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Sep 12, 2016 8:13 PM ET

Archived: Interim – Album I: We are Interim, an independent rock/blues band formed in a garage in Toowoomba, Queensland, over eight years ago

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 12, 2016

Interim – Album I

We are Interim, an independent rock/blues band formed in a garage in Toowoomba, Queensland, over eight years ago. After moving to Brisbane together, we independently released two self-produced EPs and played at pretty well every venue in the city. For the past year we’ve been living in Sydney’s Inner-West, writing songs for our debut album.  We will be releasing the songs once a month over 2017, with a final album and vinyl release through independent distributor ‘MGM’. We manage, produce, fund, and support everything solely from within the band, which is challenging, but extremely rewarding. We’re now at a stage where we feel the need to look to our fans, friends, and family for some extra support for this huge milestone.


With the aid of the raised funds, we’re wanting to record 15 tracks with indie producer favourite Yanto Browning (Kate Miller-Heidke, Art of Sleeping, The Jungle Giants, The Belligerants), in Brisbane, QLD. We will be recording 15 tracks, 12 of which will have an accompanying film clip, made by ourselves and our many talented friends, being released each month in 2017. The additional tracks not released in the monthly cycle will feature solely on the completed album upon release.


We’ve got some pretty big ideas to pull off, and if you like what we’ve released so far (mostly recorded, mixed, and mastered in our living room), then we’d love for you to give us a dollar, maybe 10, maybe more, so that we can pull this thing off!


The funds raised through this campaign will go a long way toward covering our costs, such as studio, audio engineer, production, and publicity, but we’d like to aim a little higher and try to get together an extra $5,000 over our goal which will also cover vinyl & CD production, artwork, merchandise and travel and accommodation expenses. Any expenses not covered by the funds raised here will be split between us because this album is gonna blow you away, and we want you to hear it!


We love all of you, we love making music and we love this band. After our move to Sydney about a year ago, we have finally started feeling a little more settled, and the excitement for making our debut album is finally kicking in. It’s been a collective dream of ours for almost a decade – to be making awesome music for awesome people with your best friends. It’s a pretty sweet life and we are currently super stoked with our direction.


We want to create the best music for you and your friends, so please support us in our journey – make our dream Pozible! 





*Video produced by Interim – Special thanks to Andre*


How The Funds Will Be Used

All of the 10’000 will be spent on studio time, mixing, mastering, and production.


7000 – Studio and Engineering for 12 days


3000 – Mixing and Mastering


That said, the actual cost of recording, producing and releasing this album is much closer to 20k, and anything we raise over our mark will definitely be put to good use!

The Challenges

Our two main challenges are deciding which songs will make this album, recording them with limited studio time, and developing a video clip to suit each of those tracks.


Releasing a song a month for an entire year, with film clips for each one, is a huge project.. But we’ve found that trying new things in the music industry is critical to finding our own place in it. 



Contact Information:


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