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Sep 12, 2016 11:28 AM ET

Archived: Mexico: Ana A loan of $1,650 helps to continue what once seemed like an impossible dream, a home for her small family.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 12, 2016


Xochimilco, Mexico / Personal Housing Expenses
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Ana’s story

Ana and her daughter stay together with her mother. As her daughter has grown into a young woman, this arrangement now feels crowded. Ana bought almost 10 years ago a piece of land to build a house for them. Several factors have not made it possible for her to delay the building and once it started to halt it.

Ana is now excited at the opportunity to access a credit to continue with the construction of their home. She works selling make-up and shoes through catalogs and her daughter, an arts teacher, also helps with the expenses. They have planned for something small but homey and feel excited about having a place of their own.

With this credit Ana will receive technical assistance and supervision to ensure that the construction meets all the safety and quality standards. Also, Ana will have access to discounted materials that will help lower her costs as well as a proper plan to avoid material waste.

Ana is grateful for this opportunity and knows that hard work will get her on the right track and possibly new opportunities in the future. 

This loan is special because:

It helps families to affordably build their own homes. 

Kiva staff 

More about this loan

Ecoblock is a social housing production company that delivers affordable homes and home improvements to communities through a program called Echale a tu Casa. Echale sells technical assistance for self-organized and self-production housing in rural and urban communities. Ecoblock focuses on the poorest socioeconomic strata in Mexico (levels C, D & E). They place a particular emphasis on areas where families do not have access to any microfinance institutions.

About Ecoblock International:

Ecoblock International (“Ecoblock”) is a social housing company dedicated to providing marginalized communities in Mexico with opportunities to significantly improve their housing conditions. Founded in 1997, it started a program called Échale a Tu Casa that develops affordable housing solutions for underserved communities through innovations in construction, technology and finance. Focusing its efforts on urban and rural areas where families have little or no access to microcredit, the program has supported 30,000 families to construct new homes, and has delivered home improvement assistance to an additional 150,000 families.

A loan of $1,650 helps to continue what once seemed like an impossible dream, a home for her small family.

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