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Sep 9, 2016 12:29 PM ET

Archived: Zubi Flyer | Connected Play Revolution. The first hackable toy of its kind, Zubi Flyer teaches real code in a fun, simple way; it’s as easy as 1,2,3 | Build, Hack, Play!

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 9, 2016

Zubi Flyer | Connected Play Revolution

The first hackable toy of its kind, Zubi Flyer teaches real code in a fun, simple way; it’s as easy as 1,2,3 | Build, Hack, Play!

About this project




Snap the cap into the flyer.

Use three screws to secure the PCB into the flyer cap.



Push buttons, or wave a magnet wand to hack into nine different light and sound games! 


Games included: Hot Potato, Memory, Copy Cat, Pong, Catch the Light, RGB Light Art Hack, RGB Single Light Art Hack, Shortcut Hack, Night Light Hack.


Go outside and play!  


You can also connect Zubi to your computer and learn how to code the lights, buzzer, and games, or change the disc program entirely!








Created by a mom, Fuze Interactive’s new Zubi Flyer makes learning to code fun and easy!



STEAM = Science & Technology interpreted through Engineering & the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements.  


  • Tactile Building – Physically assemble the flyer, and reduce intimidation of electronics
  • Educational Instructable – Learn how Zubi works, or explore fun facts about electrical current flow and different forms of energy
  • Creatively Explore Light – See light differently with our fun light diffraction glasses, and play with over 16 million hues of color
  • Creatively Explore Sound – Control 7 octaves of sound with the buzzer
  • Electronics exploration –  Reed & Button Switches, 7 Octave Piezo Buzzer, Circuits & Circuit Board, Microcontroller, Push Buttons, RGB LEDs, Electrical Current Flow, Forms of Energy
  • Open Source, Arduino Processor – this means our programs are FREE for anyone to use 
  • Access to FREE code repositories where you can explore the endless possibilities of coding your Zubi Flyer 
  • Online Learning Portal – Our FUZE website will have a FREE learning portal that will have a minimum of three courses that will walk you through the process of changing code on your flyer
  • Intro Course 1 – How to make your Zubi make sounds! 
  • Intro Course 2 – How to make your Zubi light up!
  • Intro Course 3 – How to make your Zubi’s reed switches and buttons work with the lights and buzzer!


Connected Play: a fun interaction that connects an online virtual world to an offline world of physical play and sociality.


  •  Flying Disc – Zubi is the ultimate connected-play toy that can be  played with online or off
  • Hands-On Building – Assemble Zubi with three screws
  •  Entertainment for the entire family – Included games can be played individually, with a friend, or with the entire family
  •  Push Buttons or Wave a Magnetic Wand – by pushing buttons on the device or waving a magnetic wand you can hack into different backyard electronic games
  •  9 Fun Games: Hot Potato, Memory, Copy-Cat, Newbie-Zubi, Catch the  Light, Pong, RGB Light Art Hack, RGB Single Light Art Hack, Shortcut Hack,  Mood Light
  • Connect Online – Connect Zubi to a computer to learn coding


  • Newbie-Zewbie – Learn how to use the magnet wand and buttons to activate a light sequence!
  • Hot Potato – Hack into the lights and throw Zubi to a friend, but don’t get caught with the flyer when the lights stop flashing!
  • Wheel of Zubi – Try to catch the circling light!
  • Memory – Repeat the Zubi Flyer’s flashing light sequence.  Can you conquer the colors?
  • Copy Cat – Play against a friend, or against yourself!  Repeat and build upon a light sequence!
  • Pong – Bounce the light back and forth!
  • RGB Light Art Hack – Control the level of red, green, and blue displayed on all six LEDs.  There are over 16 million different colors you could create!
  • RGB Single Light Art Hack – Control the level of red, green, and blue displayed on an individual LED.
  • Shortcut Hack – Access all the pre-programmed light shows on Zubi, and go outside to play!
  • Mood Light – Illuminate your room for 30 minutes with a self-dimming color of your choice!



I’m a busy mom raising three precocious daughters.

My chief life goal is to empower and inspire my girls to follow their curiosity. I want them to know there is something beyond themselves.  Whether it’s traveling to MARS, curing cancer, or finding an innovative way to make the world a better place – I want them to have the confidence to jump in, roll up their sleeves and contribute.

As my kids grow, so do their inquiring minds. They want to know about robots and coding and human cells! A few years ago, when I started running out of answers, I did what any modern mom would do – I Googled it.  I knew when it comes to children and learning, hands-on is always best. I searched for S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) products that would give my girls knowledge by satisfying their curiosity.

My months-long search left me frustrated. The products I brought into my home were either so dumbed-down they were closer to condescending than educational, or so high-level they even left me intimidated.  There was nothing in between.

My girls needed an advanced educational product to teach them things I didn’t know yet, and it had to be something that made learning alongside them comfortable for me too.  Most importantly, it needed to ignite their passion instead of squelching their excitement.

Lucky for me, my brother is an entrepreneur.  He loves product design, and is a manufacturing guru.  He even teaches business people about Startups!  He’s teaching me the tools I need while we bring my vision to life.  Kyle is my Golden Goose.  

Together we founded FUZE Interactive, a S.T.E.A.M. company that brings together REAL technology, and straight-forward, hands-on play.  our products teach kids (and their parents!), high-level concepts in a way that’s as simple as 1-2-3: Build, Hack, Play










Risks and challenges

With a startup there are always unforeseen challenges and risks, however with past experiences developing ground-up and selling successful startups, we feel confident in our ability to accomplish our goals. We work hard to ensure that we deliver what we promise, and we will do whatever it takes to deliver.

Contact Information:

Kristy Sevy & Kyle Muir

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