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Sep 7, 2016 1:17 PM ET

Archived: Earbuds Reinvented: Sound, Durability, Functionality…Reengineered from the ground up creating an experience unattainable until now…

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 7, 2016

Earbuds Reinvented

by i10 Accessories


Sound, Durability, Functionality..Reengineered from the ground up creating an experience unattainable until now..THE EARBUD REINVENTED!

About this project

































 Cords: High tensile nylon braiding built to endure high tension usage

Housing: Light weight shock and sweat resistant aluminum alloy housing

Sweat Resistant 













Specification: Speaker : 8mm Dynamic Drivers 

Frequency response: 20~20K 

Hz Impedance: 32ohms

Sensitivity: 108dB (+/-3dB)

Distortion: < 3%(1 kHz,100dB SPL)

Mic Sensitivity:-45dB Plug: 

Sound Chart:

Production Insight

Finalized Codex/Mic Controller Housing 

 Finalized Earbud Housing CAD 

Preliminary Earbud Housing  


 Final Earbud Housing 







All Shipping will be done using DHL E-Commerce. Through DHL E-Commerce, DHL is responsible for delivering the package to the destination country. From that point, the package is handed over to the local post for delivery.

Express Shipping

Some international backers may want to utilize the DHL Express option that will be available through Backerkit as an add on after the campaign for expedited delivery by DHL directly.

Shipping Exclusions

We are proud to have i10 fans in over 90 countries. We will ship Power Series Headphones worldwide with the exception of Argentina, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar/Burma, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Chile and Yemen. Please note that you will be responsible for duties, fees and taxes applicable to your region, which in the past have ranged from 0% to 20% in the US and EU countries, to as much as 200% for certain South American countries.

Returned Packages

Returned packages due to invalid or changed address and/or unpaid duties and taxes can be reshipped but will require a reshipping fee.

It is the Backer’s sole responsibility to provide accurate and up to date address for shipping.

Customs Declarations

All pledges will be declared as merchandise and NOT a gift. To better ensure that all custom clearances transpire without complications will not be honoring request to change this declaration.


You will be provided with a tracking number upon shipment, however, for some countries tracking updates are only supported up to the point of arrival in destination country.

Risks and challenges

This isn’t our first Rodeo. We learned a lot from our first Campaign on Kickstarter. As much as we prepared there were still obstacles with manufacturing we had to overcome. Of course there were obstacles we hadn’t anticipated at all that we met head on shipping internationally, and we are a lot better prepared now then we were before. There are always challenges that any project is faced that can cause unexpected delays, with that said our team is completely dedicated to meeting any issues head on and delivering a product nothing short of the quality we promised to our backers.

Every time you back a project you are helping a company bring a dream to reality, We know some projects have completely failed to bring the product to market, and we recognize the risk every time you back a project, and we take that faith and commitment to our project very seriously, we are committed to making sure every backer will be able to have the i10 Power Series.



Contact Information:

i10 Accessories

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