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Sep 11, 2016 1:03 PM ET

Archived: ABBY DOBSON’S NEW SOLO ALBUM ! Hoping to get to Nashville to record my new solo album! – “Abby Dobson is blessed with one of the most distinctive voices in Australian music; — a smoky, intrinsically romantic instrument that she’s used to bewitch audiences over the years” – The Age

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 11, 2016


Hi, I’m Abby Dobson, and I’m hoping to get to Nashville to record my new solo album! 


I figured it was high time that I contributed some harmony and beauty to the world and that is my intention with this album.  I hope to make a classic album that will move you and grow old with you.


                                                      Pic taken at this year’s APRA Awards in Sydney.


I’ve been a singer-songwriter for quite some time now. My first band was Leonardo’s Bride which formed in 1992. We were lucky enough to have one of our songs, ‘Even When I’m Sleeping’, snooze its way into the charts and airwaves forever and we scored a Gold Record for the album and that single… which also won the prestigious ‘Song of the Year’ at the industry’s APRA Awards, who later voted it ‘Top 20 Australian Songs of All Time’ bizzo too. You probably still hear it from time to time in supermarket aisles across this fair continent……

                                              That’s Leonardo’s Bride’s 5th member, Nelson Mandela. 

                                                       (with Paul Kelly photobombing on the left)


After that, I made records and toured extensively with the wonderful and delightful songwriter/ producer, Paul Mac.


Then I released my solo album ‘Rise up’, which I produced with a bunch of amazing people. That was 8 years ago! This took me far and wide and was gratefully well received. I have been most fortunate to play with some extraordinary musicians over the years who have taught me so much and have brought a lot of love and texture to my songs… and life.



In more recent years, I have been on a decidedly more Frenchy boulevard with my band, Baby et Lulu. Formed with my talented and hilarious friend, Lara Goodridge, we have been writing and singing songs in a language we both adore… in French, in harmony and in frou frou dresses for the last 4 years or so…. Our magnifique 6 piece band has been selling out shows and playing festivals all over the country. We have made two beautiful albums – the most recent one ‘Album Deux’ being nominated for an Aria award. This has been such pure joy!

                                                               Baby et Lulu – pic by Tarsha Hosking


This POZIBLE campaign is to invite you to be a part of the making of my new Abby Dobson album that I’m going to be recording in NASHVILLE in late October with an extraordinary producer called Brad Jones. He’s been on my dream list of producers that I’ve wanted to work with for a very long time and I’ve been waiting for the right spark to set me off to bring to life my next offering of songs… 

And, just like that! It is all green lights to Nashville, y’all! …….    

I’m not entirely sure that my addiction, earlier this year, to the TV series ‘Nashville’ didn’t in some way influence this decision to record there.   🙂


Like all of you, I’ve hit my fair share of bumps and potholes on the highways and byways of life. I have been so moved and heartened by all those who have come to my live shows and who have written to me and encouraged me to continue to make music and who have supported all my musical projects over the years. You are my angels. Your faith in me and support is much valued and I thank you for this.


I am asking you to pre-purchase my album but there are also some other great rewards and offerings that you can receive if you pledge too. Please have a look below at my showbag of goodies. And I ask that, even if you can’t pledge at this time, that you please, please share this campaign link far and wide so that I might be able to reach my target. If I go over my target amount, then I will be able to do so much more with the album!  Promotional, marketing, artwork, videos, photography, touring….


Thankyou for being a part of this exciting time – the hatching of something new and beautiful. I promise to put my heart and soul into making this album….. and to try and only play the good notes 🙂


Please join my mailing list HERE 

or find me on FACEBOOK


Love when you can,

Abby xo

                                                                      Live pic by Stuart Spence

How The Funds Will Be Used



  • Flights to Nashville
  • Accommodation in Nashville
  • Producer fees: Brad Jones (who has made beautiful records with Bob Evans, Melody Pool, Josh Rouse, Missy Higgins)
  • Recording Studio hire
  • Musician fees  (an all star cast of Nashville’s finest)
  • Mixing fees
  • Mastering fees
  • Pressing the album (ie making it into an actual CD)
  • Pozible fees




  • Graphic Designer to make the album artwork
  • Photographer for Album Artwork and promotion
  • Publicist to promote the new album far and wide 
  • Marketing
  • Video clip
  • Heartbreaking touring band

The Challenges

I’m thrilled, humbled and grateful to be still making music for a living. The record industry has changed an awful lot since I began making records. Artists now need to be oh so industrious and resourceful in order to to be able to continue to make and release their art/music. 


