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Sep 13, 2016 11:34 AM ET

Archived: The next household name in wealth consulting and coaching – Growthx2 is a proven wealth consulting and coaching business that has changed lives dramatically and increased client wealth by millions of dollars

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 13, 2016


The next household name in wealth consulting and coaching.


Growthx2 is a proven wealth consulting and coaching business that has changed lives dramatically and increased client wealth by millions of dollars.

Growthx2 is led by Don Scott, who has over 35 years of experience serving middle-market businesses, ultra-high-net-worth clients and others in financial and counseling roles. His secret to success lies in the unique combination of over three decades of financial experience with a Masters in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

Think: executive coaching, counseling, and financial consulting all rolled into one life-changing service.

Don is the sole employee of Growthx2, and works hands-on with businesses and high net-worth individuals every step of the way — from identifying the root of their problems, to discovering new opportunities, followed by a roadmap on how to create powerful change, and finally to implementation, and creating more fulfillment, peace, enjoyment, freedom – and financial wealth.  

The advice, strategies, guidance, and knowledge that Don gives to his clients have all been developed from first-hand experiences building his own business! He literally talks the talk AND walks the walk.


Don E. Scott is a proven entity at generating substantial measurable financial value and significantly enhancing clients’ lives — working from both the inside and the outside. His rare and extremely powerful combination of over 35 years of deep financial experience and Masters in Spiritual Psychology is the perfect combination to guide his clients to the life they want.

Don spent the vast majority of his career as a partner or senior executive in large firms. He spent 19 years with Arthur Andersen. He opened, built, and ran a very successful office for a wealth management firm/trust company. He has been a CFO, COO, CEO, tax consultant, business consultant, business builder, capital raiser, family confidant, and more. He has worked with private companies, public companies, domestic, international, senior executives, and wealthy entrepreneurs among many others.

Don has seen it all.

He has been through his own successes, ups and downs, and life changes. He knows what can be achieved and is crystal clear on how to accomplish it.

He is now passionately compelled to serve his own way, in his own firm. Growthx2 is the vehicle to do that.


Everyone has his or her baggage, and that includes wealthy families, successful businesses, and high-impact individuals. This internal baggage leads directly to external sub-optimization. But often times, people are too busy and too close to their problems or roadblocks to overcome them on their own.

This is precisely what Growthx2 does: identify your barriers, help you deal with them, and create a roadmap to higher performance, less work and stress, greater peace and joy, and more wealth and cash flow.


While more wealth is fairly self-explanatory, more life is less measurable, and at first perhaps more difficult to understand intellectually. However, it is infinitely more valuable. We help people see what they really want, and clear out those things that stand in the way. We help them change their lives in powerful ways.

Achieving more life involves coaching, psychology, and money matters. Most highly-successful people are not looking for a “shrink”. That is good, because that is not what Don is. However, when he can get in real conversation with someone with $20 million or $200 million about things they would like to be different in their lives, there is plenty to talk about. It may be kids or family. It may be stress or worry. These individuals often spend a good bit of their time doing things they don’t want to be doing. There may not be a strong sense of purpose.

With Don, you’ll probably engage in conversations you’ve never had before. People tend to have a lot that is bottled up and ready to come out. These aren’t broken people, typically — they are financially successful, having accomplished a great deal — and yet, they have more they want to achieve, and that may have little to do with money.

The Growthx2 process moves people along a path to places they haven’t even imagined.


He had adult children from two marriages. He also had a powerful engine always churning “beneath the surface of life.” That driving engine made him a fantastic deal-maker and entrepreneur, but it left him often absent and largely helpless as a father and family member.

He and Don spent hours and hours talking about his life, family, and all the things he needed to accomplish — even after having already made several hundred million dollars. Paradoxically, at that point in the man’s life, money meant everything and nothing at all.

The man told Don things he’d never spoken with anyone about. Don lived inside the world of each family member as best he possibly could. He held the man’s 26-year old son while he cried his eyes out in pain. He listened to stories of accomplishment and regret. Don knows beyond any hint of doubt how valuable that time was to the man and his family.

Above the surface, there was a great deal of action as well. Don orchestrated a major estate planning overhaul, which was severely needed. Prior to Don’s involvement, the man had worked for years with one of the big four accounting firms and one of the largest law firms in the city. However, owing fully to matters beneath the surface, it had never been completed.

Don was an expert at a tactical level (above the surface) but also in the deeper, personal realm (beneath the surface). As a clear and direct result, they were able to remove the barriers and implement major change. It was a huge effort, spanning almost two years and costing something over $1 million in total. That’s a paltry sum, however, compared to the $200 million in tax savings Don created for the family.


His wife was deceased and the children were all grown, successful professionals. Don’s focus included the business itself, the family’s interaction with the business, estate planning, education, and more.

In Don’s first session with the “kids,” it was the four of them, Don, and a flip chart, in one of their living rooms. They were scheduled for two hours, but went over a half-day. The kids couldn’t get enough and wouldn’t let Don go. They were all very bright and accomplished, but knew virtually nothing about the multi-million dollar business they were about to own. Looking back, what strikes Don most now is how eager they were. They were like little kids, in only the positive sense of their eagerness, inquisitiveness, enthusiasm, learning, and gratitude. They were so appreciative of their dad, their opportunity, their good fortune, their mission, and of Don being there to help them.

Don worked together with them for a few years, and became quite close. They completed estate planning, insurance planning, and much more — for their dad and for each of their families. On the company side, they created an outside Board of Directors and a Family Council.

The kids ultimately sold their company to a large strategic buyer for a substantial sum of money. Don aided in this goal of the kids by:

  • Getting the soon-to-be-owners educated and involved in the process,
  • Assembling an outside Board that benefited management, enhanced profitability, and created a higher exit value during the last few years of family ownership.
  • Saving them many millions of dollars of estate taxes by educating, strategizing, and executing effective planning several years before the exit. Those tax savings alone were about 200x Don’s fees.

One of the biggest risks clients often face is concentration. Carrying such risk may make sense, but often does not.

Don began working with him and his family at the end of 1999. Recall the NASDAQ had been on a tear, up 188% over the two years prior to the peak. From that peak, it fell -74% over the next 2.5 years.

Acting on his own judgment and Don’s advice and conviction, the man exited all of his remaining holdings right at the top. The total was $44 million, and the share price some 15 years later is still less than 25% of that exit price.

Don was not a prophet, but he did understand that if $44 million turned into $88 million, it wouldn’t change anyone’s life. If it turned into $10 million, however, it would be a big deal. As an advisor, this was challenging. What if Don “pushed” him to sell out and the stock just kept going up? How was the client going to feel about his decision and about Don?

He has helped others cash out as well, some of whose holdings would have soon gone to virtually zero. Millions of “tech investors” were not so lucky and lost billions. They clung to the notion it would just keep going up and up. They made decisions coming from the wrong place, and based on the wrong information. For his clients, Don’s job was to correct that process.

So how is all this client success translating into business success? Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for an inside look!

Contact Information:

Don E. Scott

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