proven professional solution. We have planned for a three month beta testing phase. Some minor last features and a visual make-over might be added in parallel to avoid delays in delivery.

Security Ratings – for locks is key. Not only the smart lock products, also the standards, certification/testing processes and requirement are still under development. We designed the BOLD to match and outperform existing published standards and studied certification tests. We will take a twofold approach with respect to certification: First we’ll focus on getting the highest existing three star rating. We have planned this process in parallel with the Beta testing as it’s essential for avoiding delays in delivery. Secondly; in the interest of our customers, we will push for more stringent requirements and more demanding tests for the ‘mechatronic lock’ certifications still under development.

Intellectual Property – in the lock industry has a long history and should be dealt with carefully. We took two months to study existing patent positions and drafting a patent on our core technology. Besides this patent all technologies we use are based on expired or abandoned disclosures. Therefore we’re confident not to infringe others but we can never fully exclude this risk. We have defined several options to deal with potential future claims all without jeopardizing the Kickstarter project and making sure you as a backer get what you pledged for.

Contact Information:

BOLD Security Technology

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