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Sep 13, 2016 10:14 AM ET

Crowdability: Self-Aware Intelligent Solutions – Global Compliance Provider

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 13, 2016

Self-Aware Intelligent Solutions

Global Compliance Provider





Compliance, Internet Software & Services


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

SAIS helps launch Distributors and Suppliers faster and eliminates the compliance burden. The business problems it solves are:

1) the growth of regulation has reduced the speed of business
2) compliance is adding an unacceptable burden to the bottom line and
3) government enforcement action is increasing and casting a ‘wider net.’

Self-Aware Intelligent Solutions (SAIS) focuses our smart cloud based solutions on the compliant certification and on-boarding of 3rd Party Distributors and Suppliers. The focus of SAIS is to support the business and keep its customers compliant.

The intelligent solutions assess the data and, unlike traditional solutions, TAKE ACTION, thereby transforming the customers’ burden of escalating regulation into a competitive advantage.

SAIS reduces the time and cost of the certification process from as long as 18 months to as short as 3 months in support of accelerating the business growth. The KYDS solutions are readily available and non-disruptive to business if audited by government agencies.

The SAIS Qualification System is similar to a ‘self-driving car’. It is rules driven and reacting to the world around it, letting business people focus on the business, not compliance, allowing the business to grow unimpeded.

If the rules, laws, market, or organization change, the solution will react instantly to the change and automatically take the appropriate action.

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Self-Aware Intelligent Solutions

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