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Sep 7, 2016 11:47 AM ET

Archived: Vieu Labs, Inc – Platform to capture and automatically edit video collaboratively using app

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 7, 2016

Vieu Labs, Inc.

Platform to capture and automatically edit video collaboratively using app.


Picture this:

You’re at a soccer/football World Cup match. 65,000 spectators in the stadium and millions are watching remotely. 3,000 of the spectators are using the Vieu app on their phone to capture video of the game, stadium, and fan reactions. Everything they film goes almost instantaneously to the Vieu cloud along with the physical location and orientation of each phone. One of the teams scores a goal. A moment later the network broadcasting the game shows an amazing replay: as the ball is just about to enter the goal it suddenly freezes! In the ensuing second a stunning bullet time effect spins 180º around that image through thousands of angles. Then the ball suddenly unfreezes, shoots into the goal and slams against the net to the tune of thousands of cheering fans. The network then sends this scene together with other great moments from the game in a highlight reel to their followers over the Vieu platform. The fans receive the highlights, mash them up with their personal content, add badges and effects, and send back to the network’s best-reel competition. The winner gets a free pass to the rest of the season.

Vieu has figured out a way to crowdsource professional camera angles, to collaboratively outsource the creation of the most complete video history ever. Vieu also allows fans to Directly engage with the content by cooking up their own ESPN-esque highlight reel. This is the type of full news coverage and fan engagement media stations can only dream about.

That’s Vieu 3 years from today.

Vieu is changing the way we record and watch video. A new mobile app, Vieu makes personal video easy, fun, and collaborative, allowing you to focus on your activity rather than live your life through a screen, and still get automatically edited movies. Vieu is the end-to-end video solution consumers have been waiting for.

The Vieu app is currently in soft launch in the App Store. We’re refining the app using feedback from early beta users before a full launch. An Android version will follow soon thereafter.

Vieu is the future of video. Read on to see what the future looks like!


Vieu believes we have entered the era in which video = content + crowdsourcing + search & retrieval.

  • Clips from a single event get automatically stitched into one movie.
  • Watch movies at your own pace by flipping through clips, like pages of an album.

Make collaborative movies with friends, each using their own phone to create a group movie. You get movies with everyone’s viewpoint! Let viewers choose the scenes they like the most and cook up their own personalized version.

In the future, Vieu users will be able to not only auto combine clips, but auto retrieve and auto edit them. People are amassing way too much video content to handle manually, and the only way they can hope to enjoy it is if they have automatic search/retrieval means that will find the needle in the haystack they’re looking for.

We store and index the content in fine granularity today, to enable requests like: “I want to see me at the age of 4 playing soccer with my friend Jim in a one minute video.” With its sophisticated internal tagging, Vieu will filter through your entire cloud-stored catalog of video footage and put together exactly what you asked for.


We created Vieu for two main reasons:

  • The world we live in is a world increasingly dominated by video. For content marketing, for personal use, whatever. But as consumers, we really don’t have the ability to manage our video. We don’t have an end-to-end solution. The driving thoughts during the creation process were: 1) wouldn’t it be awesome to get immediate satisfaction with a short, edited movie rather than a million video clips that fail to tell the whole story? 2) what will we ever do with all this video we amass over the years? 3) how can we make it watchable for the long run?
  • Our founder had twins. As all doting first-time fathers in the 21st century do, he started filming them like crazy. But he didn’t want to spend weeks editing and organizing his videos, and he didn’t want to see them grow up through a glass screen; he wanted to BE there. He set out to create a new video app that would allow him to record, but do so with minimal distraction.

Currently, the best way to record video is through your smartphone’s native app. Once people try Vieu, however, there will be no going back.


The grand vision at Vieu is all about making video easy and collaborative, turning everything from recording to managing and sharing into a hassle-free experience that has never before been possible. Today, Vieu has many of the features that the native phone app has, while almost none of the drawbacks. 10 years from now, Vieu will be at the forefront of the “new golden age of video,” as Mark Zuckerberg phrased it — a world in which video is woven into our lives in ways most people can’t even imagine.

