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Sep 9, 2016 3:11 PM ET

Archived: BE-Bop Buds Wireless Earbuds- BE Cord Free: BE-Bops are wire free Bluetooth earbuds, the next awesome product from BE Headwear. TALK on the phone, LISTEN to music, TALK to SIRI

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 9, 2016

BE-Bop Buds Wireless Earbuds- BE Cord Free

BE-Bops are wire free Bluetooth earbuds, the next awesome product from BE Headwear. TALK on the phone, LISTEN to music, TALK to SIRI

About this project

After we came out with the GEN 4 BE-LINK, the next step in the BE music movement progression is to bring you the BE-Bops. BE- Bops are 100% wire free earbuds, with unparalleled sound and comfort. With BE-Bops you can listen to music, talk on the phone, and they can be charged on the go. All tooling is complete, we are in the process of certification for the BE-Bops and plan on delivering them before Christmas!


Set of Earbuds – Two BE-Bops earbuds that can play stereo Bluetooth audio for hours.

Charging Vessel – Place BE-Bops into the charging Vessel to recharge them on the go! The Charging Vessel can recharge the BE-Bops 3-4 additional times.

Fit Tech Tips – Small, Medium, and Large sizes to fit all ears

Fit Tech Ear Foil – Fit Tech Ear Foil fits securely and comfortably and won’t fall out of your ear even under the most extreme conditions.

Micro-USB Cable – For recharging the Charging Vessel

Design of the BE-Bops are very simple and easy to use. To start, simply hold down button on the right earbud till turns on, repeat this for the left earbud, voice prompt will inform you that the two earbuds have connected to each other. Then turn on your bluetooth in your settings, and connect to BE-Bops. The Be-Bops are now ready to use.

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 The BE-Bops are coated in semi-reflective finish, this means that when a light hits it, they reflect. We integrated this for extra safety for those who do what they love in the dark.



BE-Bops can be paired to devices capable of playing Bluetooth audio such as phones, computers, TV, and more. Also with the Integrated Mic, you can use BE-Bops to talk on the phone.






BE-Bops have been designed to fit all variety of ears comfortably and securely. With our BE-LINK 4.0 In mind we designed them to be slim and comfortable. 

 BE-Bops Are sleek and Stylish, even for everyday wear

BE-Bops will stay securely in your ear no matter what activity you are performing.

 To ensure a secure fit during even the most extreme activities, We Include the Fit Tech Ear Foil, So no matter what your doing they will stay in your ear and you can focus on what you love to do.


The BE-Bops Charging Vessel is small and convenient. It fits comfortably in any pocket and or in a side pocket of a back pack. It also charges your BE-Bops where ever you are even if no outlet is available. When your done listening, you can put the BE-Bops in the charging Vessel and put them in your pocket, knowing they will be protected and charged for next time. On a full charge the Vessel can charge the BE-Bops 3-4 times, before it needs to be charged via USB cable.


 The certification process for FCC, ROHS, CE compliance is almost finished. We need your help to produce the first production run of BE Bops. Together we can add this awesome product to the BE FAMILY



The BE Headwear Team is made up of passionate designers, dreamers and people just like you. After 2 successful BE products launched we are ready to make the third project the best yet.

 Just Right in Jet Black with BE-Link Gen 3 audio system. Special Kickstarter Price.


Risks and challenges

The risks and challenges for this project are minimal. All preliminary work has been finished. Tech drawings, design, and 3d files are all finished. Once production is finished we will import and ship out the products from our warehouse in Utah. Of course, as with any new product launch, there may be unforeseen snags – but we don’t anticipate that happening.

Contact Information:

BE-LINK Bluetooth Integration System

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