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Sep 13, 2016 9:53 AM ET


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Business Overview

Intelli-Touch Apps (ITA) is an intellectual properties company focused on building products for the (e) Mobile Communication (eMC™) industry. Its first product, IVQ™ MOBILE (IVQ™), establishes “business social™”, a focused promotional platform, with tools, specifically for the growth and promotion of products and services. Organizations, businesses, nonprofits, etc., wanting to go mobile social, no longer have to default to Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. IVQ is setting the standard for “business social™”.

Strategically Designed as the Promotional HUB of all (e) Business

In a brief pre-sales marketing campaign to validate the concept, and the need, we have 1.7 million potential contacts pre-enrolled, and growing, which strongly suggests the platform will go viral. 

IVQ™, through social networking and business productivity, will provide the much-needed tools to promote and grow any one of these segments of e-business.


Problem / Opportunity

Going social mobile is no longer a choice but a necessity for organizations. “Americans are going  SoLoMo”, people are shopping socially, searching locally, and they do it all on mobile devices. It is the way the public is connecting to everyone and everything. Going mobile social is expensive, time-consuming, and know-how is limited. Defaulting to existing channels, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube you find them too crowded, with too many distractions, and devoid of any integrated business productivity tools to help promote and grow your products and services.

IVQ™ Is the first to create “business social™”, a mobile platform enabling organizations to economically and efficiently leverage their ability to promote products and services. With integrated business productivity tools, IVQ™ sets the standard for “business social™”, enabling organizations, or individual, the opportunity to go: Virtual, Visible, Viral, and Viable, right now, today.



IVQ™ is a uniquely robust communications platform enabling any organization to inexpensively create groups of people in a strictly “business social™” space. This gives the ability, through the use of integrated business productivity tools, to market services and products to a specific group and join other groups.

Unique and central to IVQ™’s platform is the ability to create a dynamic, digital interactive e-Card, either BUSINESS or EVENT.  These cards functions through a touch of a finger and have attached media in the form of video, voice, and pictures, communicating anything you want the person holding that card to know; an introduction to you, your products and services, directions to your location, etc. You are limited only by your imagination.  Additionally, the IVQ™ MOBILE platform displays an integrated suite of business productivity tools and marketing material without games and other entertainment distractions.  The tools include Broadcasting, Mobile Coupons, Point of Sale, Surveys, and Analytics, all setting the standard for the new “business social™”.   


Market Examination

IVQ™ MOBILE’s target market is huge. It includes organizations of all sizes and kinds: businesses, nonprofits, associations, direct marketers, clubs, churches, political campaigns, etc. who want to promote their services, products and events to mobile device users. Geographically the initial target market is California. With funding, IVQ™ Mobile will go National, then International.



While there are many companies who provide mobile device-based marketing services, none do so in an environment free of entertainment distractions. Just as important, none have integrated productivity tools to aid in promoting products and services.IVQ™ MOBILE is the first “business social™” on a mobile platform, wholly dedicated to business, marketing, and sales communication to those who want to receive the information without the diversions common to other social media platforms.



IVQ™ MOBILE’s platform will be given away free to large organizations and groups, enabling them to promote themselves, through business productivity tools and attached media, to their employees, customers, friends, and family. An incentivized top-down marketing approach. Initial presales marketing has pre-enrolled 1.7 million participants suggesting the platform will go viral. Once a user base has been created, IVQ™ will offer fee-based advertising and subscriptions.


Capitalization & Use of Funds

ITA is seeking $250,000 in a Bridge Loan, to be followed by a Series “A” for $1.25M. 70% of the money will be used for marketing, to incentivize agents to give away the platform and to incentivize organizations to use the platform. Series ”A” will be used to accelerate the metrics.



William Westfall and Barry Ford are a seasoned, experienced, entrepreneurial team specializing in e-mobile Business Technologies since 1996. As business executives with a combined experience of over 80 years, they have improved service, reduced costs, expanded capacity, and significantly increased margins to provide their clients with unprecedented returns year after year.


Team Members

Contact Information:

William Westfall - Founder

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