You don’t even have to tap a button to start recording on Vieu. Simply touch any part of your screen to start, and when you’re done, remove your finger. This lets you record with minimum distraction and actually LIVE the moment. With Vieu, you never have to divert your eyes from real life to make sure you’re pressing a button. Even better, as long as you’re in the recording screen, the Vieu app saves a few seconds before you touch the screen in case you just missed the moment.

Vieu makes movies for you, easily. Instead of dozens of clips from a single event, you get edited movies. As you remove your finger from the screen, the moment ends. We compile moments into events based on time and location data, and stitch them together automatically.

Vieu lets you make movies with friends. Use your individual phones and get a group movie automatically with everyone’s viewpoint. We’re blurring the delineation between filmographer, editor, producer, and viewer.

Vieu takes care of your storage so you’ll never need to worry about running out of space on your phone (seriously, how annoying is to constantly deleting photos and videos from your phone to create more space?).

Film as much as you want; filming is carefree. With Vieu, you’ll never need to worry about the distraction, the work, or the storage ever again. You’ll get to finally appear in your own movies, and you’ll always be a few seconds away from watching anything you’ve ever filmed.

But Vieu is not just about recording or editing or storing — it’s the entire workflow of video from capture to editing to sharing to viewing — something previously unattainable from one single app. Vieu makes the whole process easy for anyone.


Vieu is pretty awesome already, but the biggest stuff is still to come: instant retrieval and auto editing.

Vieu users will be able to not only combine all moments from an event, but combine anything they’ve ever filmed with Vieu into crazy awesome videos — all automatically, of course. We’re talking instant auto-editing for any context.

For example, you could combine only the most “exciting” clips into a video, or use a voice command to say “I want to see me at the age of 4 playing soccer in a one minute video.” Vieu will filter through your entire cloud-stored catalog of video footage and put together exactly what you asked for into beautifully playing movie. Pretty crazy, right?

Imagine being able to retrieve any moment you’ve ever recorded and use it in a new movie instantly.


Vieu users are people like Alyssa and Mike.

Alyssa is a 20-year-old college student about to graduate. She has a tight knit group of friends with whom she spends many off-school hours with on trips, parties, or just hanging out together. She and her friends are on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. They take pictures and videos of themselves all the time and would love to have a way to post movies that show them as a group. Vieu allows Alyssa and her friends the unique ability to tell their collective story, not just individual snippets that fail to truly capture the moment as it was.

Mike is a father to a 10-year-old daughter. He’s always filmed her during soccer games, school presentations, and family trips. He tried his phone and other cameras but always ended up with mountains of unusable video on his network drive. He would love to be able to watch his recordings and share them with his parents, in-laws, and other people participating in the activities with him. He also dreams about seeing these events from his daughter’s point of view, and not just his own. Mike’s daughter can download the Vieu app on her iPod Touch, record videos of special events or just everyday life, and add them to the same collection as her dad’s videos. Mike gets all this video content neatly stored and edited into a beautiful, memory-filled movie to share with the extended family.


Vieu soft-launched in the Apple App Store in February 2016. The app has been extensively tested in real life from its inception and has been refined since to optimize adoption. While we have yet to complete the refinement and promote the app, we already see strong retention potential with our early beta users.  

We have 17 pending patents spanning a wide spectrum from core technology to UX. They cover key disruptive points:

We believe our filings provide good coverage of the key differentiators of our solution from anything else in the market, and we plan to continue building our IP assets going forward.

Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for an inside look into Vieu!


Yaron was born and raised in Israel where he was recruited out of high school into an elite intelligence unit for the military — something comparable to the NSA. This was his catapult into the tech world. His whole career revolved around obtaining, analyzing and organizing data that people really care about.

After his service as an analyst for Israeli intelligence ended, Yaron moved to the US 18 years ago and started using his tech skills in more user-facing ways for startups. Most recently prior to Vieu, he was the CPO at Quantifind, an Andreessen Horowitz/Redpoint Ventures/USVP backed startup doing predictive analytics for large enterprise marketers.

Martin has vast experience in digital imaging, is the creator of the JPEG-2000 standard, and an inventor on over 100 patents.

Michael is our machine learning and algorithms expert. He holds a PhD in Physics from Yale and is an associate professor at UC Berkeley.

Contact Information:

Yaron Galant - CEO

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