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Sep 7, 2016 5:01 PM ET

Archived: netObjex – The World’s First Smart Network enabling Intelligent Connected Enterprise

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 7, 2016


The World’s First Smart Network enabling Intelligent Connected Enterprise..


Your business is probably either considering few smart devices or you probably even have some Internet of Things (IoT) devices as well. Every enterprise is looking for ways to stay informed with the rapidly evolving customer expectations, more and more companies are looking to Internet Of Things related technologies to follow, understand and synthesize customer expectations to create customer experiences that will help enterprises create long-term sustainable businesses. There’s everything but one major component still missing from this tech-forward IoT future we live in: Smart Networks.

IoT market is evolving rapidly and it is moving from Consumer space to the Commercial space, from Smart Device (such as Fitbit or nest) to Smart Network (100’s or 1000’s of devices), from data silos (data from one device) to integrated and interoperable data (data from 1000’s of devices) and lastly IoT is moving from a consumer  to the enterprise market.  NetObjex fills this gap of ‘Smart Networks’ in the Commercial space. Think of NetObjex as a Fitbit for an enterprise. The way you use  Fitbit to improve your lifestyle, you would use NetObjex to improve performance of your organization.

NetObjex created ground breaking Commercial IoT Platform that helps companies build a bridge and form an interconnected, always-talking network between devices, systems, data and people capturing real-time location-based object insight  and deliver systematic actions through unparalleled insights.  

Organizations can now connect 1000’s of smart devices and other enterprise systems that are now able to talk to each other, share and aggregate data together for unprecedented insights. We connect everything from the actual hardware/sensors, to the analytical data, to the cloud platforms.

NetObjex is the industry’s most comprehensive turnkey IoT solution that businesses have been waiting for. From sensors and devices to data & insights, we provide end-to-end IoT Platform. We can retrofit sensors into your products making them smart & connected or we can create a new design for your product with an embedded device that transform your product into a smart connected one. Once that is done, the rest of our platform takes care of everything you need and expect from an IoT Platform. Our solutions are  production ready and they are already being exposed to more than 5 million consumers every day with use cases spanning from retail to manufacturing to agriculture and healthcare.

To see where we’re going next, read on!


With total addressable market of IoT over $1Trillion by 2020, Commercial IoT’s obtainable market is $420 Billion by 2020.

Consumer IoT devices such as nest, Fitbit made great strides in the consumer market segment and Industrial IoT (like smart factories, self-driving cars and smart cities) has taken the forefront in innovation in recent years by large companies like GE. There is huge gap in the IoT market segments between Consumer IoT and Industrial IoT where enterprises of all sizes are looking for ways to transform their organizations into Intelligent Connected Enterprises. We call this market segment as the Commercial IoT and NetObjex delivered world’s first Commercial IoT Platform that helps companies connect and communicate with existing and new devices, sensors, systems amongst each other thereby creating the world’s first IoT Smart Network Ecosystem.


At NetObjex, we give businesses the keys to the house so to speak. Two types of customers come to us, one with a bunch of devices and the second one with no devices. The one with devices typically gets these devices from different providers with different purpose such as one for security, one to measure temperature, one to count customers etc– and we’ll connect them all, have them all talk to each other and work in concert, and hand you the tools you need to view and manage all of it. Of course the second type of customers with no devices, we provide the devices and the platform that connects them.

As we enable Intelligent Connected Enterprise, our customers leverage our platform creatively for many use cases leveraging critical features available in the platform, some of which are listed below:

  • Capture and emit data through smart edge devices e.g. commercial kiosks through advanced sensors and actuators.
  • Cloud platform to manage devices, run campaigns, messaging, process workflows, execute rules and commands.
  • Collect, communicate, analyze, and visualize data. Machine learning for predictive and prescriptive analytics.
  • Appending data with third party data sources, integration with enterprise systems.


GoCharge is a leading vendor of charging stations, renting or selling units to venues or events. With NetObjex Commercial IoT Platform/Smart Networks technology, GoCharge is now selling ‘Smart & Connected’ charging stations. A total Business Transformation made possible by NetObjex.

NetObjex transformed GoCharge’s entire business through our smart IoT network proven by multifold increase of their top line revenues. GoCharge thoroughly leverages our Location Based Real-time Consumer Insight by allowing consumers participate by answering a survey or watching an ad. The data collected is monetized. Once engagement is completed, we turn on power at a given locker, and the consumer charges their phone. Here’s how this process works at the charging station:  

The consumer is happy, the venue is happy, the sponsors are happy — it’s a win-win-win all around thanks to NetObjex Smart IoT Networks.


Up next: Scale and expand our footprint into more use cases in Retail/CPG/Manufacturing, Healthcare and Agriculture.  Some of the most common use cases we are working on include:

Retail Grocery – real-time market basket suggestions, promotions, product placements, digital shelves with real-time inventory, dynamic pricing based on expiry dates etc

Retail Marketing – generate new leads to create new revenue, targeted ads, instant responses etc

Healthcare – smart connected devices, hospitals etc

Agriculture – vertical farming…

And many more use cases

Our mission is transform organizations into Intelligent Connected Enterprises by providing the most comprehensive Commercial IoT Platform that can manage (1000’s of device types & devices), Recognize, React, Respond & Report issues on hand with Remote Operability as we are delivering dynamic value stream for our customers.

We aspire to be the IoT Partner of Choice by enterprises.


NetObjex was founded by an eclectic group of individuals from multiple disciplines including software engineering, hardware engineering, product management, sales, and marketing.

Our diverse backgrounds coupled with broad knowledge of multiple domains — e.g. retail, oil & gas, transportation, financial services, healthcare, etc. — have enabled us to create platforms and solutions that meet the needs of consumers, enterprises, and technology companies.

The NetObjex team has been in the IoT space for several years and has had many successful deployments both in North America and internationally. Our platforms are a reflection of the knowledge and experience gained from real-life large scale deployments.


Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for an inside look into NetObjex!

Contact Information:

Miles Mahoney - Partner

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