I’m an independent artist now, which is mostly wonderful! – However, I don’t have a record label advancing me money to cover recording and promotional expenses to release my music. And these things aren’t cheap to do!


Crowdfunding is an amazing revolution for the music industry. What a wonderful platform Pozible and all of its kind is to connect artists and their audiences, thereby enabling us to continue to produce and share art and music in a way that was never possible before. 



Press Quotes for Abby 


The Age, Melbourne

“Abby Dobson is blessed with one of the most distinctive voices in Australian music; — a smoky, intrinsically romantic instrument that she’s used to bewitch audiences over the years”.


The Independent, England

“A mega watt powerful voice which conjures melancholy, romance and sex, seemingly out of the ether”


Rolling Stone

“Abby Dobson’s curiously arousing sulk sinks into slow release melodies like a body into a scented bath”.

“…seductive rapture …bleeding divine.”


The Scotsman, Scotland

“Abby Dobson’s remarkable singing, both the sound and the mesmerising style of her delivery, is the key intoxicant, but one with a delayed-action effect – only rarely does she really let rip and belt it out, yet the layers of phrasing and feeling are compacted in her voice to a recurrently spine-tingling depth; imagine some half-candied, half-blistering blend between Marianne Faithfull, Shirley Manson, Edie Brickell and a female Feargal Sharkey. ….Dobson has unmistakable star quality.”


Sunday Telegraph

“Dobson shows growth and an emotional range with lyrics that feel like she’s whispering in your ear”


Canberra Times

“Thought provoking and sometimes heartbreaking lyrics, lush sounds, beautiful melodies and soaring vocals” 


Daily Telegraph 4.5 stars

“There’s no mistaking the distinctive voice of former Leonardo’s Bride front woman Abby Dobson. ..Dobson hasn’t lost her knack for a great pop hook”


Courier Mail, QLD

“Abby Dobson’s voice is a rich, warm bear hug of a thing long missing from Australian radio”


Canberra Times

“That marvellous, dreamy and very distinctive voice is back… Dobson has risen up from where she’s been hiding and proved she can soar high as a solo artist”


The Brag – live review

“ her vocals croon, float, gristle, belt and i swoon as she effortlessly plays with syncopation and phrasing, melody, and the beating hearts of the audience.”


Sydney Morning Herald

“Abby Dobson knows how to own a stage!…her voice is a marvelous instrument  (one marvels at its resonance and breadth)”


Revolver Magazine

“…the wave of sound upon which the immaculate abby dobson surfs, casting lyrics of urban mystification as she goes. as i always say when i get too excited – gorgeous !”


The Australian

“..her voice – sultry, mournful, with a hint of vulnerability – tamed the entertainment centre crowd”


Music Australian Guide

“Abby’s voice is breathtaking … as good as any in this country”


Australian Stage & Screen

“She wears a gold sequined dress and a halo of blonde hair. She is dreamy, feisty, and knows a thing or two. Quite simply, Abby Dobson glows. …
 Most exhilarating is the way Dobson’s vocals so often teeter on an undefinable edge. As she pushes her notes and words they take the audience to a distant and otherwise undiscovered realm before returning them, warmly, to reality.
 This is Dobson’s stage, Dobson’s show. You can sit and listen or you can accept the dare; let her take hold and take you away. For the audience, the end of each song is a chance to finally exhale, and do so, for in a show as compelling as Dobson’s the moments where breathing comes easily are few and far between. “


The Independent, England

“…she belts out power ballads, delicate laments and quirky, catchy melodies with professional ease. Dobson seems to be one part Gwen Stefani to two parts Sinead O’Connor;…a tightly coiled set which hints at stadium status . “


Time Out, London

“…walks the tight-rope between quality and accessibility…..Abby Dobson’s vocals layer an earthy passion with soothing huskiness….”


Daily News, New York

“….startlingly beautiful”


ps. The main hero pic for this campaign taken by the amazing Lisa McDiarmid…. at my place.

& the Pozible video was lovingly put together by Matisse Purinton


Contact Information:


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