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Sep 12, 2016 1:03 PM ET

Archived: BISHIEBOX: Official Japanese Anime Subscription – Beautiful created BISHIEBOXES are packed with popular anime merchandise from Japan every month!

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 12, 2016

BISHIEBOX: Official Japanese Anime Subscription

Beautiful created BISHIEBOXES are packed with popular anime merchandise from Japan every month!

We take special time searching and browsing hundreds of new merchandise released in Japan in order to make this wonderful boxes. All of our BISHIEB❤XES include handsome male characters only! Every month you can find a different assortment of Official Japanese merchandise from popular anime series and Yaoi/BL series. BISHIEB❤XES can include: Figures, Prize Figures, Limited Figures, Kuji Items, Towels, Pillowcases, Folders, Posters, Rubber Straps, Key-Chains, Yaoi Douji/Manga exclusives & more!

For more details about our boxes, what they includes and information please visit our website: BISHIEB❤X thank you!

First and foremost, thank you for stopping by and visiting our campaign. Pleasure to meet you, my name is Riku and for as long as I remember I loved anime, manga and yaoi. I’m a big collector and highly appreciate the beauty of male characters.  As well as the wonderful and talented artists from Japan who work hard everyday to bring us all kinds of stories and artwork.

A group of friends and I have decided that we want to be able to share the wonders of Japanese merchandise worldwide. After a long time of planning and learning ways to make it bigger and better we have finally finalized our ‘BISHIEB❤X’ short for Bishōnen Box.

Over the years we’ve learned about sales, marketing, web design, and searching for popular and rare items. We are also an official registered company located both in the US and Japan. With our skills we can guarantee a successful ‘BISHIEB❤X’ every month. 

Our ‘BISHIEB❤XES’ include various options of items and quantity for different prices. The more items our boxes include the more limited and exclusive the items are. We are very proud to announce our new project to all the anime, bishonen, and yaoi fans all over the world.

Insuring that every one of our lovely boxes come with official merchandise from Japan from popular series of new and older series, we make it our job to visit and browse everyday for new items for every future ‘BISHIEB❤X’ to come. 

As a Grand Opening special we are adding Super Exclusive Event Goods 
from the new popular anime, B Project! – Deadline is September 30th, 2016!

Regardless of which ‘BISHIEB❤X’ small or big you decide to try out you will be sure to receive one or more items from our ‘Month’s Specials’ that will change every single month. 

We once again thank you for stopping by and we hope to make your dreams come true with our lovely ‘BISHIEB❤XES’ that will arrive at your door every single month if you chose to subscribe with us!

In order for us to bring out the best we can offer we need additional funds in order to achieve a successful and wonderful ‘BISHIEB❤X’ every single month with rare and limited items.

Your contribution will go towards:

  • Website Maintenance. Office Supplies & Inventory.
  • Professional Graphic Designer for every month specials.
  • Continue our official registration with Japan & US!
  • Custom made boxes every month!
  • Additional free merchandise included with every box.

Even if you’re unable to support us at this moment sharing this campaign with your friends, and social media will help us get out there. We humbly accept any help we may receive!

Our current goal is set to $10,000 USD, if we are able to raise certain amounts everyone who pre-orders any of our ‘BISHIEBXES’ will receive the following with any box you order: 

  • $1,000 – $2,999 : Small extra item (small figure, key-chain, or rubber strap).
  • $3,000 – $5,999 : x1 Big extra item (big figure, towel, exclusive item).
  • $6,000 – $8,999 : x2 Big extra Items (big figure, towel, limited edition item).
  • $9,000 – $10,000 + : x1 Exclusive Item + x1 Limited Edition Item.


Here are some of the exclusive perks for our contributors as Thank You: 

  • $5.00: Get a $2.00 discount on November’s BISHIEB❤XES.
  • $10.00 Get a $4.00 discount on November’s BISHIEB❤XES.
  • $20.00 On our first Mini BISHIEB❤X – October – $5.00 OFF
  • $30.00 – On our first Regular BISHIEB❤X – October Edition – $5.00 OFF
  • $40.00 – On our first Yaoi BISHIEB❤X – October – $5.00 OFF
  • $50.00 – On our first Create your own BISHIEB❤X – Octobers – $5.00 OFF
  • $60.00 – On our first Exclusive BISHIEB❤X – October – $5.00 OFF
  • $80.00 – On our first Limited Edition BISHIEB❤X – October – $5.00 OFF

You may also get a $5.00 OFF at our main website: BISHIEBX and get a $5.00 OFF Discount with our special code: GRANDOPENING this applies for Octobers BISHIEB❤XES or our 3, 6 or 12 month Subscriptions.

Do you ship Worldwide?

Yes. we do! If you’re located in the US then you are eligible to receive free shipping with tracking! If you live anywhere else please check our international shipping chart

What’s inside a BISHIEBX?

Our beautiful created BISHIEB❤XES are packed with popular anime merchandise from Japan every month!

We take special time searching and browsing hundreds of new merchandise released in Japan in order to make this wonderful boxes.​

 All of our BISHIEBXES include  handsome male characters only! 

Every month you can find a different assortment of Official Japanese merchandise from popular anime series and Yaoi/BL series.

BISHIEBXES can include: Figures, Coin Figures, Small Figures, Prize Figures, Exclusive Figures, Limited Edition Figures, Kuji Figures, Towels, Pillowcases, Folders, Posters, Bags, Rubber Straps, Key-Chains, Tapestries, Prints, Yaoi Doujinshi, Yaoi Manga, very exclusive event only goods and much more!​

You can chose from our selections or create your own BISHIEB❤X with your favorite anime series or favorite male characters/otp’s.

Some of the popular anime that can be found in our BISHIEB❤XES are: Haikyuu!!, B Project, SerVamp, Touken Ranbu, Kuroshitsuji, Bungoi Stray Dogs, Free!, Uta No Price-Sama, Yuri!!! on ICE, DAYS, Boku No Hero Academia, Shokugeki No Souma, Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love! Love!, Cheer Danshi!!, D. Gray Man, Tsukiuta. The Animation, Kuroko No Basket, Super Lovers, popular Yaoi & Manga, and many more!

Do BISHIEBXES include NSFW (18+) goods?

Yes, it can be included upon request.


All of our BISHIEB❤XES have an option to receive adult content material which is included as Yaoi Doujinshi or BL Manga. If you are under the age of 18 and such material is illegal to purchase in your country do not chose that option. 

You may still purchase our BISHIEB❤XES by choosing the PG 13+ option which can still include Yaoi that will be fluffy and cute without any explicit content. If you wish to opt-out Yaoi related materials you can pick from various other options, which can be found upon checkout.

Any adult content purchase on this site will constitute on your agreement to the following terms and conditions: I am 18 years of age or older and accept all responsibility for my own actions. I agree that I am legally bound to these Terms and Conditions.​


Contact Information:

Riku M

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