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Sep 13, 2016 4:38 PM ET

Archived: Let’s brew! Sweet Amber Brew Café is truly passionate about supporting the growth and development of the South Australian brewing industry.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 13, 2016

Sweet Amber – Let’s brew!

Sweet Amber Brew Café is truly passionate about supporting the growth and development of the South Australian brewing industry.


Since opening our doors in November 2015, we’ve sold close to 400 different beers & ciders from independent breweries here in South Australia, interstate and overseas. That’s a new beer every day of the year!


We only stock products from small, independently owned operations – the majority of which are based right here in South Australia. The sustainability of the craft-brewing industry in Australia relies heavily on venues like ours to get behind these ‘little guys’ and educate the public about the benefits of small batch, handcrafted beers and ciders.


Our success and popularity is an ode to the breweries themselves – they’re the ones who continually create new taste experiences for our customers. Nevertheless, those same customers keep asking us “Do you brew any of your own beer?”


Time has come to do a lil’ brewing of our own!


We literally can’t wait to brew our own beer, hence the reason we’ve put together this crowdfunding campaign. We’re asking you, the super-generous-beer-loving community, to assist us by ‘pre-purchasing’ the beer we intend to brew. This will enable us to make the significant investment to purchase the raw materials for the beer, a fleet of new kegs, as well as the associated costs for using a commercial brewery.


Basically, it’s going to help us out with cashflow. In return, we’re going to help you out by offering some pretty tasty rewards… 


In the unfortunate case the campaign is unsuccessful, that’s okay, we’re still going to brew our own beer, we’ll just have to wait until after Summer to do so.




Your generosity will be rewarded, handsomely!


We’re immensely grateful for the support we’ve received since opening day. It’s been incredible to become a part of the Semaphore community, and the brewing community, you’re a great bunch of people to drink with! So, as a MASSIVE THANK YOU, we have a bunch of very tempting rewards on offer:


  • $10 gets you your first pint of Sweet Amber beer
  • $25 gets you your first beer, and a Sweet Amber Trucker Cap
  • $45 gets you your first beer, and a Sweet Amber T-Shirt
  • $60 gets you a 10-pint loyalty card
  • $100 gets you a ticket to our exclusive, closed-door, open-bar launch party. Live band, pizza and endless beer! Trust me, you won’t want to miss this. Limited to 40 tix.
  • $300 gets you your own Sweet Amber keg, and half price beers from that keg for LIFE!
  • $1000 gets you the title of ‘Godfather’ and half price Sweet Amber beer for LIFE!


If you have any questions about the rewards, or the crowdfunding process, feel free to shoot through an email to: hello@sweetamber.com.au or better yet, stop in for a beer and we can chat!



How The Funds Will Be Used

The funds will be quickly gobbled up by the following:


  • Purchase of 20+ Stainless steel, 50L kegs
  • Purchase of the raw materials for the beer, e.g. malt, yeast and hops. Oh so many delicious hops.
  • Contract fee for the use of the brewery’s facilities; including labour & packaging of finished product
  • Government taxes e.g. excise and GST
  • Transport and cold-storage (storage being an ongoing cost)
  • Branding


Once all the hard work is done, the rest of the funds will be allocated towards:


  • Rewarding the awesome people who are as excited as we are to pour Sweet Amber’s first beer
  • Hosting a kickass party!


The Challenges

…are easily overcome.


We’ve come to expect a few hurdles when running a business in an industry that’s as heavily regulated as the food & beverage sector. But we know what to look out for and we’ve got this covered.


  • Liquor licensing: Brewing under contract allows us to use the facilities of an associated brewery as well as the ‘producers licence’ corresponding to that brewery. Therefore, we have no further licensing requirements.
  • Brew day schedule: Brewers are busy people and coordinating a brew day that suits all parties can be a logistical nightmare. We’re hoping to release our first beer by December, pending the availability of the brewery.
  • Storage: We have limited storage capacity here at Sweet Amber which means we’ll need to enter into an agreement to store our kegs in a cold-storage facility. Thankfully, we have connections that can offer to keep our beer safe and sound.
  • The beer: We’ve been tinkering with some pretty tasty recipes of late. However, scaling these ‘drop-in-the-ocean’ recipes to a volume of 1000+ litres requires some commercial brewing experience. Lucky for us, we’ve got a few friends who know what they’re doing.


Finally, we need a beer that represents Sweet Amber. We’re thinking along the lines of:

Stinkin’ hot Summers at Semaphore Beach!!


Contact Information:

Dane Adkins

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