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Sep 8, 2016 8:36 PM ET

Archived: DSP Filter Block Project – Programmable DSP Filter & Amplifier & signal generator

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 8, 2016

DSP Filter Block Project

Programmable DSP Filter & Amplifier & signal generator

About this project

This is the third attempt of this project, each time I’ve improved so now PCB much smaller and cost reduced.

I hope to keep improving and hope you back me to help this :)

I’ve built many analogue circuits for filters but these can be hard to adjust and tune as components fixed.

The idea was a simple in line filter running just from USB power, so the device generates the +-5V for the analogue circuits.

Also can be used as a programmable signal generator.

The filter is programmable via USB so can adapt to many applications.

Using Matlab or another application to get the 2 nd order IIR filter constants.


•10 Bit A/D ( X16 Oversample & averaged )

•10 us for float filter and 2us for int32 filter

•16 bit D/A output •PC software scope & FFT view with data save.

•3Mbit USB Link, 50K samples/second max over usb.

•Stand alone , all setting saved to Flash no PC needed

•7 IIR filters Float or INT32 for speed

•Waveform generator mode, Sine ,square, saw tooth, triangle, noise, Custom(1000 points) Below the second proto-type with BNC in and out, powered from a USB connection.


Risks and challenges

As the Proto-type is working its just to improve the design, so believe risk is low but I’ve only used software on 2 PC’s so could be some software USB bugs to iron out when first units are shipped.

But I only have two working with a few bugs, working on next version now which is what you will get if I get the backing.

But I’m happy with the design and results were good for the first proto-type.

Contact Information:


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