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Sep 8, 2016 7:46 PM ET

Archived: Flower Cube – handmade resin jewelries: Feel the nature embedded in your wearable resin jewelry

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 8, 2016

Flower Cube

Feel the nature embedded in your wearable resin jewelry


FLOWER CUBE were handmade resin jewelries. The beautiful real dry flowers were sealed in a cube-like crystal-clear resin.


My story

My name is Ran Li, a student who are currently studying Design Object and Sculpture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As both an artist and a craftsperson, in my free time, I’ve enjoyed making some new work of art as a way to practice my skills and learn more about different materials.

This campaign was started and inspired from my exploration and experience of resin casting project.  Real tiny dry flowers were sealed in Crystal-clear’s resin as a admiring to the wonders of nature. FLOWER CUBE was carefully handcrafted to be a everyday wearable jewelry, which sparks your day!

What We Need & What You Get

Thanks for your interest in handmade resin jewelry.

❤ FLOWER CUBE ❤ was made using good  quality epoxy without any dangerous off-gassing chemicals. The material itself remains crystal-clear and UV stable, which is great to preserve light-sensitive flower. The flower is selected to be either (purple/pink) tiny chrysanthemum or purple lavender. You decided the size and I’ll pick the flower and the color for you.  Every piece is unique and limited in quantity. No two pieces are alike.

 Your every generous contribution will be really helpful to my continuous studies of art and design. Thanks for your support!

  • Contribute $1 

  •   A big thank you for your support!
  • Contribute $2

  • You will receive A handmade Thank you note

  •  Contribute $12

  • You will receive Ran’s pick pair of Small FLOWER Cube stud earrings! (Cube≤9mm)  (allergen-free plastic findings)
  • Contribute $15

  • You will receive Ran’s pick pair of Large FLOWER Cube stud earrings! (10≤Cube≤12mm) (allergen-free plastic findings)

  • Contribute $25

  • You will receive A Ran’s pick Small FLOWER CUBE necklace (Cube≤ 9mm) with a beautiful gold chain! (plated gold chain and findings)
  • Contribute $28

  • You will receive A Ran’s pick  Large FLOWER CUBE necklace (10≤Cube≤12mm) with a beautiful chain! (plated gold chain and findings)

Risks & Challenges

  • This is my first Indiegogo campaign so I am kind of learning how to do everything on this website.
  • I handmade all my jewelry pieces so there will be slight variations to each one I send out. Even though I strive for perfection in my technique, there might be minor bubbles or slightly uneven surfaces.
  • As a student, I really can not handmade all my works in high demand and that’s basically the reason why I have strict limitation for my perks. Sorry for that.
  • I have all my FLOWER CUBE materials ready. So, there should be no problem to deliver by October.  All items are made to order and follow up the “first come, first served”. Thank you for your support and patience!

Special Thanks

to Chloe Lin for modeling my work

Contact Information:

ran li

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