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Sep 8, 2016 5:17 PM ET

Archived: Shikapa – We strive to provide absolute convenience and security to our customers anytime they use their mobile device to complete a payment transaction or remittance

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 8, 2016


San Francisco, CA 94123, US
Information Technology Services

VISION: To become the company that best understands its customers while continually improving their mobile payment and remittance experiences

MISSION: We strive to provide absolute convenience and security to our customers anytime they use their mobile device to complete a payment transaction or remittance.

OBJECTIVE: Shikapa seeks to raise investor capital to fund post launch development, logistics and marketing activities.

The Problem: 1) Cumbersome KYC authentication protocols. 2) Inefficient fee collection processes. 3) Excessive cash handling (rural-urban & vice versa). 4) Limited cross boarder interconnectivity and interoperability. 5) Exorbitant pricing models. 6) Operationally deficient record keeping. 7) Inadequate exposure to global markets.

The Solution: The Shikapa mobile wallet platform provides convenience and security in the abilities to add, pay, access, send and receive money anywhere. The total security features on Shikapa allows customers to move money with ease and peace of mind. Shikapa mobile platform powered with near field communications (NFC) enables the user to pay for goods and services. The usage of Shikapa mobile wallet solves the issues surrounding the excessive cash adults carry for payment and business transactions.

How You Make Money?
Fees (¢ per transaction): End users will incur a reasonable cost for sending money [p2p, p2b], End users will incur charges for using their Shikapa wallet to purchase goods and services

What is the sustainable differentiation?
CROSS PLATFORM: Our mobile wallet allows users to send and receive money regardless of their carrier
ACCESS TO GLOBAL MARKETS: Early Adoption is fueled by remittance from abroad as Shikapa becomes the wallet of choice for families
PRODUCT LEVEL DIFFERENTIATION: Leveraging ‘Peace Of Mind’ Technologies

Products / Services

Shikapa Mobile Wallet

Shikapa is the ultimate mobile wallet to add, pay, access, send, and receive money anywhere. We provide mobile payment capabilities for customers in emerging and developed markets. Our cross platform and peace of mind technologies guarantee customer satisfaction in the form of security, speed and convenience.



Chief Executive Officer
Eric Amoah

An excellent visionary with a passion for transitioning concepts into profitable products. He is instrumental in driving and implementing domestic and international growth strategies

Chief Operating Officer
Victor Coker

Operationally minded engineer with a knack for getting things done. Experienced in applying efficiency models to ensure product quality

Chief Technology Officer
Holger Huckfeldt

A results oriented computer scientist and developer with a sharp focus on the voice of the customer




Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer - Eric Amoah

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