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Sep 7, 2016 1:31 PM ET

Archived: Myanmar (Burma): Thin Paung Chaung (A, B, C ) Village Group – A loan of $4,500 helps to buy more ducks and duck feed.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 7, 2016

Thin Paung Chaung (A, B, C ) Village Group

Myanmar (Burma)
Borrower image

Thin Paung Chaung (A, B, C ) Village Group’s story

Located in Thin Paung Chaung Village, in Myanmar’s Ayeyarwaddy Delta region, this community consists of 27 loan members. Villagers in this region specialize on both crop farming and fishing as there are streams nearby their homes. Some earn a living from operating water transport businesses as well as from plantations of betel and seasonal fruits. Additionally, most raise pigs and ducks.

The picture above is of the CBO (community-based organisation) members from Thin Paung Chaung Village, named Hla, Khin, Nan, Thazin, San and Ei who leads the loan group in this village. In the picture, Hla (third from left), is 49 years old. He is married and blessed with 5 children. Like other fellow members, this loan will help him to buy more ducks and duck feed.

He aims to expand his duck business in the future, and hopes to raise over 150 ducks and more pigs, without having to work as daily labor. With the profit he will buy a boat which will make his life easier as it is the main transportation in this region. 

This loan is special because:

It supports economic growth for an entire village. 

Mark McDonagh
Kiva staff 

More about this loan

This loan will be facilitated through Proximity Designs network of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in order to support rural farmers in Myanmar’s Delta and Dry Zone regions.  Proximity worked closely with CBOs to provide relief services after Cyclone Nargis and to support village infrastructure projects.
CBOs also play a key role in providing access to microcredit.  In this model, CBO committee members support Proximity loan officers throughout the entire loan cycle. They assist in selecting village borrowers and also act as formal representatives during loan disbursement, collection of repayments and other communications. CBO committee members appear in Kiva profiles – often alongside village borrowers – as representatives of the community.
Since families rely heavily on income from farming to support their livelihoods, these loans are structured with a single bullet repayment at the end of the loan term. The timing aligns with expected harvest season when borrowers will be able to repay. All community members who receive financing through the CBO model must repay their portion of the loan before a village will be eligible to receive new funding. 

About Proximity Designs:

Proximity Designs is a non-profit social enterprise that offers loan products to help small, low income farmers increase their productivity and income. There are around 12 million farmers in Myanmar who make up more than a third of the labor force. The majority of these farmers have virtually no access to formal credit institutions.

In the absence of other financing opportunities, most small farmers in Myanmar are unable to afford the equipment, material, and labor necessary to grow their crops without the help of Proximity Designs. Kiva funding will be used to help Proximity Designs expand its agricultural microfinance operation and reach more low income, rural farmers.

A loan of $4,500 helps to buy more ducks and duck feed.

Contact Information:

Thin Paung Chaung (A, B, C ) Village Group

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