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Sep 13, 2016 2:29 PM ET

Recueil de partitions de Laurent Geoffroy: New-trad music compositions – sheet music book

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 13, 2016

Recueil de partitions de Laurent Geoffroy

New-trad music compositions – sheet music book


Laurent Geoffroy : musician, composer, mariner, naval carpenter… 20 years spent navigating throught the musica waves of his diatonic accordion, heart on his fingers and lots of great companions of travel, music and life.
During the last 20 years, that heart and those fingers have been talked through many compositions contributing to the history of bands as Solune, Zef, Passaires, duo Bottasso-Geoffroy, duo Montanaro – Geoffroy among others.
After several requests Laurent has now decided, finally, to publish his music scores in a book which will be a little résumé about his adventure through new-folk music during the last 20 years.

Sheet music list (chronological order):

01- Solitude
02- Kerleguer
03- Vinca
04- Face au vent
05- Scottish du Taraf
06- Les trois temps de la place
07- La carrétiña
08- Tagadak
09- Ode reggae part 1
10- Ode reggae part 2
11- Triolan      
12- Tonton Bordel
13- Safi
14- La gariotte
15- Rassiel
16- Nothing Hill
17- Mazurka de la Beluse
18- Polka de Massimiliano
19- Pasla
20- Ballad for a stout
21- Rue Berquin
22- Mexicana
23- Il inferno
24- Musike Mazurka Dm
25- Musike Mazurka Am
26- Bourrée do Marquès
27-  KC
28- Andy’s place
29- 113
30- Galou (Mon frère en silence)
31- Bachelier
32- La 13ème lune
33- Parapluie noir
34- La maison perchée part 1
35- La maison perchée part 2
36- D’une rive à l’autre
37- Madelaine mau maridada part 1
38- When the sun rises
39- L’abeille
40- Just merlot
41- La garcette
42- Tango Terres
43- Tash
44- Le mondine
45- Mazurka Sòffice


What are the funds for?

The music sheet book – goals

The book will be totally self produced, so your participation will help financing all the costs associated to the project.



Writing and check of all the scores (thank you to all friends who have been giving their precious help on this)

Graphics (partially)



  • If a goal of 1500€ is reached:
    • Graphics: 350€
    • Print and posting: 1150€ for 750 graffed copies.


  • If a goal of 1850€ is reached:
    • 1000 graffed copies will be printed


  • If a goal of 2800€ is reached:
    • 1000 copies in superior quality will be printed.


  • If this last goal is surpassed:
    • a fund will be created to partially cover the costs of Laurent’s next project: his solo cd (release expected for end 2017)


The crowdfunding will last 6 weeks. If the goal is reached, the book is due to be ready in october 2016 (posting during november/december 2016).


About the project owner



Laurent Geoffroy

In 1995 while he was on Solweig, an old sailing ship, in Brittany, Laurent discovered the diatonic accordion and sea chants. Seduced by this little instrument, he goes for three full years to study with some of the best musicians.

Norbert Pignol and Stéphane Milleret will be the pillars of this training, their meeting has been one of the seeds of his passion for music. He will cross on his path Bruno Le Tron and Christian Oller.

Curious and lover of many musical styles: jazz, world music, rock… he first discovered the “new-folk”  and traditional music, then he experimented other styles. Composing will reinforce his desire to explore other musical worlds with this odd instrument.

Over the years, Laurent has been playing:
– chanson française with Les Couzins,
– “Modern” Trad music with Solune, Zef, Duo Bottasso Geoffroy, and duo Montanaro-Geoffroy
– Rock with JC comes back and Nous Sommes des Chiens
– landes Traditional music with Passaires
– Brazilian music with Calango Suco and Forro.
– More recently, “Modern” trad music and compositions played solo and with “Qualia” its newborn trio project started in his new residency country: Portugal

By 1998 Laurent also starts a path in music education: the pleasure to transmit his passion led him to give  internships and tutoring, to join the Landes Academy by invitation of Yan Cozian in order to take part to the development of the Department of traditional music, where he taught until 2015. In 2005 he also joined the musical space of Pessac. From 2015 the desire to dedicate himself 100% to make music and the decision to move to Portugal led him to conclude this experience, but still keeping on with giving workshops and masterclasses.
Laurent plays currently solo and in five bands: Zef, Nous Sommes des Chiens, Duo Montanaro-Geoffroy, Passaires, Qualia.


An extract of Laurent’s 2015 on tour in Portugal:


“Just Merlot° played by Zef in Coimbra/Portugal:

Contact Information:

Laurent Geoffroy Diato

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