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Sep 13, 2016 7:51 AM ET

Archived: Crowdability: VRM BioLogik – Soil and Fertilizer Enhancer

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 13, 2016

VRM BioLogik


Soil and Fertilizer Enhancer





Agricultural products & related activities


Jacksonville, Florida

HumiSoil® is a humus rich soil enhancer encapsulating the key technologies pioneered by VRM® for soil enhancement and nutrient management. This product helps build humus in soil which continues to feed plants after fertilizing. Cultures present in HumiSoil® also help to enhance organic matter conversion in soil. With continued use, this product assists in the maintenance of healthy soil biology. This contributes to improved nutrient transfer, improved soil structure, better water holding capacity and better overall soil health. Regular use of HumiSoil® incubates the activity responsible for water manufacture in soil. HumiSoil® is best used in conjunction with XLR8® Bio.

HumiSoil® Nutriplex

HumiSoil® Nutriplex is a humus rich soil enhancer encapsulating the key technologies pioneered by VRM® for soil enhancement and nutrient management which also contains basic nutrients required for most crop growth. HumiSoil® Nutriplex incorporates all of the soil benefits of HumiSoil® together with concentrated nutrients gathered from organic matter.

There are many products in the VRM BioLogik family of products and they are all way ahead of anything else available in the marketplace today. Top international scientist have developed these patented products to “Heal Our Earth”. HumiSoil alone allows crops to grow twice as fast, the land does not have to “rest” and farmers do not have to rotate crops any more. The HumiSoil promotes ground water retention and can be a real game changer for areas in the drought stricken Western and Southwestern USA.

HumiSoil is made with waste water (urea) animal manure and wood chips blended together with the coal and takes one year to fully mature.



Please keep in mind that VRM BioLogik is growing leaps and bounds worldwide. While the model is one of franchise, there are many variable factors for the recent success that differ greatly from one country to another.

The USA model is one that differs greatly from any of the other factors in any of the other countries. With this said, IMG representing the franchise for VRM USA would like to explain how this USA model is unique:

VRM BioLogik USA will be established with considerable assets and guarantees for any investor or lender.

There is $850 million of coal on 500 acres of land which is owned free and clear by an equity owner (partner) of the VRM BioLogik USA HumiSoil production model.

The USDA has provided a 60% loan guarantee for any lender for the $20 million loan/equity needed.

We have arranged for a financial insurer (A rated) to pick up the remaining 40% of the loan guarantee = 100% guaranteed loan.

The USDA has expressed the interest in take-off agreements and subsidies for farms experiencing drought in the West, such as California to purchase HumiSoil.

There are endless farms needing drought solutions and the EPA supports the groundwater re-nourishment provided by HumiSoil.

Contact Information:

VRM BioLogik

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