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Sep 13, 2016 10:44 EST

Send it, Sign it, Store it. E-Sign, The safest way to sign anything.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 13, 2016



The safest way to sign anything Send it Sign it Store it!




Send it, Sign it, Store it. E-Sign, The safest way to sign anything.

E-Sign is a simple to use advanced electronic signature. This digitises documents, and links the Identity of all signers to the document. It gives them an audit trail and secure encrypted storage. No contract or commitment is necessary to use the platform



So the cost of using E-Sign is a direct transactional cost of £1.50 ($2) for most business users. Many companies have signed up to E-Sign on this basis in the last 5 months.

After a very successful round of funding last year, E-Sign achieved all its development targets and E-Sign is now a fully market ready, competitive advanced electronic signature, and secure document management platform. E-Sign is now going to market on a global scale and creating a robust customer service infrastructure to facilitate this expansion. Investment is needed to achieve this quickly and at scale.




What does E-Sign offer?

We believe E-Sign advanced electronic signatures provide better security than traditional wet signatures and most current digital signatures on the market. E-Sign meets all UK, EU and US legislation for advanced electronic signatures.The current electronic signature service providers on the market today only offer a computer replication of a hand signature, with very limited means of signature validation We feel E-Sign offers a cutting edge superior solution, which is a simple to use, secure ‘advanced electronic signature‘ service, which also incorporates an individuals ‘digital ID’.

The service allows you to:

  • Send documents, spread sheets, PDF’S videos, presentations or anything you can attach to an email for signature.
  • Co-sign and have multiple signatories.
  • Ask for supporting documents such as driving licence, passport, employee number or any identification you need and have that embedded into the signature.
  • Keep track of progress, send reminders, be notified as soon as it is signed. An Audit Trail of the document progress is shown on the dashboard.
  • See the signature and all the embedded additional information for all signatories as a permanent record.
  • Access the original document and signature details from paper copy and screen copy using QR Code technology through any web browser.
  • Securely store in encrypted format and retrieve the original document and signature details.


This offers organisations and individuals:

  • Easy validation – The signature can be validated in any format, by either clicking or scanning it.
  • Fraud prevention – The advanced signature cannot be copied. If it is placed onto another document, when validated, it will simply revert back to the document it was originally attached to.
  • No post required and greatly reduced admin costs and transaction time – The documents are sent out electronically so arrive to the signatory instantly anywhere in the world. This means matters can be dealt with in minutes not days regardless of location.
  • Secure encrypted digital storage – The documents are transmitted and stored using E-Signs secure, encrypted service. E-Sign provides cloud storage for documents with the additional features of security and signature validation.

The cost of printing, envelopes, postage and time is removed when using the service. A document can be transmitted, signed multiple times, and returned within minutes for less than the cost of UK second-class postage. A single use to sign a document (being anything you could attach to an email and including letters, forms, spread sheets, videos, power point presentations, pictures, pdf, and so on) costs £1.50. Payment is made at the time of signing. Large volume users can pre purchase multiples of 25 credits at £1 per credit.

There is no contract or commitment when registering for the service. Simply pay for use as it occurs. The price includes signature, audit and storage.

Through an API (application program interface) or GUI (graphical user interface), the E-Sign service can be integrated into existing software or work flows seamlessly





E-Sign is a registered member of the open Identity exchange. This body assists both the UK and U.S Governments on how companies should store and process data



IOS App released

JUNE, 2015

Android App released

JULY, 2015

E-Sign became an accredited SaaS supplier to the UK government https://www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/service/6527631704981504


E-Sign became a registered research partner for the European Commission and consortium member of Horizon 2020. This places the E-Sign servic


E-Sign created a plug-in for the recruitment software RDB pronet. This allows pro net users to access E-Sign and have their contracts signed

MARCH, 2015


We use E-Sign for obtaining client signatures to our terms of business. We work in the recruitment industry and for us to ensure we have legally sufficient terms signed and stored efficiently and effectively is critical as it ensures we have a clear agreement in place to refer to should there be any disputes. Without this it would make our job of resolving disputes much more difficult.
Martin AndersonDirector
Martin Anderson
I run a professional services firm with associates that work for us, clients that we work for and suppliers who work with us. So, I use e-sign for the following things: 1. Electronic signing of associate contracts 2. Electronic signing of client contracts 3. Electronic signing of supplier contracts working with our clients It greatly improves the turnaround timescales for getting documents signed, we now have an up to date associate contract set that we never were able to sort out previously. We also have m
Steve ClarkeCEO
Steve Clarke
We have been using E Sign across our business for a few weeks for other client ‘sign off’ documents, such as Suitability Letters, and it is transforming the speed at which we can process documents and in turn significantly improve the service we give our clients. Oh and of course, it means it takes WEEKS off our sales cycle!
Angus MillenCeo
Angus Millen
A Space in the City uses the service to send tenancy agreements to tenants to be signed electronically. This has allowed us to simply the agreement signing process, means tenants relocating to Cardiff no longer need to drive down to sign the paperwork and allows us to have agreements signed as soon as the tenants are in a position to commit to taking the property. The agreement signing process used to take 30-45 mins, in the office, tying up a member of staff. Now that time is freed up for other activities.
Tim GreenBusiness development
Tim Green


James Stevenson

James Stevenson

Advisor to the Board

James has 30 years experience in the IT industry, as a board level executive for: Citrix, Compaq, HP, Keltec, and Mercury interactive




Peter Buglass

Business Development



Team Member Name

Adam Ross

Business operations

Team Member Name

Chris Ward

Software developer

Contact Information:

Peter Buglass - Business Development

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