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Sep 13, 2016 2:40 PM ET

Archived: Xsette Technology, Inc – A patented solution in cross-platform digital data security

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 13, 2016

Xsette Technology, Inc.

A patented solution in cross-platform digital data security



You deserve peace of mind when it comes to guarding your data – and Xsette Technology, Inc. is here to give it to you.

As cybercriminals continue to evolve, passwords and other encryption keys don’t offer the level of protection that they used to.  At Xsette, we forego traditional encryption for a patented method that obliterates and puts back together your data before hackers even know what hit them.  Our proven-effective solution removes the potentially harmful human element from the equation – while still being simple enough for anyone to use.  With 2 issued and granted patents and one patent-pending patents in our portfolio we’re ready to finally protect back your digital world!


There’s a new breed of criminal lurking around here in the 21st century.  The constant, massive flow of valuable information over the internet has led to the dawn of cybercrime; specifically, data security.  Private data breaches have now reached the point of costing companies and governments millions, and cause despair for many individuals – to the tune of $190 billion lost annually in online banking.  So much so, that digital data security has become amongst the top attention-grabbing headlines in the world.  Some recent instances you may remember:

Traditional data security relied on localized server and network protection solutions, including firewalls; but these days, more secure methods – like encryptions – are needed.  The lack of effectiveness of current encryption methodologies is the primary reason for the above instances and the thousands of others taking place.  Encryption tools such as CBC codes, watermarks, and passwords are being broken and removed at increasing rates.  Recent years have also brought the war to two new fronts – the cloud and social media – where cybercriminals are taking advantage of a whole new host of data breaching opportunities.

On the good side of this war, the stark reality is this: despite the fair share of pretenders on the market, there are no current working solutions that reliably protect data.  As a result, many companies are ignoring the problem, hoping for the best, and then being forced to deal with the consequences of what’s becoming a daily epidemic.  There’s a significant, pressing need for a drastically improved solution; and any entrepreneur who could create one with cross-platform and mobile capability would be front and center for a tremendous profit opportunity.


While most data security companies operate with a focus on encryption, we take a fresh approach at Xsette.  Instead of being forced to remember passwords, keys, or other less-effective encryptive tools, we guard each data file through its own protection system.  Our patented solutions, which utilize watermarking and node-pairing, have the ability to lock data down to the device(s) it was intended for – without any breakage or interruption.  This proprietary, new-to-market approach provides a virtually-impenetrable data environment – and keeps data breachers and hackers at bay.

Xsette’s technology was built with the consumer in mind, and to be seamless and simple for anyone to use; but we didn’t stop there.  Xsette’s products are also ideally suited for the corporate world – with applications for the full spectrum of industries.  They were developed with the help of a key consultant who has proven how to break Cipher Block Chaining Mode (CBC) and make modern-day encryption penetrable.  Because it has been proven that hackers can now break any encryption, it has helped us tailor Xsette’s proprietary technology for any situation.  This cross-sector potential gives us a great licensing opportunity – and clears the path for us to become the worldwide leader in cross-platform data security!


Xsette Technology has removed the human element – which is a huge risk factor by itself – from the data security process.  We protect by changing standard serial file delivery and dynamically generating new keys, without the need for sharing info with anyone else who could do damage.  The core of this process is our BMUS (Block Management Unification System) – a proprietary node-pairing system that obliterates the integrity of your data upfront, transmits the file, and then puts everything back together perfectly.  Think of your data as billions of binary 0s and 1s that only Xsette knows how to break down and pair back up properly.  Now, even if information is stolen, it can only be used on pre-designated systems or devices.  This scrambled, non-linear and PATENTED approach outputs so many possible combinations that a breach would take centuries, if not longer, to execute. Here are a handful of other reasons why Xsette is so different:

Standard Government level encryption is typically 1024-bit.  On our first pass of version 1.0, we are already over 10 (15th power) amount of combinations for our multi-dimentional data security protection

Xsette’s backend is built like a beast, too.  Our skilled developers utilized 9 different programming languages (MySQL, PHP, etc.), 6 software development kits (Android SDK, iOS SDK, etc.), 3 software tools (including Apache), and a variety of other areas of expertise to craft our solutions.  Suffice to say, only a handful of engineers are able to expertly cover all of these areas of concentration.  Our experts did just that, and then some – while also designing Xsette to be mobile and and cross-platform (for any industry) since day one.


We’ve come quite a long way since Xsette Technology Inc’s establishment in 2013.  We got to work quickly, hiring a Software Designer later that year and immediately kicking the tires on R&D and initial development.  Now, after releasing our software and making numerous feature additions, we’re ready to roll to market.  Take a look at a few more significant accomplishments to date:

Tried and true.  Version 1.0 of our base solution has been released and shown clear proof of concept and execution.  It was tested at a number of locations and has since undergone a number of successful feature additions.

Customers knocking down our doors.  Since making our API available via licensing agreements earlier this summer, we’ve attracted the attention of plenty of big-name potential paying customers.  They include a credit card processing company, a big data company, a large Hollywood music producer, one of the largest automotive developers in the world, an expert in mobile and satellite communications and numerous others.

IP protection secured.  We’ve gained strong protection of our technological assets through two (2) successfully issued patents.  Multiple other patents are in our future pipeline and others are currently patent-pending.

Skin in the game.  To date, family, friends, and other investors have shown their faith in Xsette to the tune of $500,000 in invested capital.  Our Founders have also shown their level of commitment by making big contributions of their own.

We’re incredibly proud of our past, but even more excited about the future!  For more information on what lies ahead, please request access to our profile’s private side.


The Xsette vision is guided by a team of talented software experts with a knack for entrepreneurship.  The versatile experience they’ve gained across a variety of industries is a huge asset to our company.  Let’s meet our leaders!

Jeff Gitlin, VP Sales & Marketing – Our marketing guru got his start in the entertainment sector, opening Jeff Gitlin Entertainment as a full service management and production agency in 1997.  He worked at ICM Talent Agency with some of the world’s top stars while in Hollywood, including Denzel Washington, Steve Martin, and Howie Mandel.  Jeff also gained valuable tech expertise in a VP role with Orions Digital Technologies, an entertainment-focused tech startup with Synergy Sports having ESPN and Fox Sports on its client list.  He brings this impressive resume to Xsette as our head of sales and marketing.

Dr. Albert Carlson, Tech Consultant and Co-Inventor – Dr. Carlson is a hands-on technical manager and project engineer who consulted for and helped develop Xsette’s patented solutions.  His versatile range of skills includes electrical engineering, stylometry, and is a world leader in cryptography.  His guidance in set theory and cryptography have been immeasurable in the development of Xsette’s technology.

Robert Bonifacio, Software Engineer & Designer – With 3+ decades of software/hardware development experience under his belt, Robert is an ideal designer and programmer for us.  His specialties include interactive TV client/server software, productivity applications, and even educational games.  He’s also the developer of a multi-platform software system.

Xsette is led from the top by a formidable Board of Directors that oversees our most critical business decisions.  In addition to Mr. Gitlin, Board seats are occupied by these 3 individuals:

Steven B. Cohen, President and Legal Counsel;
Stan Johnson, Vice President and Legal Counsel;
Lawrence duBoef, with 5 decades as a large business owner and network marketer.

Contact Information:

Jeff Gitlin, VP Sales & Marketing

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