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Sep 12, 2016 11:50 AM ET

Archived: The Hard Rock Show: A New Level – weekly TV series that primarily focuses on exposing and promoting rock and metal bands

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 12, 2016

The Hard Rock Show: A New Level

The Hard Rock Show is a weekly TV series that primarily focuses on exposing and promoting rock and metal bands that we believe you’d never know about otherwise, while also keeping up to date with all the classic bands of both genres. Album reviews, debates, interviews, music videos and live clips – The Hard Rock Show has everything you want when it comes to televised rock and heavy metal!


The Hard Rock Show was launched on YouTube in 2011, and in the following year found its way onto Channel 31, a free-to-air community television channel based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia which has been its home ever since. Director and co-founder of THRS Andrew Brown was joined by co-hosts Denis Sudzuka and Jimmy VanZeno in 2013, making the show more popular than ever and taking it to new heights. The Hard Rock Show has aired over 150 episodes since mid 2012, has begun creating monthly 2 hour specials and has interviewed countless artists and bands, including the likes of Pat Cash, Lita Ford, Mike Portnoy and Black Stone Cherry. 


Airing every Saturday night at 11:00pm, The Hard Rock Show has gained a large and very loyal following, with ratings reaching 60,000 unique viewers per month at times. In 2015, The Hard Rock Show launched its very own online radio station THRS Radio, which is home to numerous hosts, shows and listeners all around the world! In early 2016, Channel 31 launched its worldwide streaming services, along with a mobile app, preparing for the end of 2016 when community TV goes off-air and moves to its new platform of being completely online. With our government cutting off community TV in Australia, The Hard Rock Show has seen more and more content going direct-to-YouTube in preparation for this new platform. As it stands, the final televised episode of The Hard Rock Show is set for December 24, 2016. 


While our show may have all the right stuff, we certainly don’t! You can help us achieve our goals by pledging funds to our campaign, which also gives you access to many rewards, including a chance to be part of the show itself! To celebrate our campaign, and changing of platform, we are organising a mini-festival concert at the Elephant & Wheelbarrow venue in St. Kilda on December 10, featuring performances from 14 bands, including: Dellacoma, Sister’s Doll, Tonk, Destroy She Said, Devine Electric, City Sharps, Kill Shott, Shadowqueen, Espionage, Tragic Earth, Ablaze, Skarlet, Dangerous Curves and an acoustic performance by Paul Woseen of The Screaming Jets (for VIP ticket holders)! This show will act as a platform to further help raise funds for what we need to make the show better for you! 


The Challenges

The challenges of producing a weekly TV series without taking breaks are many, however moving into the online spectrum is a great opportunity that we seek to take hold of firmly. This will give us the chance to push the knowledge and entertainment we wish to share out to a global audience. That said there is a lot more competition out there…


We’ve done incredibly well on Community TV, and we wish to carry that over into the online domain. We truly believe we have the format and content that will do that and we are asking for your help not as a hand out, but as a leg up to allow us to do MORE!


By adding the new equipment and sets we will be able to produce more content that will be enjoyed not only by our existing audience but will also be the sort of stuff that thrives in the online arena and will grow our audience and as such will help to promote the bands we talk about every week to a wider, more diverse audience.


We’ve come so far already and accomplished so much! Now it’s time to bring The Hard Rock Show to a new level and while we have the resources to maintain the status quo, we are asking for your help to allow us to grow and expand to greater heights!


Again, we thank you in advance for any and all assistance you’ve offered and even for just taking the time to have a look at our campaign.


Drink Up & Rock On!


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The Hard Rock Show

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