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Sep 12, 2016 9:09 AM ET

Archived: Edo – Life-sized cardboard bricks for giant fun: Eco-friendly, giant Lego-like blocks to fire up kids’ imagination: castles, forts, animals and robots, all in one ever-evolving toy.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 12, 2016

Edo – Life-sized cardboard bricks for giant fun.

Eco-friendly, giant Lego-like blocks to fire up kids’ imagination: castles, forts, animals and robots, all in one ever-evolving toy.

About this project

Se sei italiano e non sai come funziona Kickstarter ecco un aiuto.

What are they.

Edo are easy to assemble cardboard blocks with which kids can build just about anything. Just let your imagination take over. A fort, a supercar you can actually sit in, a monstrous tyrannosaurus, anything can come to life with Edo.

The bricks are pretty tough and solid and they come in the classic cardboard color (Havana), or Icy White. If we reach our stretch goals, you will even be able to select a mix of bright modern colors.


The bricks can be colored, sprayed and transformed over and over again to tell countless stories. Special pieces are available, such as eyes to create animals, but the best part is that many add-on pieces can be easily created at home with a few art supplies and a little imagination.

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Montessori approach.

Self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play are the basics of the Montessori method.

With Edo, kids can create and play with their own ideas. The possibility of making something from scratch stimulates imagination and creativity. The dimension of the blocks and the chance to create life-size buildings develops spatial awareness and social skills. Edo lets kids play alone while inspiring the creative thought process and easily becomes contagious in groups of all sizes.

But that’s not all! Edo strongly supports STEM thanks to the way it encourages children’s curiosity and problem solving skills, turning them into tiny architects set to invent, design and build.

Family fun.

Edo is delivered flat and very easy to assemble. Kids as young as 10 years old can manage it, while we’ve seen younger children enjoy the time spent assembling them with a parent or a relative.


 project video thumbnail

How to build your Edo block

 Plus Edo is eco-friendly as the blocks are made of recycled and recyclable cardboard.

Top quality fun.

Edo bricks are made from high quality micro corrugated cardboard. Its features have been chosen to provide perfect strength to weight ratio in the assembled bricks.

The design process took several months with different designers to achieve the toughness we required but now, thanks to its carefully engineered structure, one single brick, assembled and used correctly, can support up to 50 kilos (100 lb.)!

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Fun and functional.

Edo can also be functional. The bricks are easily turned into a bookshelf, or a bedside table for the guest room. You can also build the legs for a coffee table to be used with any top and of course you can create other furniture. We even created an agility track for our dog


Product specs.

Edo bricks are available in two sizes (Brick1 and Brick2) and we’ve just added a brand new idea to give you an array of structural combinations.  



Thanks to the junctions you can now easily put two blocks together and turn them into any length of brick you want. For example two Brick2 can become a Brick4 or you can make Brick3 or Brick6. Longer blocks are very important for complex builds that need structure and you can use the junctions to create as many as you like and then take them apart when you’ve finished.

 project video thumbnail

Junctions and longer blocks

The colors are non toxic, the cardboard is FSC certified and we are also working on obtaining CE certification. The patent is pending, the application having been filed several months ago.

Packages description.


What you get.

You will receive the package you purchased, as well as a starter kit of all the designs we can think of. For example, with the 50 piece-set, you’ll also get our instructions on how to build a crocodile, a small bookshelf and three little animals. Plus, other suggestions to create your own add-on pieces.

On the playedo.com website we will even have additional suggestions, videos with the instructions and continuous updates and new ideas.

How it happened.

Edo was created by Simon Marussi, Raffaella Sintuzzi and Lisa Marussi who, among other things are a loving father, a tireless mother and a proud aunt. In an effort to create new and fun things to do for their small child, Simon was carried away with the idea of creating a life-sized block that would look good, be sturdy and build anything he could imagine. After being unimpressed with what was on the market, he went to work creating sustainable, recyclable and fun blocks that are just as much fun for parents as they are for kids. We really think that Edo is going to be a lot of fun for all children and the adults in their lives!

Where the money goes.

There’s still a lot we want to do with Edo. First, we want to refine the actual design. Once that has been completed, there’s a world of things that can be done with special papers. We want to be able to create new colors and special patterns for the Edo blocks, and potentially partner with well-known designers. We also think it would be awesome to have rewritable surfaces, blocks customized with pictures and drawings from our customers.

Then there are the Edolinis! We’d like them to become very precise characters with a set of different clothes and uniforms available: from firefighters to doctors, from builders to suited office workers. Creating their wardrobe can be fun and interesting for kids and adults of all ages.

Last but not least there’s Augmented Reality: imagine the crocodile’s eyes coming to life and blinking at you or a tiny medieval army defending the castle. There’s a universe to create and imagine!

 Meet the team.

Special thanks to…

the editing maestro Marco Battiloro the timelapse genius Thomas Blackthorne

the lighting guru Daniele, the photographers Olga, Vera and Roberto and the great performances of all the actors and models: Giorgio, Nadia and Leo, Rambo and Giordano, Elisa and Olivia, Simone and Viola, Mattia, Nicola and Lucia, Michelino and Sveva.


Risks and challenges

We will keep perfecting our design and the risks are very limited.
Something could go wrong with the printer or the cardboard supplier but there will still be time to find solutions and deliver on time. We are excited to work day and night to make it happen!

Contact Information:

Simon Marussi

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